Chapter 1 - The Story Begins

(In the Snowy Tundras of a Russian Town, the scene pans to a house with the sign saying "Moscowitz", but the screen goes to a a small part of the house, with a sign saying "Mousekewitz". Inside the house, a young mouse sheds tears while looking at the snow outside. then, He hears violin music, and walks downstairs to the Dining room.)

Mother Mouse - Oh. Fievel, Are You crying?

Fievel - Y... Yes. Sorry, Mom.

Mother Mouse - Oh. Well, Can You tell Your father that dinner's ready?

Fievel - I will, Mama. (Goes to get His father.)

Mother - Spasibo. (Tends to Her youngest Daughter.) He was so happy looking forward to this day...

(In the living room, Fievel sees His Sister admiring Their father playing the Violin.)

Father - Remember, Tanya. Practicing the art of Music, the violin for one, can make others feel a certain emotion.

Fievel - Papa? Um... Mama said Dinner's ready.

Tanya - Dinner's ready?

Father - Dinner's Ready. That's a good title for a song. Uh-- (Sees Mama waiting.) Always listen to Your mother, Deti.

(The Scene changes to the Dining room, as the family finished with dinner, Fievel was still depressed.)

Mother - Fievel? (Fievel reacts.) Um... I know You're still sad, about what happened to Your Grandfather. We all were. (Fievel sheds a tear)

Father - Um, Mama, I think I might know how to snap Our son out of His sorrow. (Sits with Fievel.) Son, I know this is a hard time. (Fievel hugs His father.) I miss Dad, too. He was a great mouse.

Fievel - Really...?

Father - Yes. When He was your age, He was quite a visionary.

Fievel - Wow. What's a visionary?

Father - Those that think about or planning the future with wisdom or imagination.

Fievel - What did He do?

Father - Well, Your Grandfather enjoyed music as much as I did. maybe more, as He played the bells. (the scene ripples to a young Grandpa Mousekewitz arranging the bells hanging by some nails.) He had collected so many bells, big as a grown mouse, to small as a breadcrumb. (The scene ripples back to reality.) Then, He married and had children. then, after some time, Your Grandpa entrusted Me with His hat He got from His father, from many generations. and... I figured, the best way to carry on His legacy... (Gives Fievel His hat.)

Fievel - Wow! Are You sure, Papa?

Father - I'm sure. (Fievel hugs His father, who hugs back.)

Fievel - Can You tell Me more about Grandpa?

Father - Of course. (The scene changes to Mama and Tanya listening in.) ...But, when Your Grandpapa went to warn the town about the Cossacks, only one offered to help.

Mama - Yermolai, Don't say that word to Our son.

Yermolai - Oh, don't worry, Nadia. Once winter's over, We'll be going to America where there aren't any felines. also known as... Well, You know.

Voice - Run! They're here!

Nadia - Who's here? (The family sees Humans with torches riding on horses.)

Human - The Cossacks! Run for it! (the horse riders torch the houses as the villagers run.)

Fievel - Cossacks?

Yermolai - How horrible... (The family see the villagers and mice run from the horse riders, then Cats wearing attire attack the mouse homes.)

Nadia - We got to hide. (One cat spotted the family, and targets them, but a burning part of the house cuts Him off.)

Fievel - You're right. We got to run. (Picks up a Ladle and pan, then goes out the back door to find a hiding place.)

Nadia - Fievel, Wait! (The Cat recovers and claws away at the house as the rest of the family run for their lives.) Run! (They see Fievel hide under a wheelbarrow.) He's over there! (A Cat was about to strike) Son! Behind You! (Fievel reacts and jumps out of the way, causing the cat to fall headfirst against the wheelbarrow, knocking Him out. then two cats free Him as they along with the rest of the cats leave the village.) Son, Are You alright?

Fievel - I'll manage, Mama.

Nadia - I hope so. Just... promise Me You'll find a better hiding place in the future. (She and the family see Their home burn to the ground.)

Yermolai - Our home... It's gone. (The Scene blacks out.)

Chapter 2 - The Journey to America

(The Scene fades in to the remains of the village as the mice gather around a small fire.)

Yermolai - First, My dad. now, our homes.

Chapter 3 - "There are No Cats in America"

(The Mousekewitz Family get on the boat, and select a spot to rest for the journey. Later, when the boat casts off, Fievel looks out the window, shedding some tears. Nadia notices.)

Nadia - What's wrong? (wipes a tear off Fievel's eye.)

Chapter 4 - Separated...

