Fantastic Golf (2001) - (JP: ファンタスティックゴルフ (2001). First game of Fantastic Golf (Series). American-Japanese golf-Anime game.


In the Albatross Golf Academy. Girl named Ayaka (US/EU: Ashley), want to be good Golfer and beat a antagonist of Arava. She must training her shot, approaching and chip in any hole, during her adventure, she meets a different Golf courses and their champions.




PS1 original controller and Dualshock

Main Menu:

Directional Buttons (or Left stick - Dualshock only) - selecting

Cross - Accept

Circle - Back

Open World:

(Story Mode only)

Directional Buttons (or Left Stick - Dualshock only) - Move, selecting

Cross - Interact, accept

Circle - cancel

Square - Golf clubs selecting

Start - Open menu


Left and Right directional button (or left stick - Dualshock only) - Camera (aim)

directional button Up and Down - Camera to shot target

Triangle - Reset Camera

Square - Scoreboard, Vs Scoreboard

Cross - Set a power, Shot

Circle - Power Mode, (longer push - Perfection Mode)

L1 and R1 - selection of golf clubs

start - Open pause

select - camera type (Normal, Hole-View)



Ayaka (US/EU: Ashley) (starting power - 205Yards) - Girl who want be class world champion of world of Arava


King Kingu IV (US/EU: King Stephen IV) (289 Yards)

King of Arava and ultimate champion, is a unkind for Ayaka


Mori (US/EU: Molly) (225 Yards) - Student and champion of Albatross Golf Academy. Sometime she smile, if she win a match play

Kireina (US/EU: Rena) (242 Yards) - Champion of Summer Beach Golf Course, She is calm as sea, soft as leaf

Pīku (US/EU: Bryan) (250 Yards) - Champion of Misty Mountain Country Club. He's a good mountain climber. He sometime like windy and high peaks.

Shi (US/EU: Death) (269 Yards) Is not a champion o, but owner of Death Desert Golf Resort.



Single Player:

  • Story Mode
  • Stroke Play
  • Match Play
  • Gates Game

Two Players:

  • Stroke Play
  • Match Play
  • Gates Games


  • Settings
  • Hole Recorder
  • Story Mode Stats

Golf Courses


"Soft world of golfing with much of tress, deserts and mythic tree

Albatross Golf Academy (JP: アルバトロスゴルフアカデミー) (Golf Course: 18 Holes, Par 72):

Easiest golf course and first road to being Champion, player (Ayaka) must competeting to the Tourney of the beginner class. in this must of fairway, less water and some trees for no stress.

Summer Beach Golf Course (JP: サマービーチゴルフコース) (Holes: 18, Par 72):

Second golf course, where is seaside climate. You may unfortunately shot to bunkers or water hazard.

Misty Mountain Golf Course (ミスティマウンテンゴルフコース) (Holes: 18, Par 71):

Third and challenging golf course. The climate may be danger, because ball may fall out from peak. windy in this Golf course is stronger than usual.

Death Desert Golf Resort (JP: デスデザートゴルフリゾート) (Holes: 18, Par 72):

Dangerous and fourth golf course. This Golf course is located in near of heart of Arava with danger traps

Arava Rainbow Country Club (JP: アラバレインボーカントリークラブ) (Holes 18, Par 72):

Final golf course. It located in the heart of the Arava. Hardest Golf course with rainbow fairways, so much water hazards and strong wind. If you have a lucky, the wind may be soft.


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