Firey 3: Time Rising


Firey 3: Time Rising (also know as Tanner Goethals' Firey 3: Time Rising: A Battle for Dream Island Movie) is an upcoming American-Japanese animated reality science fiction action-adventure comedy-horror fantasy thriller YouTube film based on the animated YouTube web series Battle for Dream Island. The film was a sequel to Battle for Dream Island: The Movie and Firey: Battle for Dream Island Part 2 This film will be animated using Adobe Animate, Blender, TVPaint Animation, Source Filmmaker and will include some live-action sequences. If this movie had a theatrical release, it would most likely garner a PG-13 rating for brief language, sci-fi violence, few frightening images, gun violence, and an extremely amount of blood. This film would be directed by Tanner Goethals and will be distributed by Fredbear Studios with assistance provided by TGoethals78 Pictures.


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Battle for Dream Island

  • Tanner Goethals - Firey
  • Samantha Smith - Leafy
  • James Sharp - Pencil


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