Chapter 5 - Never trust a Rat

Chapter 6 - A True Friend

(At Night, while the other workers are asleep, Fievel looks at the floor.)

Mouse - Couldn't sleep, either?

Fievel - Huh? Yeah. I want to get out.

Mouse - Huh. I hear ya.

Sleeping Mouse - I hear You too, but some of Us are trying to sleep.

Sleeping Mouse 2 - We have work in the morning.

Fievel - You know, if only fairy tales were real...

Mouse - Fairy Tales?

Fievel - Yeah. My sister's favorite story about a mouse with long hair, long as... a ball of yarn when unraveled. (Ties a bunch of bedsheets into a makeshift rope) We'd get it out the window, and We can climb down.

Sleeping Mouse 2 - Oh, come off it.

Sleeping Mouse 3 - Wishful thinking.

Mouse - Hey, lay off the kid.

Sleeping Mouse 1 - Why should We?

Sleeping Mouse 3 - Some of Us tried to escape before, but got caught, and We were forced to work more.

Mouse - But, no one else did something like this. (To Fievel) Name's Tony. Tony Toponi. And You are...?

Fievel - I'm Fievel Mousekewitz.

Tony - Hmm. Fievel. That name could be hard to remember. Hmm. Oh! I'll give You the name Fillie.

Fievel - Fillie?

Tony - Yeah!

Guard - What's all the noise?

Tony - Uh-Oh. (Fievel hides the bedsheet rope under the bed and goes back to bed as Tony goes on His bed. seconds before the guard opened the door to check. then after counting the workers, He shuts the door.)

Guard - Hmm. might need some more bed covers come winter...

Fievel - Whew.

Tony - (Quietly) We'll wait a couple minutes, then We'll get out. (The Scene changes to Fievel and the workers climbing down the rope one by one. then, when Fievel comes down, the guard comes in the room and sees the workers gone, and spots Fievel going down.)

Guard - Hey! (Pulls the rope, to get Fievel as the other mice pull the other end to keep the guard from pulling Fievel up.) Boss! the workers are escaping!

Tony - Uh-Oh. Four of ya! get a cover and spread it! (The guard pulls the rope so hard, the mice lost their grip, Fievel, desperate to escape, jumps and falls into a makeshift life net, set up by Tony and four other mice.)

Tony - Whoa! That was gutsy of You.

Guard - Moe! Moe!

Tony - Let's take our leave. (Fievel, Tony, and the workers scatter. At an alley, Tony and Fievel catch their breath.) Whew! That was quite an escape.

Fievel - Tony, where's everyone else?

Tony - Well, North, South, West, East-- Well, maybe not east, but hopefully, a brighter future than that... slave driver. Now, let's find Your family.

Chapter 7 - At the Marketplace...

Chapter 8 - To the Safehouse

Chapter 9 - Making a Plan

Chapter 10 - Secret in the Sewers

(While lost in the sewer system, Fievel climbs the pipes to the upper parts. While catching his breath, He is chased by cockroaches, but jumps over to another pipe, As the cockroaches fall in the water. Fievel then falls backwards in relief as the scene turns dark, then hears violin music.)

Fievel - Papa... (heads toward the light.) Wait. That’s not... (Fievel walks further in the sewer, and He sees some signs saying “Dogs, Keep Out”, “Leave the Sewers if You value your life” and “Mott Street Maulers”. Fievel goes further, and sees a gang of cats, six playing poker, three are playing a game of darts, two playing the piano, one reading a book, and one is asleep.) Cats. (The sleeping cat stirs, and Fievel hides, to avoid detection. Then the cat goes back to sleep)

Cat at Poker Table - Ok. Ante up. (four of the other cats ante, as one of them folds) No! No. It’s not your turn. (The cat annoyingly picks up His cards.) Alright, now. (Fievel climbs up a pipe and climbs up. A big orange cat looks at His cards, then reacts)

Orange Cat - I think I know. You have any jokers?

Brown Cat - Tiger, There aren’t supposed to be any jokers.

Cat at piano - Besides, You’re playing Poker, Not go fish.

Tiger - Well, Now, I know. But, how can I concentrate? The piano‘s music is good. Can’t say the same for the screechy violin. (Shudders)

Brown Cat - Tiger... (chews on a chicken leg) So long as the boss plays the violin, It’s culture.

Taupe Cat - Really? I thought it’s pronounced couscous. (Fievel looks at Warren T playing the violin, which makes Him wince from the bad violin playing.)

Warren T. - Ah. "Lawless are they, that make their wills their law." (Plays His violin.)

