(Walt disney logo shows) (avicii addicted to you plays)

(A shot of a Dinosuar (Felix) and a Bird (Will) looking at the sunset)

Felix: Look at this sunset, it is beautiful.

Will: Yeah i know, but things may get beautiful.

(The next shot shows a island with birds). (Harry flew to the two)

Harry: Felix, you know that i adopted you right, (Felix look at Will), Well maybe it's time to show you something. (Harry shows Felix a Dinosaur statue)

(a bang happened with Felix running to see a dinosuar (Jasmine) attacked by a bunch of birds.

Felix: Back off you evil birdos. (Felix stop the birds and looked at Jasmine who looked back at him)

(Next Year)

Jasmine: "You guys are in trouble", (a shot of Drake and Sam standing) a Bunch of birds lead by Drake is after your island, and he knows about Felix's survive 18 years ago.

Will: "If he trys to kill my Brother, he will get bird," (Everyone look at him) "What"

(A shot of Harry and Jun with Jasmine) (Than a flashback of the birds finding a young Felix shows)

Jun: We found Felix bruised with no one with him, so we bring him in.

(A dinosaur and birds adventure)

(A shot of Felix breaking stuff in his cave) Jasmine stands with him

Felix: Why me

Jasmine: Your parents were Drake's nightmare, now he knows about their son surive, he will not stop until you are dead. (A couple of shots showing Lisa flying with Will, Sam get grabbed by Alex, Damon Looking at the dinosaur statue and Felix seeing a fire).

(Will begin Somewhere or another)

Felix: Your should not die because of me.

Will: You not, Drake will pay.

(Felix that jumped into a vine and swing to the other side of the cliff.)

Sam: Did i just saw a dino using a Vine.

Will: Yep

Sam: I indeed see some things.

(Disney's Felix and Will)

Will: Guys look what i found.

Harry: Will no. (Will electrified himself)

Felix: Aww, did little bird shock himself.

Will: You, dino, Shut up.

Lisa: I am with a bunch of Idiots.

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