Fate/Multiverse The Movie is crossover movie of the characters from Fate/Stay Night,Apocrypha and Grand Order. It follows after the events of Fate/Stay Night (2006 anime), Apocrypha anime and First Order.


Original Version


The story begins at White Castle in an unknown location. Inside the castle a clocked man makes preparations on creating the Black Holy Grail. In order to achieve his goal he used an unknown method to summon Gilgamesh, Assassin of the Red, Saber of the Red/Mordred, Madea/Caster and Cu Chulainn/Lancer to assist him. He offers each of them whatever their hearts desire if they all help him find certain items to create the Dark Holy Grail. Gilgamesh said that he’s now aren boy, and then the clocked used magic to torture Gilgamesh. The Clocked Man then asked the other servents if anyone else want to refuse to help him. The other servents accepts his offer. Mordred and Cu Chulainn asked the Clocked Man if he’ll keep his word. The Clocked Man replied “Rest ashore, you will all receive your reward”. After the servents take off the Clocked Man is confidint if the servents he called failed that he’ll rely on his backup.

Back at Illyasviel’s place Illyasviel tells Rin that Shirou‘s adapted father was also Illyasviel’s birth father. Rin questions Illyasviel if she’s mad at her father for not coming back for her because he failed in getting the Holy Grail. Illyasviel then tells Rin about her past and that thanks to Shirou‘s kindness and about how Shirou told Illyasviel about her father, Illyasviel herself understands that her father couldn’t abandon Shirou when he was lost in the fire those years ago and is happy to have Shirou as her adapted brother. Rin and Illyasviel wait for Shirou to arrive too tell him about his father when all of a sudden they heard an noise from outside. The girls ran outside to see what’s going. Out of smoke revealed to be Mordred in full armor. Rin asks Mordred who she is and why she’s here. Modred replied that she‘s after the dagger. Rin suspect that the dagger Mordred is looking for could be the one that she gave to Shirou. Rin said to Mordred “Over my dead body”. Mordred then chargers in to attack. Meanwhile Shirou walks twords Illyasviel’s place to meet up with Rin and Illyasvie and to return the dagger back to Rin. Just then he notice an explosion at Illyasviel’s place and rushes twords it. Rin gets exhausted from the fight. Mordred is about to deliver the final blow on to Rin, but then someone blocked Mordred‘s attack. Mordred asks who blocked her attack. The person who blocked Mordred’s attack was Shirou. Shirou asked Rin and Illyasviel if they’re okay. Rin tells Shirou that Mordred is after the dagger that she gave him. Shirou decides to give the dagger to Mordred to protect Rin and Illyasviel. Rin and Illyasviel tell him to not give Mordred the dagger, but Shirou ignores there warning and walks towords Mordred. Shirou tells Mordred that he’ll give her the dagger so that Rin and Illyasviel will be safe, though Mordred felt that she regonized his voice and face. As Shirou gives Mordred the dagger, Mordred said “could that be you”. After Shirou asked what she meant by that Mordred punch Shirou on the stomach, knocking him out. Rin and Illyasviel are shocked of what they see and asked Mordred why she’s also taking Shirou. Mordred replys “I got what I came for, and possible more” and goes into a portal. Rin and Illyasviel follow Mordred into the portal. Mordred tried to shake Rin and Illyasviel off her tail with success. Rin and Illyasviel are in a place that neither one is familiar with, while Mordred is glad that she got rid of them and tries to find a place to put Shirou in while she delivers the dagger to the Clocked Man.