Digit - Ugh. I don't know how much more I can suffer-- the off-key music or the quotes. They don't make a lick of sense.

Warren T - Darn it! That nose keeps obstructing the bow.

Digit - You could put it under the nose. That'd save some trouble. He he he.

Warren T - Ah. That's some advice. But, in the future, try to be more open to the arts. otherwise, You'll be more open to... My mouth. Now... (removes his fake nose, then holds His breath, until His ears are uncurled, revealing that He's a cat.) Ah...

Fievel - (Quietly) Warren T's a Cat? I have to warn Tony. (a sleeping cat wakes up and sees Fievel.)

Cat - Mouse!

Warren T. - Mouse? (Notices Fievel fighting off the cat guard.) I should have realized. (Fievel stomps on the cat's foot, then climbs up the piano.) Gentlemen, 50 Dollars to anyone who gets Me that mouse! dead or otherwise! (The cats playing poker go after Fievel as more cats corner Him, then, Fievel after a comedic chase through the sewers manages to escape and hide out in an alley.) Inform all the Maulers of this. I want that mouse in front of Me. or don't bother coming back!

Fievel - I got to warn Tony, and fast. (makes a run for it as the screen blacks out.)

Chapter 11 - Even Cats need homes

(In an Alley, Fievel is hiding behind a trash bin, and goes inside an industrial factory as two cats approach the alley. Inside the factory, Fievel looks at the many cheese wheels, and goes to eat one.)

Chapter 12 - Showdown at Chelsea Pier

(Inside the Museum, the mice are asleep, as Fievel’s voice from outside is heard.)

Fievel - Tony! Bridget! Help! Cats!

Mausheimer - Cats? They’re coming? (Looks at the clock, which says 5:54 Oh, No! They’re 6 minutes early! Everyone! Wake up!

(Fievel screams as He enters the pier, with a slew of cats after Him. Fievel goes under the museum’s door a second before one of the cats crashed into the door.)

Tony - Fillie! Where were You? (Sees the claws of a cat attacking the door) Oh! That makes sense.

Mouse - Cats! Release the Secret Weapon! Now!

Honest John - Release the...? What— Oh, No! (One mouse undoes one of the supports, releasing the weapon, but Honest John pushes it back.) wait! Not yet! The boat whistle didn’t sound! (From outside, One cat climbs up the museum, but is pelted with an onion, knocking Him out.)

Mausheimer - Wait! stand down! It’s only Warren T. Rat. What’s He doing here?

Fievel - He’s not really a rat. He’s a cat. He’s their boss!

Warren T - Don’t listen to what that liar has to say. Throw down any money You have left, and give Me that kid. He's escaped from a home, and I intend to take Him back.

Tony - Oh, really? (Aims a slingshot at Warren’s fake nose, revealing His whiskers.) No deal!

Fievel - Alright, Tony!

Warren T. - Never mind what my nose looks like. Just because it’s really smaller than normal, doesn’t mean— (Tony shoots at Warren T again and reveals His whiskers.) Ow!

Mouse 1 - Look! His ears are pointy.

Mouse 2 - He IS a cat!

Warren T. - Now, Wait. Wait! Who would You believe, anyway? (He and His cronies are pelted with garbage.)

Honest John - (Holding back the weapon) No... Not yet...!

Warren T. - Hey! Stop! (The mice stop pelting Him.) I see now, You won't listen to reason.

Mausheimer - Warren, It's over. Your extortion ends now. Ha! That means You won't cheat any mouse of their money in America or anywhere in the world.

Warren T. - That a fact? We'll see. (He and His cronies approach the museum.) No one insults Me and lives to tell about it. No one. (pulls out a friction match and strikes it with His teeth. the mice scream.) Barbecued Mice, coming up.

Mice - Fire! (Warren T drops the match on a box of wool next to the door, burning the entrance as the Cats cheer.)

Cat - Burn! Burn!

(Inside the Museum, Honest John is still keeping the weapon from leaving.)

Honest John - Hold it back! please! (The weapon stops.) Ohh... Thank goodness it stopped. (The Boat whistle sounds.) Was that...?

Mausheimer - Release the weapon! (the clock rings.)

Honest John - That's... That's the signal. Now release the secret weapon!

Mouse - Took You long enough! (The mice push the weapon toward the entrance, but one support is yet to be released.)

Mauheimer - The Support. Cut the support! (The mice are having a hard time cutting the support.)

Warren T. - It didn't have to end this way, You know.

Chapter 13 - The grieving mouse

Chapter 14 - Reunion

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