Favorite Krazy Tokyo is a Remy Rat short that aired on September 12, 1950. It debuts The Shadow Person (voiced by Lou Albano, when Captain Lou was 17). Other characters such as the Jack in the Box (voiced by Ralph Wright), the unnamed Dodo (voiced by Bruce Kirby), The Girl who gets cold (voiced by Ginger Rogers and originally known by fans, notably "Gina"), and various Wackys are done provided by Stan Freberg (until Dallas McKennon in Thirsty Chocolate).


On Whoville, Remy waiting when Jojo takes to World War II. However, Remy sees the Shadow Person (voiced by Captain Lou Albano) in the Mailbox, shortly. Shadow Person as a Flight Plane where Remy hiding in the Red Box and the Jack in the Box (voiced by Ralph Wright) gets angrily.

Then, Remy goes to Wackyland and Remy smashes the Bricks when the Wackyland still closed or open. Then they see any gorgeous Wackys includes the Dodo (voiced by Bruce Kirby). However

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