Finding Ratty is a 2016 Traditional-CGI Animated Adventure-Family-Musical Film, It was Produced by Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate and Was Directed By Ciro Nieli and Stephen John Anderson.



  • Hayden Rolence as Young Ratty, a Young Water Vole Lived In Wildwoods Forest, Hamato Yoshi’s Son.
    • Billy West as Adolescent Ratty
    • Michael Bell as Adult Ratty
  • Hoon Lee as Master Splinter, (Also Known as Hamato Yoshi), The Adopted Son of Miss Yatchi (a Deceased Mutated Rat), Father Figure of The Four Ninja Turtles, a Father of Ratty The Vole
  • Elizabeth Perkins as Sue Yatchi, a Deceased Female Mutated Rat, A Wife of Hamato Yoshi, a Mother of Ratty the Vole
  • Debi Mae West as Mrs. Brisby, a Field Mouse With Short-Term Memory Loss, Hamato Yoshi‘s Friend
  • Willem Dafoe as The Mouse (AKA Die Maus), An Orange and Brown Mouse That Lived In The Pet Tank in a Dentist Clinic, Leader of the Furry Gang
  • Peggy Mahon as Si and Am, The Pet Tank’s Twin Siamese Cats
  • Jim Cummings as Tigger, The Pet Tank’s Bouncing Tiger
  • Tara Strong as Pauli The Little Mole, The Pet Tank’s European Mole
  • Rob Rackstraw as Jock, The Pet Tank’s Scottish Terrier
  • Travis Scott as Piglet, The Pet Tank’s Stuffed Animal Pig
  • Danny McBride as Bomb, The Pet Tank’s Bomb Bird
  • Patrick Warburton as The Dentist
  • Justin Long as Humphrey, a Grey Wolf
  • Jerry Seinfeld as Boomer, a Woodpecker
  • Andrew Stanton as Tramp, a Stray Mutt
  • Scott Wolf as Scamp, Tramp’s Son
  • Barry Humphries as Shere Khan, an Evil Tiger
  • John Goodman as Thomas O’Malley, an Orange Cat
  • Matthew Broderick as Simba, an African Lion
  • Lara Jill Miller as Sally, A Mean Little Girl/Badger, a Female Sow Badger, Ratty’s School Friend
  • Max Charles as Oliver, An Orange Cat, Ratty’s School Friend
  • Cree Summer as Bambi, a White-tailed Deer, Ratty‘s School Friend
  • Ned Beatty as Badger (His Last Role was Recorded In 2011-2012), an European Badger, Badger‘s Adopted Father
  • Rob Paulsen as The Great Prince, a White-Tailed Deer, Bambi’s Father
  • Owen Wilson as Danny, an Orange Cat, Oliver‘s Father
  • Bob Peterson as Dragon, a Toothless Like-Night Fury, Ratty‘s Schoolteacher
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Abigail, a Field Mouse, Ratty’s Classmate
  • Paul Fusco as Elephant, a Blue Elephant
  • Frank Welker as The Cougar, The Glowing Puma


  • Young Ratty Sounds Like Nemo.
  • This is a Loosely Based on Finding Nemo.
  • This is a Traditional Animation-CGI Hybrid Film.


Finding Ratty/Transcript

Running Time

100 Minutes

Release Date

May 27th 2016

Music by

Composer: Thomas Newman

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