Flackjack Wilde
Background information
Feature films Zootopia 3: Humans Coming For Us
Television programs
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Steven Johns
Performance model
Inspiration Xarna, The Apocalypse Warrior (Uncle Grandpa)

Grayson (ZOOmbies) Usagi (ZOOmbies) Moritasgus (SMITE)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Flackjackob Chrislade Wilde
Other names Flackalypse

Wilde Warrior Captain Flackjack Chrislade Weapon Muscle Fox F.C.W.

Personality Kind, Brave, Hero
Appearance Red Fox
Occupation Captain´ assistant

Hero Warrior

Goal Being a Leader and Protect Zootopia

Kills a Human

Home His Survival Loop
Relatives Nick Wilde
Allies Tadashi, Judy Hopps, Flash, Finnick, Joe Catboy
Minions Darly Coati, Alain Warthog, George Meerkat, Hudson Giant Otter, Michael Red Panda
Enemies Humans
Likes His Cousin, Nick Wilde
Dislikes Humans
Powers and abilities
Weapons Custom Gun
Fate Reunites with his cousin, Nick Wilde
Quote Hey, Cousin!

Flackjack Wilde is a character from animated movie - Zootopia 3: Humans Coming For Us, He has thin fox hero of this theme movie.


Flackjack Wilde - Leader of Human Destroyers, who was near the Zootopia, but now he was able to kill not just Nick and Judy, but he has kill Humans also, with the accumulation of his act, and basically the world, Enrick Ephikson a Human was able to put Flackjack in a small cage.

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