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What if Firehouse Tales had a UK dub? Released in 2006, the dub is in 16:9 and produced by The Little Entertainment Company (formerly known as Ten Pin Alley).


  • Joanna Ruiz as Red
  • Matt Wilkinson as Crabby
  • David Holt as Petrol
  • Lenny Henry as Chief
  • Rob Rackstraw as Spinner
  • Maria Darling as Scoop
  • Peter Kay as Stinky Bins
  • Derek Griffiths as Tech
  • Tim Whitnall as Bubba
  • Stephen Fry as Wiser
  • John Hasler as Milkie
  • Keith Wickham as Ring-a-Ling
  • Teresa Gallagher as Chad
  • Emma Tate as Lorrie