At the Reverse side of the World, Sieg and Jeanne sense something is going on. Then suddenly a light pops out of nowhere and Sieg and Jeanne headed straight to that light. In Avalon Altoria rests on a tree, then starts having flashbacks of Shirou. Then a light appears on top of Altoria. She reaches up twords that light. Meanwhile Ritsuka, Mash, and Fou are warped to an unknown locaction. Da Vinci contact them, telling them that the location is some sort of parallel world of some kind, and to find out what making this singularity, just before Ritsuka, Mash, and Fou lost contact with Da Vinci. The team then try to find food and water. Meanwhile Artoria opens her, finding herself in an unknown location and that she gains her outfit and her servent powers back as a saber class servent. She start looking around looking for answers when she sense a presents of a servent and tries to find who ever it is. Somewhere else Caules finds himself in the strange, remembering that he was chasing Cu Chulainn who stole an artifact of some kind and followed him into a portal. He then encounters a woman in white in the flower batch. He asked who she is, then the girl in white was none other than Berserker of Black. Caules in his head saids that it can’t be possible and that she might not remember him. Berserker of Black comes rushing twords him while calling out his name. Caules is surprised that she remember him, then Berserker of Black hugs him while saying his name again. Caules starts crying and hugs her. Caules and Berserker of Black are later greeted by Astolfo, who tells the two of them that he followed Caules into the portal after he sense a servent‘s presents. The team decided to find answers. Somewhere else Cu Chulainn/Lancer battles Cu Chulainn/Caster, who Lancer question why Caster looks and sounds like him. Then suddenly Gilgamesh appeared and tried to kill them both. Rin and Illyasviel try to figure out where they are when suddenly they come face to face with Caster/Medea. Caster/Medea was getting the upperhand, saying that she’ll be reunited with Souichirou Kuzuki, but then someone stab her from behind saying “Then you should join him in the afterlife“. Caster/Medea starts to disappear while saying “I’m sorry my love, I failed you”. Rin and Illyasviel are shock to see that it’s Rider/Medusa who killed Caster/Medusa. Then suddenly they hear a familiar voice, which turned out to be Sakura. Rin asked why Sakura is with Rider/Medusa. Sakura explains what happen during the events of the Hevean’s Feel act. Rin and Illyasviel are confused of what she’s talking about. Illyasviel suggest that she maybe a Sakura from a different dimension. The girls decided to look for Shirou together.

Meanwhile Sieg and Ruler/Jeanne wonder where they are. Sieg notice the comand seal on his hand. Ruler/Jeanne explains that Sieg is her master now and gives him confidence. Ruler/Jeanne sense the presidents of another servent coming. It turned out to be Saber/Altoria. Ruler/Jeanne asked who Saber/Altoria is. Saber/Altoria revealed herself and asked the same question. After Ruler/Jeanne revealed herself Saber/Altoria said that she’s never heard of the Ruler class before. After Ruler/Jeanne explains what the Ruler class is, Saber/Altoria asked why the Holy Grail would be used as a weapon. Ruler/Jeanne and Saber/Altoria started arguing about the Holy Grail and begin to fight. Shielder/Mash then ends the fight by blocking their attacks and reveals herself. Ruler/Jeanne, Saber/Altria and Sieg said that they never heard of the Shielder Class before. Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash tells everyone about their mission and asked for an alliance. Saber/Altoria saids that she’s more focus on looking for Shirou. Ruler/Jeanne notices Saber/Altroia’s worried look on her face and tells her that maybe they’ll find Shirou and offers a hand of a truce. Saber/Altoria then shakes Ruler/Jeanne hand for the truce.

