Floretta, also known as Floretta: A Drawings Animated Everyone Story is a American-Mexican live-action/computer-animated adventure comedy series created by Zack Isaac Sanchez for The Weinstein Animation and Ánima Estudios. It will premiere on Comedy, premiering in February 7, 2024.

Cast and characters


  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as James Worthington, a cynical, alcoholic ex-detective turned hitman.
  • Liza Ramirez Sanchez as Jessica Worthington, James's wife with Vicky's aunt and Anna's sister-in-law.
  • Sofía Almanda Isaac as Vicky Worthington, a girl, James's uncle with Jessica's aunt and Anna's daughter.
  • Joel Isaac Sanchez as Roger Worthington, one of James and Anna's father.
  • Seth Rogen as the voice of Floretta, a fairy flower with sunflower and white-skinned and green eyebrows and tail with body.
  • Nickol Isaac Sanchez as Anna Worthington, James's older sister with Vicky's mother and Roger's granddaugther and Jessica's sister-in-law.
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