Ferd the Zombie Horse is a zombie horse, being the main protagonist of Ferd the Zombie Horse: The Supernatural Adventures.



Prior to Ferd the Zombie Horse

Sometime before the events of the series, Ferd was a white horse with black spots who loved his life in Hauntivia. He unknowingly gets a mysterious disease and he unfortunately died almost two days later. However, in the zombie afterlife, he ends up meeting a older zombie horse, who actually has power to bring horses back to the world, offered him that he would bring him back to Hauntivia, but under one condition: He'd be bought back as a zombie horse. Accepting the offer, Ferd is then bought back to life as a zombie horse we all know today.

First days, meeting Fifi

Ferd is enjoying his days as a newly-bought back to life zombie horse, but then takes a crumble when he learns that he feels lonely. However, moments later, he stumbles across a ghost hedgehog, who happened to be lonely as well, named Fifi. Befriending each other, he and Fifi eventually end up becoming best friends as days gone by, and Fifi then introduces Ferd to the other friends of hers to Ferd, like Lena, her brother Ted, Blindy, and others.

Events of Ferd the Zombie Horse: The Supernatural Adventures


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