After Mordred deliverd the dagger to The Clocked Man she comes to the place that she placed Shirou. A flashback then pops up showing a woman telling a man that she loves him while they held on to their baby and they hug and kiss, then someone looking at a girl saying ”farther” in tears. It turns out to be Shirou having a dream about that event. Mordred checks up on Shirou. She suspects that Shirou could be her farther because he looks and sounds like her father, and then suspects to be an incarceration of her father. Shirou starts to wakes up and is cautious of Mordred’s presents. Mordred tells Shirou to not worry and unmasked herself. At first Shirou recognized Mordred as Saber/Altoria, then he realize that Mordred looks like the girl from his dream. Mordred thinks that Shirou is gaining his memories of his past life. Mordred tell Shirou about the time when she was young that a man raised her as his own. Mordred then saids that the house they lived in was on fire and that the man was seriously injured. The man tells young Mordred to be strong and was about to tell about her mother but died before telling Mordred about her mother, leaving young Mordred in tears. Mordred then tells Shirou that a woman named Morgan took Mordred under her wing, and tells Shirou the rest of her story. Shirou tells Mordred that King Arthur‘s real name is Altoria, and is really Mordred’s mother. Mordred then realized that the man who raised her was really her father and got furious of knowing the truth about her true mother. Mordred then sense a servent’s presents and recognized it to be Saber/Altoria Pendragon. Mordred start laughing insanely and closes the door of Shirou’s room and locks it, leaving the key in front of the door. As Rin, Illyasviel, Sakura and Rider/Medusa plan to free Shirou Rider/Medusa they notices people are coming. It was Saber/Altoria, Sieg, Ruler/Jeanne, Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash. Rin tries to notified the group, but Sakura notice that someone is coming out the cave. Saber/Altoria and the gang notice someone coming out of the cave. It’s reveled to be Mordred, leaving Saber/Altoria in shock. Mordred tells Saber/Altoria that she knows everything. Saber/Altria tried to explain to Mordred, but Mordred said “Enough of your lies”. Ruler/Jeanne tried to reason with Mordred, but Mordred tells Ruler/Jeanne to stay out of it, then Mordred and Saber/Altoria begin to clash. Rin and her gang sneak into the cave and freed Shirou. Mordred gets the upper hand and was about to kill Saber/Altoria, but Shirou kneels in front of Mordred to protect Saber/Altria. Mordred tells Shirou to get out of the way but Shirou tells Mordred that he loves Saber/Altoria and that Mordred would have to kill him too. Mordred then thrust her sword twords Shirou, but only the tip of her sword touches Shirou chest because she stopped at that moment, leaving Mordred with a shocked face. She then raised her up and tries to kill Shirou, but looking at his face reminds her father and stops. She then yells in agony and throws her sword onto the ground. She keeps saying it’s not fair while she goes down on her knees and punches the ground. Shirou tries to confurt Mordred but Mordred tells him to leave her alone. Shirou slaps Mordred on her face and then hugs her, telling her that he understands and that her mother would never abandon her. Saber/Altoria comes to the other side of Mordred and hugs her with Shirou saying that she failed Mordred not just as her king but also her mother, and how she tried to change that during the fifth Holy Grail War. Saber/Altoria tells Shirou that she truly loves him and kisses him. Mordred starts to remember a time when she was a baby that something like this happened before and starts crying. Shirou and Saber/Altoria tells Mordred to cheer up and kissed Mordred on the checks. Mordred starts feeling emberous and stands up saying she’s told old for that. Shirou and Saber/Altoria begin to laugh joyfully. Illyasviel tells Shirou that his adopted father was her birth father, and then tells Mordred that Illyasviel herself is Mordred’s aunt. Mordred doesn’t think Illyasviel as her aunt, which made Illyasviel so angry. All of a sudden a burst clouds came out of nowhere, revealing to be Berserker of Black, Caules and Astolfo fighting Gilgamash. Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash decided to lend a hand. Assassin of red also arrived and Saber/Altoria and Mordred fight along side to defeat Assassin of Red. Shirou asked Rin if it’s possible to make a pact with two servents. Rin says that I could be tricky, but then Ruler/Jeanne asks to lend a hand and needs time. Then suddenly Cu Chulainn/Caster shows up and tells everyone that Gilgamesh killed his Lancer counterpart. He helps them give more time and Medusa/Rider also helps out. Shirou starts chanting the words to make the pacts with a Saber/Altoria and Mordred. He then orders them to combine their powers to defeat Assassin of Red. Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash were able to defeat Gilgamash thanks to the help of Berserker of Black, Caules and Astolfo. At the same time Saber/Altoria and Mordred were able to defeat Assassin of Red. After the battle was over Ritsuka tells everyone that together they will stop the unknown singularity once and for, and every raise their fist up in the air saying “alright”.

