Final Fantasy IX in Persona 3 The Movie 3: Falling Down is a crossover movie by Atlus and Square Enix.


"I kind of understand now... You're afraid of losing things, right?" The season turns to autumn. The fight of the Makoto, Vivi and their group S.E.E.S. with the strange monsters called ‘Shadows’ is getting closer to the end. Makoto, Vivi and their allies engage in life-or-death battles with Shadows in order to end the Dark Hour. Through the battles, some must face the deaths of friends and family, some must notice what precious things must be protected, and some must find meaning in the battles that have occurred. In front of Makoto and Vivi, the mysterious transfer students Ryoji Mochizuki and Pororo Parker appears. When the group greets a new morning, the gears of fate begin to turn. A fight revolving around each of the heroes' bonds begins...

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