Fireman Sam: Alien Alert is an upcoming British computer-animated comedy sci-fi adventure film that is set for release in 2017.

In 2017, a US English dub is currently in the works. It is unknown when this dub will be released.

Voice Cast

Character Original UK voice actor US voice actor (Ocean cast) US voice actor (Amazon Prime cast) Notes
Fireman Sam Steven Kynman Andrew Hodwitz Andrew Hodwitz Reprised his role in both dubs
Elvis Cridlington Steven Kynman Andrew Hodwitz Andrew Hodwitz Reprised his role in both dubs
Penny Morris Tegwen Tucker Cathy Weseluck Ashley Magwood
Station Officer Steele David Carling Ian James Corlett Dave Pender
Arnold McKinely John Hasler ??? Andrew Hodwitz? It is unknown who voiced Arnold in both the Ocean and/or Amazon dubs, but Andrew Hodwitz might've voiced him in the latter dub
Ellie Phillips Harriet Kershaw ??? ??? It is unknown who voices Ellie in both dubs.
Tom Thomas David Carling David Carling David Carling His voice was kept in all versions, due to his regional Australian accent.
Moose Roberts Nigel Whitmey Nigel Whitmey Nigel Whitmey His voice was kept in all versions for the same reason, his regonal Canadian accent.
Ben Alex Lowe Peter Kelamis

Richard Ian Cox (one line only)

Jacob James
Bella Lasagna Harriet Kershaw Harriet Kershaw Harriet Kershaw Just like Tom and Moose, Bella's voice was kept in all versions due to her regional Italian accent.
Dilys Price Su Douglas Sarah Strange Sarah Strange Reprised her role in both dubs.

Credited as "Sarah Lynn Strange" in the Amazon Prime dub.

Helen Flood Su Douglas Cathy Weseluck Becky Shrimpton
Mike Flood David Carling Richard Ian Cox Scott Lancastle
Joe Sparkes Alex Lowe Ian James Corlett Mike Pongracz
Lizzie Sparkes Jo Wyatt Jillian Michaels Margaret Brock
Charlie Jones Steven Kynman Peter Kelamis Jacob James
Bronwyn Jones Tegwen Tucker Saffron Henderson Margaret Brock
Mrs. Chen Tegwen Tucker Cathy Weseluck Margaret Brock
Norman Price Steven Kynman Brian Drummond Carter Treneer
James Jones John Hasler Saffron Henderson Jonah Ain In the Ocean dub, Henderson used her "Oxnard" voice in the first take, but then, she redubbed her line using her "Gohan" voice, due to her previous voice sounding "too old", but she redubbed her lines again, this time sounding like James' UK voice actor, only at a higher pitched voice. Her "James" voice was used in the final version.
Sarah Jones Tegwen Tucker Jillian Michaels Lily Cassano
Mandy Flood Su Douglas ??? Lily Cassano It is unknown who voiced Mandy in the Ocean dub.
Hannah Sparkes Jo Wyatt Sarah Strange Margaret Brock Just like the US dub of the TV series, Hannah was the only kid in the movie to be voiced by a woman instead of a real child in the Amazon dub.
Lily Chen Jo Wyatt Tabathia St. Germain Lily Cassano
Buck Douglas David Tennant David Tennant

??? (one line only, possibly Peter Kelamis, Samuel Vincent, or an unknown voice actor from Blue Water Studios)

David Tennant

??? (some lines only)

Just like Tom, Moose, and Bella, Buck's voice was kept in all versions, but his voice had to be redubbed by a soundalike at some points in the Amazon dub. The Ocean dub only had one line from Buck redubbed by a person that sounds nothing like his original voice, due to the voice directors not understanding what Buck said in one scene.

Samuel Vincent originally completed his lines for Buck Douglas in the Ocean dub, but the studio didn't want any critisicm from David Tennant fans due to typecasting, so they decided to keep Tennant's voice.

According to a blog, one person mentioned that an unknown voice actor from Blue Water Studios redubbed Buck's one line due to her claiming that she once heard the same voice in the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball.

Buck's Cameraman ??? Ian James Corlett ??? It is unknown who voiced the cameraman in both the UK and Amazon dubs of the movie.


When the trailer for the US dub was uploaded to the YouTube channel "Fireman Sam US", there were many negative reactions from fans of the original UK dub of "Fireman Sam" due to the voices and possibly the voice acting. Although, they were impressed with David Tennant's performance as Buck Douglas being kept in the dub.

Dub Edits/Changes

The script is faithful to the UK dub, but with minor differences. There were no visual edits.


Buck Douglas' UK voice was kept in this dub, but only a few lines were redubbed by a soundalike.

Samuel Vincent was originally going to voice Buck Douglas in this dub, since he did a good voice acting impression of David Tennant's voice, but the dubbing studio (Ocean Productions) thought that keeping Tennant's voice would be a good idea, since Tennant is popular in the US and they wan't to avoid criticism of typecasting.

This dub uses a different cast. Only Andrew Hodwitz and Sarah Strange reprised their roles. The same voice cast would later reprise their roles in a Canadian dub of New Fireman Sam and Fireman Sam: Hollywood Hero for their airings on Canadian syndicated/pay television. The old cast returned for the US dub of the two projects, but was dubbed by a different studio. The same old US cast would later redub Fireman Sam: Alien Alert for US release on Amazon Prime as an option.

Saffron Henderson recorded her voice as James three times. One using her "Oxnard" voice from Hamtaro, one using her "Gohan" voice from Dragon Ball Z, and the final one using an original voice that sounds like James' UK voice actor.

According to a blog, one person mentioned that an unknown voice actor from Blue Water Studios redubbed Buck Douglas' one line due to her claiming that she once heard the same voice in the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball. She also mentioned that the voice was a high-pitched British accent when he said the redubbed line. The same voice would later be heard as additional off-screen voices in the Canadian pay TV dub of New Fireman Sam.

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