The Clocked Man knows that the servents he summoned are all defeated and decides to call out his back up servent. The heroes are stuck in a fork in road and decided to split up. Shirou, Saber/Altoria, Mordred, Astolfo, Ritsuka, Shielder/Mash and Illyasviel will go on one path as team A, while Sieg, Ruler/Jeanne, Caules, Berserker of Black, Sakura, Rider/Medusa, Rin and Cu Chulainn/Caster will go to the other path as team B. Team A was about to exit the path when suddenly they notice a black figure at the end of the path. It’s was Saber Alter waiting for them. Shirou Saber/Altoria and Mordred are shocked to see someone who looks like Saber/Altoria, but Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash are familier with her saying that they fought her before. Saber Alter asks team A to turn back or perish. Astolfo tells Saber Alter that team B will be coming, but Saber Alter replied that Berserker/Sir Lancelot is fighting team B. Saber/Altria is shocked to hear that and explains why Sir Lancelot is a berserker to the rest of her team. Mordred questions about Guinevere, then Saber Alter tells Mordred that Guinevere was just possing as King Arthur‘s wife just to hide Altoria’s secrets, and that she let Lancelot and Guinevere be together to have Lancelot impregnate Guinevere, too have that child too be the heir to the throne, since Altoria thought that her child was dead, and also because Merlin refused to give Artoria the ability to impregnate Guinevere. Mordred is shocked to hear that and asked Saber/Altria if that’s true, but Saber/Altoria is quivering about what she heared, saying that her motives were selfish. Shirou then tells Saber/Altoria to snap out of it and to move on. Saber/Altoria final calms down and thanks Shirou, and everyone stands side by side showing that their not going back. Then Mordred tells Saber Alter that her real mother the one she’s fighting with and then mocks Saber Alter for wanting to become a dickgirl. Saber Alter gets angry and the fight begins. Meanwhile team B fight against Berserker/Sir Lancelot. Berserker of Black semse to be an equal match for Berserker/Sir Lancelot, but was pushed aside due to her concerns for Caules. Berserker/Sir Lancelot was about to kill Sakura, but Cu Chulainn/Caster takes the hit, leaving the others to finish of Berserker/Sir Lancelot once and for all. Rider/Medusa asked Cu Chulainn/Caster why he toke the hit. Cu Chulainn/Caster replied that he couldn’t let a beautiful woman die, before he disappears. Team B morn for Cu Chulainn/Caster’s death and kept moving forward to meet up with the other. Meanwhile team A battle with Saber Alter rages on. Saber Alter was about to kill Saber/Altoria, but Mordred blocks Saber Alter’s attack. Astolfo strikes from above, but Saber Alter counter attacks Astolfo’s moves. It turns out that Astolfo was using himself as a decoy so that Mordred could deliver the finishing blow. Saber Alter strikes at Mordred’s stomach, leaving the others in shock. But Mordred was able to piece at Saber Alter’s heart, killing her. Mordred(siriously wonded) looks at Astolfo on the ground. Mordred and Astolfo looked at each other giving a thumbs up for each other. Astolfo gives his goodbyes before disappearing. Mordred starts to fall onto the ground, but Shirou and Saber/Altoria grabs her. Team B arrives and notice what’s going on. Shirou and Saber/Altoria tells Mordred to hang in their but Mordred tells them that it’s alright. She then tells Shirou and Saber that she’s happy to find out about her mother and father. Mordred gives her warm regards before disappearing. Saber/Altoria starts crying in agony into Shirou’s chest. Shirou(in tears) hugs Saber/Altoria. Everyone else morns for Mordred‘s, Astolfo’s, and Cu Chulainn/Caster’s death. Ritsuka gets upset about the loses of their allies and remembers both Olga’s and Romani’s deaths. Shielder/Mash slaps Ritskua and tells him that it’s hard to lose people to care about and hugs him. Sieg and Ruler/Jeanne tells Shirou Saber/Altoria about the times with Mordred and cheers Shirou and Saber/Altoria up. Everyone looks at the White Castle, knowing the final battle will begin.

