Annoucer: This thanksgiving weekend

Ferdinand and Paco looking a picture of Nina, Juan, the bulls, Lupe, Paco, Bunny and the hedgehogs

Ferdinand: "We're going to teach them about Christmas,"

(playing First Christmas by Kara Royster)

announcer: featuring the returning cast (showing the cast voicing their characters including Milo Manheim voicing Tres)

Ferdinand taking the bulls, hedgehogs and Lupe to find a tree

Bones: "How about that one?" (pointing at the small bending tree)

Cuatro trying to cook a dinner.

Cuatro: "I rather eat than cooking"

Tres shows up

Una, Dos, and Cuatro: "Tres!"

Tres: "I'm here for the holidays"

Announcer: featuring a new song First Christmas by Kara Royster (Kara Royster recording her song)

everyone dancing in the snow, snow bulls.

Nina: "Christmas is about being together,"

(Nina and Juan hugging the animals)

Announcer: Ferdinand's Christmas

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