Fish attack new poster

Directed By

Byron Howard

Carlos Saldanha

Co-Directed By

Chris Wedge

Screenplay By

Michael Berg

Michael J. Wilson

Peter Ackerman

Based On

Finding Nemo by Disney/Pixar

Produced By

Lori Forte

Executive Producer(s)

John C. Donkin


John Travolta

Adam Scott

Miley Cyrus

Sussie Essman

Seth Rogen

Joseph Siravo

Mark Walton

Phil Proctor

Meg Ryan

Tim Curry

Narrated By

Patrick Warburton

Music By

John Powell and Randy Newman

Production Company(s)

Blue Sky Studios

20th Century Fox Animation

Bad Hat Harry Productions

One Race Films

Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Fish Attack: A Great adventure is a Canadian/American 3D/2D animated/family/comedy/adventure film release for 2019. It is based on the hit Disney/Pixar film, Finding Nemo. It is rated PG, and its produced by Blue Sky Studios/20th Century Fox Animation/Bad Hat Harry Productions/Once Race Films, and distributed by 20th Century Fox.


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File:PG rating.png

Rated PG

Cruel Humor

Emotional Thematic Elements

Some Action

Brief Language


Main Cast

  • John Travolta as Bob, a clownfish.
    • Liam Knight as Young Bob
  • Adam Scott as Robin, a pineapple fish.
    • Owen Vaccarro as Young Robin
  • Sussie Essman as Jill, a brown spike-tailed paradise fish.
  • Miley Cyrus as Sally, a Siamese fighting fish and Jill's Best Friend
  • Seth Rogen as Henry, a convict cichlid and Lucas' brother #1.
  • Joseph Siravo as Lucas, a mandarin fish and Henry's brother #2.
  • Mark Walton as Alex, a Flame hawkfish
  • Phil Proctor as Ego, Bob's father.
  • Meg Ryan as Sunny, Ego's wife & Bob's mother.
  • Tim Curry as Bomani, a great white shark
  • Martin Scorsese as Clayton, a sand tiger shark who is friends with Bomani.
  • Oscar Issac as Nick, a blue shark who is friends with Bomani and Clayton.
  • Louis C.K. as Finn, a french angelfish
  • Bill Hader as Billy, a japanese spider crab and Robin's Rival
  • John Cena as Tony, a giant pacific octopus
  • Michael J. Fox as Oscar, a convict tang
  • Bryan Cranston as Earl, a tarpon
  • Liam Neeson as Gleen, A black sea bass
  • Sean Connery as Jack, a Silky shark
  • Robert De Niro as Lenny, a goldtail damselfish
  • David Thewlis as Vince, a cleaner wrasse
  • Max von Sydow as Lucas, a greenland shark
  • Albert Finney as Mikey, a remora
  • Michael Caine as T.J, a peacock mantis shrimp
  • Albert Brooks as as George, A False Killer Whale
  • Billy Crystal as Buddy, a Blue-footed booby
  • Warren Beatty as Vick, a whitespotted pufferfish
  • Michael Imperioli as Steve, a sailfin tang
  • Vincent Pastore as Bob's Teacher
  • Mike Myers as Patrick, a foxface rabbitfish
  • Tom Hanks as Edward, a trumpetfish
  • Simon Callow as Sid, a basking shark
  • Katherine Langford as Katy, a female clownfish
  • Tara Strong as Callie, an another female clownfish and Katy's Daughter
  • Trevor Noah as Alejandro, a regal tang
  • Samuel E. Wright as Wompa, a stingray
  • Catherine Kenner as Edith, a clam
  • John C. Reilly as Brian, a brown pelican
  • Donald Glover as Charile, a lionfish
  • Emma Stone as Sandy, a herring
  • Charile Day as Adam, a vulture
  • Finn Wolfhard as Klaus, a saltwater crocodrile
  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Beto, Bob's Bully
  • Taron Egerton as Patrick, Beto's best friend

Easter Eggs Cameos

Ice Age series

  • hanging ornaments of Manny, Sid and Diego can be seen in Bob's Room
  • Scrat appears as skeleton


  • Inside Bomani's sunken ship, you can see wall mural of Rodney Copperbottom

Horton Hears a Who!

  • An elephant who looks just like Horton appears in the end of credits

Rio 1 and 2

  • A poster from Rio 2 can be seen Bomani's sunken ship


  • Wax figures of Ferdinand, Lupe, Una, Dos and Cuatro can be seen in the entrance hallway


  • Film score composed & conducted by John Powell and Randy Newman
  1. "This is Berk" by John Powell (from How to Train your Dragon)
  2. "Holding" by DNCE
  3. "Send me On my Way" by Rusted Root(from Ice Age)
  4. "You're the One That I Want" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
  5. "Beyond the Sea" by Robbie Williams (from Finding Nemo)

comming soon


  • from the creators of Rio, Ice Age and Ferdinand
  • from the director of Bolt
  • and from the songwriter of Toy Story and A Bug's Life


  • It's to be the Bad Hat Harry Productions and Once Race Films's 1st Animated Movie
  • The plot of Fish Attack: A Great Adventure used inspiration from some elements in other movies, such as Finding Dory, Bolt and Tarzan.
  • 20th Century Fox is shaded by blue.
  • The film will be in 3D!



Fish Attack: a Great adventure Transcirpt

Short Film

Ice Age and Rio: A awesome Crossover

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