The gang made it to entrance of the White Castle and breach through the gate. They battled many monsters as they reach towards the center of the castle. As they entered they notice the Black Holy Grail. Da Vinci was able to reach Ritsuka and Mash to tell them that this the Black Holy Grail is the anomaly just before Ritsuka and Mash loss contact with her. The Clocked Man suddenly appeared and congratulates the team for coming this far. Rin and Sakura regonized the Clocked Man‘s voice and asked him to reveal himself. As the Clocked Man revealed himself Rin and Sakura are shocked to see that the Clocked Man is really their father “Tokiomi Tohsaka”. Rin asked her father on how he’s still alive. Tokiomi said that a man named Leff revived him. Ritsuka and Mash then told the gang that Leff is one of the 72 Demon Pillers. Rin and Sakura asked their father why he separate the two of them during the forth Grail War. Tokiomi explained his daughters that he wanted one of his two daughters to be the next victor of the next Grail War. Shirou angerly tells Tokiomi that his actions aren’t right. But Tokiomi replied that Shirou will never understand. Ruler/Jeanne d’ Arc tells Tokiomi that it’s wrong to corrupt the Holy Grail. Tokiomi replied that this Grail is something he made himself to grant his own wish. Suddenly a voice said “ Do you think that destiny is yours”. The person revealed to be Emiya/Archer. Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash say they know him, and Shirou, Saber/Altoria, Rin and Illyasviel are shocked to see someone looking like Shirou and having the same clothes that the Archer they know had. Tokiomi asked Emiya/Archer why he’s here. Emiya/Archer tells everyone that his mistress summoned him at the same time Tokiomi summoned Emiya/Archer’s mistress. Tokiomi asked who Emiya/Archer is talking about when suddenly a sword pierced through him. A shadowy fog holding the sword reveals to be Saber/Alter saying that destiny is something that people choose for themselves and throws Tokiomi body into the Dark Holy Grail, destroying his body. Saber/Altoria asked how Saber Alter is still alive. Saber Alter explains that haveing her die was part of her plan. Emiya/Archer presents everyone the Item that brought Saber Alter back from the dead. Rin and Ruler/Jeanne recognized the item as a rare artifact that can bring back one servent from the dead once, revealing a crack on it that proves that fact true. Saber Alter tells everyone that she’ll use the Dark Holy Grail to rebuild the Multiverse into an era where mistakes won’t be made and other greats things that she’ll offer everyone if they join her. Shirou and Saber/Altoria said people can’t learn without making mistakes, then Ritsuka and Shielder/Mash said that people’s wil can accomplish anything, and Sieg and Ruler/Jeanne said everyone can accept anybody, despite differences. Then everyone all together said ”We all like the Multiverse the way it is”. Saber Alter said “Then burn in the flames of creation”, and snapped her fingers to call out her skeleton army. Saber/Altoria, Shielder/Mash and Ruler/Jeanne fight against Saber Alter and Shirou, Ritsuka and Sieg fight against Emiya/Archer, while the rest fight against the skeleton army. Saber Alter proved to be challenging, but Saber/Altria, Shielder/Mash and Ruler/Jeanne choose to keep going. Emiya/Archer tells Shirou, Ritsuka and Sieg that their servents are no match for Saber Alter, but Shirou, Ritsuka and Sieg said that they have faith with their servents and then their command seals start to glow. They raised their hands up high we’re their command seals are and then Saber/Altoria, Shielder/Mash and Ruler/Jeanne start glowing. They unit their powers and fire a blast at Saber Alter. Emiya/Archer tried to protect Saber Alter, but the blast went right through them and destroyed the Dark Holy Grail. Emiya/Archer walks slowly twords Saber Alter saying that he’s sorry that he fail her. Saber Alter walked twords him and thanked him for his loyalty. They both kissed as they both faded away, and the skeleton army started crumbling down. The castle starts crumbling down, and the heroes were saved by a bright light. A woman resembling Illyasviel’s mom tells the heroes “thank you”, and tells everyone that she’s the one who called them due to each of their hearts wishes as everything fades.

Ritsuka and Mash wake up finding themselves at their headquters. Da Vinci and Fou are glad to see them both alive, and Romani tells Ritsuka and Mash that Olga is still alive. Ritsuka and Mash are happy to hear that and wonder if the friends they made are back were they belong. Shirou wakes up in his room, wondering if it’s all a dream. He starts hearing noises from the dojo. He’s was in shock to see Altoria in the dojo. Altoria notice Shirou and runs straight twords him and hugs him with joy. Shirou asked “but how”, then Rin and Illyasviel appear and are shocked to see Altoria. Altoria tells everyone that when she was about to enter Avalon that someone said “You wish you were with Shirou”. Alotria turns around and was shock to see Saber Alter. Altoria saids she wants to see Shirou but has no choice but to return to Avalon. Saber Alter reminds Altoria that we all choose are fates and reach her hand out Altoria with a calm smile. Altoria then stars walking twords Saber Alter saying that she wants to be with Shirou. Altoria saids that she founds herself in dojo. Shirou says that in his dream Emiya/Archer appeared in front of him with a nice smile. Rin sense a life link aura connecting Shirou and Altoria, wonders if maybe Saber Alter and Emiya/Archer must of offer something that made it possible from Shirou and Altoria to be together. The gang looks up high wonder if the others are okay. Sieg and Jeanne find themselves in a field that’s near a town of their world. The two of them look at each other with high hopes for a brighter future. They walked twords the town, wandering if their friends are okay. At Illyasviel place, Altoria lays on a bed, holding her and Shirou’s baby after giving birth. Shirou and Altoria tell Rin and Illyasviel that they’ll name their daughter Mordred.

