Felix "Flex" Dexter (also known as Cherries, according to Fireman Sam's temporary replacement) is a British-American actor and the main antagonist of the upcoming 2018 film Fireman Sam: Hollywood Hero. He is known to have lead roles in many films he starred in, and he is loved by almost everyone in Pontypandy and Newtown. He uses an American accent, due to living in Hollywood.

About This Character

Flex Dexter has been a famous actor for many years, and all of his role are lead roles. Flex is now set to co-star alongside Fireman Sam in a film that Don Bloomburg is directing, but unfortunately for him, Fireman Sam got the lead role instead, causing Flex Dexter to get angry due to Sam "stealing the spotlight" from him, and plans to get revenge by removing Fireman Sam from the film, so that he can get the main role again.


Flex Dexter is cool, calm, and collected, and loves to be in the limelight. Despite this, he has a mean-sprinted personality and can easily get triggered when things didn't go right for him.

Flex's personality is quite similar to the personalities of Norman Price, Hecir Price, and the Buck Douglas Impostor, but he is a little more selfish and crude than the other three, but despite this, he can have a good side, and deeply cares about Fireman Sam, Don Bloomburg, and his fans.


Flex Dexter is the first new character in Fireman Sam: Hollywood Hero to have his voice actor revealed. He is also the second Fireman Sam character to be voiced by a Doctor Who star. The first character to be voiced by a Doctor Who actor was Buck Douglas.

In some international countries, Flex's name is "Felix", his birth name, while in some foriegn languages, his name is fully changed.

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