Ferryman is a video game franchise, being created by Elisha Lake-Quinn. It is being owned by LucasArts from October 1997 til TBD 2012 and is currently owned by Krome Studios afterwards.


A skeletal creature that travels from his own world to the life world (mainly in the fictional city of Lightsbridge) must stop various villains... both on the death world and the life world.



  • Ferryman (voiced by David Kaufman from 1997 til 2006 and Dante Basco afterwards) - a spunky, hyper but warm hearted and brave skeletal animal-like creature that has an ability to travel from the dead world to the life world, using it for the good and visit his life world friends and protect both worlds.


  • Lake Crowellson (voiced by Christy Carlson Romano) - a cutesy and girly teenage girl who is Ferryman's close human friend in the life world. She is confirmed by Elisha that she is a lesbian. Before meeting her, she called her a TBD
  • Blake Crowellson (voiced by Quinton Flynn from 1997 til 2012 and Eric Bauza since 2016) - a focused, stubborn, ditzy, but kind-hearted young adult who is Lake's older brother.
  • Eorgayn (voiced by TBD) - an undead dragon who is the protector of the undead world, being a father figure and mentor to Ferryman. He also had an ability to go to the death and life world (for heroic purposes), which he taught Ferryman to do.
  • Hank Crowellson (voiced by TBD) - a goofy and (kinda) dumb man who is Lake and Blake's father.
  • Pacos (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a goofy skeletal creature who is Ferryman's best friend from his home world.
  • Kaylia Dawkins (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl living in Lightsbridge, TBD,
  • June Franks (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - a very ditzy teenage girl who is Lake's BFF, eventually girlfriend. She sings along badly to pop songs.
  • Reese Raini (voiced by Grey Griffin) - a long jean skirt-wearing human girl who is [reserved for Green].
    • Carrots (vocal effects by TBD) - a white rabbit with black spots who is Reese's royal and happy pet.
  • [African-American male friend]
  • Pablo (voiced by TBD) - a skeleton ferret who is Ferryman's good friend.
  • Melissa Bettison (voiced by TBD) - a insect-loving teenage girl who is Lake, Reese and June's good friend.
  • Caleb Bettison (voiced by TBD) - a chill and relaxed teenage boy who is Melissa's cousin. Despite his chilled nature, he can be irritated with Melissa's insect obession.
  • Steel (voiced by TBD) - a masked man who wears a suit of armor made out of steel.
  • The Azure Dragon (voiced by Mako) - a mysterious dragon who aided Ferryman to release and save the dragons in Dragon Legacy.
  • The Dragon King (voiced by TBD) - a gigantic dragon who is in charge of the dragons, got corrupted by TBD before the events of Dragon Legacy.
  • Bone Snapper (voiced by TBD) - a skeleton snake with crab-like arms who TBD.
  • Lionel the Hybrid (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - a [animal hybrid] wizard who TBD.
  • Master Nova (voiced by Greg Eagles) - a human with robotic body and legs who serves as a mentor of Ferryman during his space adventure.
  • The Crimson Jaguar (voiced by Townsend Coleman) - a fire-immune crimson colored jaguar who is in charge of the fires, located in the dead world which Ferryman was sent to rescue.


  • Dante (voiced by TBD) - a fiery creature who TBD, and is the main antagonist of the first game.
  • The Compass Demons, consisting of:
    • East (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
    • West (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
    • South (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
    • North (voiced by TBD) - TBD.
  • Cronikosa (voiced by TBD) - a feared time demon who can appear at any point and moment in time, while also the creator of Blackholeman.
  • Fluffy (voiced by TBD) - a vain poodle who is very bratty and cruel. 
  • Skullposer (voiced by Corey Burton) - a skeleton person from Ferryman's world that is obessed with classical music. He gets really upset when someone dislikes his music, or Ferryman attacks him.
  • The Spider Queen (voiced by TBD) - a spider queen who can control every single spiders.
  • Annie Conda (voiced by TBD) - a teenage girl who is extremely creepy and treats her snakes as her children.
  • Crimson (voiced by TBD) - a snake-like creature who is grouchy and somewhat evil.
  • [Beast of Framwood here or make him TV show exclusive?]
  • [Lady Audarie here or make her TV show exclusive?]
  • [sequel main antagonist]
  • [third game's main antagonist, reserved for Green]
  • Zyducrayr (voiced by Clancy Brown) - an evil dragon from the dark that makes dragons all evil, and the main antagonist of the fourth game.
  • Bloodclaws (voiced by TBD) - a undead Snapperclaw who is Crimson Jaguar's nemesis, keeping him captured and the main antagonist of the fifth series.
  • Blackholeman (voiced by TBD) - a dark doppelganger of Ferryman, being created by Cronikosa to kill Ferryman and take over as a hero.
  • [Dante's brother, main villain of the tenth game]


  1. Ferryman (1997)
  2. Ferryman II (1999)
  3. [Ferryman: Rise of TBD] (2001)
  4. Ferryman: Dragon Legacy (2004) (last game to be rated T)
  5. Ferryman: Age of the Crimson Jaguar (2006) (first gave to have a E10+ rating)
  6. Ferryman: Galactic (2009)
  7. TBD (2012) (final game to be published and in the ownership by LucasArts/Lucasfilms)
  8. TBD (2016) (first game published and in the ownership by Krome Studios)
  9. [reserved for Green or Coolot] (2019)
  10. Ferryman: A Face Paint Journey (2020) 


Crossover games

[putting Ferryman to Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of DLC]


Comic book series

See Ferryman.

The original comics had its start in 2001 and ended in 2005, with the revival comics started since 2017. TBD handles the publishing rights for both comics.

Television series



See Ferryman.

On December 23rd, 2016, Universal Pictures confirmed that a CG-animated Ferryman movie is in production. Since its' acquistance of DreamWorks Animation, it is confirmed that DreamWorks Animation would produce the movie in addition to having the licensing rights for the movie and The Legend of Ferryman. Justin Timberlake is confirmed to be the voice of the titular character, with Alison Brie voicing Lake Crowellson. The movie is aimed for its December TBDth, 2021 release.


See Ferryman/Merchandise and Promotions.

LEGO theme

See LEGO Ferryman.


See Ferryman/Tropes.


Critical response

The Ferryman series received critical acclaim by critics, being praised for its creativity, art-style, decent controls, memoriable characters and stories.


Lesbian creator

LGBT couple



  • The people in the death world where Ferryman resides in resemble the Day of the Day people, albeit in other outfits besides the DoTD ones.
  • Despite being skeletons, they can eat and drink normally without any problems
  • While not having any main villains for the whole series as each game has different main antagonists, many fans considered Dante to be Ferryman's main nemesis, due to TBD.
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