The end credits reveal what the heroes are doing. Ritsuka presents a wedding ring to Mash, Caules and Berserker of Black are growing flowers together in the Apocrypha world, Sakura prays in front of Shirou’s grave in the Heaven Feel world, Shirou and Altoria celebrates Mordred’s fifth birthday, Medusa watches over the horizon with her sisters, Cu Chulainn stroll along a path while looking up into the sky, a young Astolfo watches a young Mordred walking with Shirou and Altoria(hinting a possible future story about Mordred), and Sieg and a pregnant Jeanne are happy to soon have their baby to be born into their world. The end credits end with a picture of a groupshot of the heroes. And epilouge scene takes place in a dersert wasteland. Emyi/Archer sits on a rock, looks down. Then he notice someone behind him. He’s glad to know that it’s Saber Alter. Saber Alter saids “Lets go, my love”, and the two of them start walking together.

Extended Cut Scenes

  • After Caules and Berserker of Black hugged, Berserker of Black asks Caules to make love with her. Caules blushes and asks her why she wants to do that. Berserker of Black asks again to make love with her, then they both lay on the ground. Caules says that it’s his first time, and the two of them begin to make love.
  • Emiya/Archer used a relic to revived Alter Saber, which caused the relic to break. Saber Alter offered herself as a reward for Emyia/Archer’s loyalty. As they make love with each other, they talk about the time when Emyia/Archer joined Saber Alter’s side.
  • Shirou and Altria looks at the moon, reminding them the time they first kiss. The two of them start to make love.
  • Ritsuka and Mash meet up in a room. Ritsuka confess his feelings for Mash. They kissed and start to make love.
  • Sieg and Jeanne found a place of their own. Jeanna starts giving Sieg a _. The two of them then start to make love.
  • In Shirou’s flashback dream Merlin introduces a past life Shirou(Senji Muramasa) to Altoria Pendragon as the man who will inpregnant Altoria. As Past Shirou(Senji Muramasa) and Altoria make love, Altoria asked Shirou(Senji Muramasa) if she’s his first. Past Shirou(Senji Muramasa) replied that he made love with other women in the past but one by one each have perished in tragic ways.



  • Sieg - master of Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc
  • Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc - servent of Sieg
  • Ritsuka Fujimaru - master of Shielder/Mash Kyrielight
  • Shielder/Mash Kyrielight - servent of Ritsuka
  • Shirou Emiya - master of Saber/Altoria Pendragon and Saber of Red/Mordred
  • Saber/Altoria Pendragon - servent of Shirou
  • Saber of Red/Mordred - servent of Shirou
  • Rin Tohsaka
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern 
  • Sakura Matou - master of Rider/Medusa
  • Rider/Medusa - servent of Sakura
  • Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia - master of Berserker of Black/Frankenstein
  • Berserker of Black/Frankenstein - servent of Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia
  • Rider of Black/Astolfo
  • Cu Chulainn/Caster
  • Fou
  • Da Vinci
  • Olga Marie Animusphere


  • Clocked Man/Tokiomi Tohsaka 
  • Altoria Pendragon/Saber Alter
  • Emiya/Archer
  • Gilgamash
  • Madea/Caster
  • Assaian of the red
  • Saber of Red/Mordred (Defected)
  • Cu Chulainn/Lancer
  • Berserker/Sir Lancelot 
  • Morgan La Fray (flashback)


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