Five Nights At Freddy's: The Animated Series (also known as FNAF: The Animated Series) is an American animated Hulu and Netflix cartoon based on the popular video game series.





(Season 1)

1a. Alone Forever -- Freddy has had a huge crush on Chica for years and decides to tell her how he really feels, only to discover that she officially has a boyfriend, which causes him to fall into a deep depression.

1b. Tiger in Freddy Fazbear's -- The FNAF crew encounter two fans who have an animatronic of their own: an animatronic tiger named Maggie, who Bonnie crushes on (and vice versa).



  • While most animatronics have new voice actors for the series, the rest have their previous voice actors reprising their respective roles from the games.
  • Since William Afton, Charlotte Emily, and a couple of other characters are alive and well in this continuity, its unknown who possesses their respective animatronics (example: Springtrap, The Puppet) or if it will ever be explained at all.
  • In this series, two of the popular FNAF ships, Freddy x Chica and Foxy x Mangle, become canon.
  • In this series, Circus Baby was created by Henry Emily instead of William Afton (as a nod to the original novels) and is Ballora's daughter and Ennard's younger sister.
  • The stories will actually be available on 90sCartoonGirl's Wattpad account.
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