Ferryman is a video game series that was owned by LucasArts from 1997 til 2012, and Krome Studios since 2016.


  • A Day in the Limelight: Kaylia Dawkins eventually got her spin-off franchise.
  • Adorkable: Ferryman is this.
  • Adsurd Phobia:
    • Ferryman is revealed to have a fear of fish.
    • Reese is revealed to have a fear of goats.
  • Badass Adorable: Ferryman and Kaylia.
  • Best Friends: Ferryman has three.
    • Ferryman and Lake
    • Ferryman and Pacos
    • Ferryman and Kaylia
  • Dark and Troubled Past: During her youth, Kaylia tragically lost her parents (and potientlly her family) to an army of evil Snapperclaws. This eventually led to a tearful Kaylia to run away to the real world, where she would become an action girl we know today.
  • Darker and Edgier:
    • The Kaylia games are shown to be quite darker than the usual Ferryman games, due to TBD.
    • Ferryman and Kaylia vs. The Snapperclaws is, if not, the darkest Ferryman installment to date due to TBD.
  • Does Not Like Spam: 
    • It is revealed that Kaylia does not like any chocolates.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Ferryman and Lake are pretty close friends despite him being a skeletial creature while Lake is a human.
    • Same can be said for Ferryman and Kaylia.
  • Skirts, Dresses and Gowns: 
    • Reese Raini loves to wear skirts, especially her signature ankle denim skirt. However, she does tend to wear pants while exercising or sleeping.
    • Kaylia wears a sweatskirt.
  • Tragic Hero: Kaylia is this, since her parents (and presumingly her family) were killed in front of her, resulting to a tearful Kaylia to escape to the real world to be safe from the Snapperclaw packs, eventually becoming an action girl to avenge her parents' death.
  • Tsundere: Kaylia, despite mainly being badass and kinda harsh, shows her sweet side at times.
  • What Do You Mean, It's For Kids?: Despite being a family-friendly series, it does tend to have darker moments.
    • Ferryman and Kaylia vs. The Snapperclaws is the saddest, and also the darkest Ferryman entry to date. [so dark that we make it PG-13?]
    • While it is confirmed that Ferryman is actually created for kids and family, the first four games were rated T due to the use of skeletons and some intense action.


  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Kaylia Dawkins is considered to be a non-skeleton popular character of the series. She got so popular that she ended up getting a spin-off on her own.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • Fans of The Book of Life and Coco do not go along with Ferryman fans very well due to similar concepts and TBD.
    • [Steven Universe]
    • [The Nutshack for obvious reasons]
    • [Ivie Scott, at first extent]
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • Ferryman fans are in good terms with that of The Face Paint World Life, Kodiak: The Dog Timestopper, and Peanut Butter & Jelly Coffee, mainly since their creator, Diana Lake-Quinn, is Elisha's wife.
    • Fans of this and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger has a rather healthy relationship with each other.
    • [since it was originally LucasArts prior to the Disney acquistance, Star Wars]
    • [Buzz on Maggie, since Polsky created the first Ferryman show]
    • [Doug, with one of the reasons involving both of them transferred to an another company]
    • Despite the rivalry, non-toxic fans of The Book of Life and Coco get along with fans of this very well.
    • Fans of this and Poppin' Face Paints adore each others' series, since Elisha created both of them.
    • [Myth of the Monkey King?]
    • [Ivie Scott, at later extent]
    • [Me and Sparky]
  • No-Yay Shipping: 
    • [Lake x Blake due to it being incest, and Lake is confirmed to be a lesbian]
    • [Lake x Ferryman, due to it being considered zoocest and the fact Ferryman is a skeleton]


  • Big Name Fan:
    • [Diana Uhlman, besides the fact she is Elisha's wife]
    • [Genndy Tartakovsky?]
    • [George Lucas, even when Ferryman is now Krome Studios]
  • Cash Cow Franchise: The game's success has spawned a franchise with 13 games (11 main games and a spin-off series), two television series, a comic book series, a toyline and even the upcoming 2021 movie.
  • Creator's Favorite: It is shown that Ferryman is Elisha Lake-Quinn's own favorite Ferryman character, with Kaylia being the second and Pacos being the third.
  • God Does Not Own the World: Despite Elisha Lake-Quinn having created Ferryman, while WB had the licensing rights for the 2004-2007 cartoon and NBCUniversal has the licensing rights to do the upcoming 2020 cartoon and the upcoming 2021 movie, it is Krome Studios that fully owns the rights to the IP. (LucasArts owned the rights prior to 2012).
  • Shifted to CGI: it's getting a CG movie in 2021.
  • Sleeper Hit: LucasArts and Elisha Lake-Quinn both believed that the first game would not preform very well due to TBD. However, it ended up becoming a success during its year.
  • Spin-Off: Kaylia and the sequel.
  • The Character Ice Cream Bar: Ferryman gained one, first released in 1999. He is tropical punch and orange flavored with light blue gumball eyes.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • [related to Dante Basco voicing Ferryman in future installments starting with Galactic]
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, Jason Griffith was considered for replacing Kaufman for Ferryman before Dante Basco was eventually chosen.
    • The Legend of Ferryman was originally planned to be called The Age of Ferryman.
    • Ferryman is originally named Skully.


  • [Kaylia's past]


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