Ferd the Champion, alternately known as Ferd the Champion: The Ferd the Zombie Horse Movie, is an American animated sports comedy film directed by TBD, being the first ever movie of the Ferd the Zombie Horse: The Supernatural Adventures comic book series. It is being developed by Moonlake Animation and was released on DVD and VHS on March [2/9/16/23/30]th, 2004 with a Fox airing on August TBDth, 2004 (to air for the 2004 Olympic games) and a Cartoon Network airing on TBD 2005.


Ferd the Zombie Horse decides to participate in The Zoolompics, proving to be very hard when a rival tries to defeat him and the others so he can be the champion, Ferd must not only win the games, but also stop the rival.


  • Nolan North as Ferd the Zombie Horse, TBD.
  • TBD as Cletus - an egotistical Imp who loves to cheat.
  • TBD as Natasha - a cold and calculating faun woman who is a skilled athlete
  • TBD as Default - a goofy robot who joined the Zoolompics



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