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Fireman Sam: Hollywood Hero (AKA Fireman Sam: the Movie in some international countries) is an upcoming 3D British-Canadian computer-animated comedy adventure film based on the Welsh television series Fireman Sam. This film is still in production and it is set to be produced by DHX Media, Prism Art and Design, DHX Halifax Studio, and Mattel Creations, while DHX Media, HIT Entertainment, and Mattel gets the worldwide distribution. StudioCanal handles international distribution outside of the UK and Digital Cinema Media handles the UK theratical rights. This film was originally set to be released in cinemas nationwide on 22 April 2018, running against the release of Power-Up: The Fame and the Fortune, which has a similar plot and character personalities, but due to longer production, thanks to an animation switchover, the film has been delayed.This film will be one of the films in the Fireman Sam Theatrical Universe.


After a video of Fireman Sam's latest rescue went viral on the internet, Don Bloomburg hires Sam to star in his latest film, and he quickly becomes famous. Unfortunately, Fireman Sam's co-star, Flex Dexter, wants the lead role and will stop at nothing to get it. Things get worse as Fireman Sam's temporary replacement, who was originally a presenter of his viral experiment videos on the internet, gets jealous and plans to get rid of Fireman Sam in order for him to become an internet sensation again. Will Fireman Sam and his co-star nemesis, Flex Dexter, finish the film on time and save Pontypandy?


Fireman Sam

Elvis Cridlington

Penny Morris

Arnold McKinely

Ellie Phillips

Jerry Lee Cridlington

Station Officer Steele

Chief Fire Officer Boyce

Tom Thomas

Ben Hooper

Derek Price

Norman Price

James Jones

Sarah Jones

Mandy Flood

Hannah Sparkes

Pierre Clemeceau

Darren Clemeceau

Clyde McConnors

Buck Douglas Jr.

Carlton Clover

Lily Chen

Mike Flood

Helen Flood

Joe Sparkes

Lizzie Sparkes

Dilys Price

Hecir Price

Trevor Evans

Charlie Jones

Bronwyn Jones

Mrs. Chen

Bella Lasagna

Buck Douglas (disguised as a new character)

Professor Pickles (cameo appearances)

Characters Introduced

Don Bloomburg

Flex Dexter

Fireman Sam's temporary replacement


Oil Tanker Truck driver

Voice Cast

Character British dub (Unknown Studio) Canadian dub (Ocean Productions, TV version only) US dub (Amazon Prime)
Fireman Sam Steven Kynman Andrew Hodwitz (retained from US dub) Andrew Hodwitz
Elvis Cridlington Steven Kynman Andrew Hodwitz (retained from US dub) Andrew Hodwitz
Penny Morris Tegwen Tucker Cathy Weseluck Ashley Magwood
Station Officer Steele David Carling Ian James Corlett

Ted Cole (three lines only)

Dave Pender
Chief Fire Officer Boyce David Carling Ted Cole

??? (one line only)

David McRae
Arnold McKinely John Hasler ??? Andrew Hodwitz?
Ellie Phillips Harriet Kershaw ??? ???
Tom Thomas David Carling David Carling David Carling
Charlie Jones Steven Kynman Peter Kelamis Jacob James
Bronwyn Jones Tegwen Tucker Saffron Henderson Margaret Brock
Dilys Price Su Douglas Sarah Strange (retained from US dub) Sarah Strange (credited as "Sarah Lynn Strange")
Hecir Price Keith Wickham Kirby Morrow ???
Mike Flood David Carling Richard Ian Cox Scott Lancastle
Helen Flood Su Douglas Cathy Weseluck Becky Shrimpton
Mrs. Chen Tegwen Tucker Cathy Weseluck Margaret Brock
Norman Price Steven Kynman Brian Drummond

Samuel Vincent (three lines only)

Carter Treneer
Derek Price Steven Kynman Samuel Vincent Carter Treneer
Sarah Jones Tegwen Tucker Jillian Michaels

Sarah Strange (one line only)

Lily Cassano
James Jones John Hasler Saffron Henderson

??? (climax only, male actor)

Jonah Ain
Mandy Flood Su Douglas ??? Lily Cassano
Clyde McConnors David Carling Peter Kelamis Margaret Brock
Carlton Clover Tegwen Tucker Jillian Michaels

Cathy Weseluck (one line only)

Ashley Magwood
Pierre Clemeceau David Carling Richard Ian Cox

Brian Drummond (one line only)

Andrew Hodwitz
Buck Douglas Jr. John Hasler

David Tennant (three lines only)

Jillian Michaels (first half)

Peter Kelamis (second half)

Hannah Sparkes Jo Wyatt Sarah Strange Margaret Brock
Lily Chen Tegwen Tucker Tabathia St. Germain Lily Cassano
Bella Lasagna Harriet Kershaw Harriet Kershaw Harriet Kershaw
Professor Pickles Alex Lowe ??? ???
Buck Douglas/Journalist ??? (as Journalist)

David Tennant (as Buck Douglas)

Samuel Vincent (as Journalist)

David Tennant (as Buck Douglas)

??? (one line only, as Buck Douglas)

??? (as Journalist)

Marcel Jeannin (three lines only, as Journalist)

David Tennant (as Buck Douglas)

Don Bloomburg ??? Ian James Corlett ???
Flex Dexter John Barrowman John Barrowman

Peter Kelamis (three lines only)

John Barrowman
Fireman Sam's Temporary Replacement ??? Peter Kelamis

??? (five lines only)

Cameraman #1 ??? Ted Cole ???
Cameraman #2 ??? Kirby Morrow ???
Cameraman #3 ??? Richard Ian Cox ???
Oil Tanker Truck driver ??? ??? ???



International: TBA


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