Flame Owl Productions is a independent film and television animation company, being founded by Bryan Andrews. It was founded in Febuary TBD, 2018, a month before his first project Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer had its new season premeired. The company is currently working on the first project, Mythical, for Netflix (later Adult Swim and HBO Max). Andrews also confirmed they are working on the revival season of Gatopardos the Cheetah. Andrews confirmed he is going to produce a Metroid microseries.

Andrews confirmed that every project, at this time, will be animated. He also confirmed that most of the company's projects will be adult-oriented, with Road Rovers being a noticeable exception.







  • The company releases two animated projects a year, starting in 2021.
  • Two days after the company's opening, they started production for its first project, which was soon confirmed to be Mythical, as well as being Andrews' third animated series.
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