Faith of a Rabbi is a 1982 Epic Drama film directed by Carl Andy and produced by Walt Disney Productions, it tells the story of a jewish rabbi, Grandpa Abraham, played by Topol and his Family in late 30s Germany trying to survive Nazi persecution and escape to the United States.

released by Buena Vista Pictures, it was one of Disney's slew of PG rated films made, this is one of the films that's credited for being responsible for the establishment of Touchstone Pictures, which was created by the Walt Disney Studios one year after the film's release.


"The truth about Hitler's so called "Aryan Race" is nothing but lies made to demonize us Jews, in reality, Hitler and his Stooges don't realize that there is no Aryan Race, and there will never be a Master race, if not, then there is only one true race... the Human race, Jewish, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, White... it doesn't matter who you are..."

- Grandpa Abraham

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