The Final Battle of Dr. Wily's Space Station Fortress is the Final Battle that Sora, Pepper Ann, Milo, Nicki, Po, Shifu, and Friends encountering the Heartless-Nobody Hybrids that Xehanort is creating the Ginormous Heartless-Nobody Alienlike Mythical Creature. At the Same time, Sora and Friends encounter the Final Antagonist Xehanort in its Final Form. This Final Battle Occurs in Kingdom Hearts 5: Return of the Keyblade Master.










Evil Robots and Mechas

Heartless-Nobody Hybrids


SORA: 'All Right, if it we have to Stop Xehanort, and their enemies, This station has about to be destroyed.'
NICKI: 'Hold on a second. This lair has a substantial villains' Fortress attached to it.'
SORA: 'Indeed, Nicki. We have to encounter the station and destroy the Nobody-Heartless Hybrid, before it's too late, and then The Threat is arrived.'
WILBUR: 'We're on it, Sora, Let's Roll!'

(Sora and friends follows to the lair, Meanwhile, Xehanort activating the spell of the hybrid monster to constructed a genetic creature...)

SORA: 'Pepper ann, Look!'
XEHANORT: 'Yes... The Creation of all time will be turned to Darkness, That is Sora's Gift to Her: A Darkness and Nothingness Reproductive System, It is Giving Birth to you Sora, and Now... It is Perfect! Hail all villains! Hail!'
ALL VILLAINS: 'Hail to the Villains! Hail to the Villains! Hail!

(A Heartless-Nobody Draconic Mythical Monster Emerges, and roars over the center)

XEHANORT: 'Yes... You're a beautiful, Beautiful Butterfly.' (Enemies alerted to Sora) 'All Units... Destroy them!'
(The Enemies charges, But Sora and the gang are no one in here)
CYBERMEN: 'There's no one there...'
(Just then, Sora smack the cybermen and then died out, Later, A Chaos Nothingness Had arrived and Smelled over Xehanort, Then Killed him)
SORA: 'No! No! no...'
(Chaos nothingness roars into glory!)

Hayley: 'But how can this be?'
Dawn: 'My tealeafs said nothing about this! What Shall we Do?'
Wilbur: 'There's no time. We have to Defeat the Monster, That's all.'
Milo: 'You're Right. Uh-oh, Here it Comes!'
(Heartless-Nobody hybrids are Coming to heroes, and attacks)
Sora: 'Run!'


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