Faith Young
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rider Talisman
Colors: Blue
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Homeworld: Mystic Realm (World of Talisman)
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Face Claim:
Power Rider Arcane
Sapphire Style
Sapphire Unicorn Style
Alexandrite Style
Faith Young is Power Rider Arcane.


Short Biography

Faith is a thirteen-year-old girl who attends a magic school. Although she is great at studying, her magic is very weak so she hopes to become a respectable witch in the future. Living together with Kai, her life becomes bright and a little more worrisome. While searching for the Great Crystal in the Muggles' world, she met Kai. Her alter ego is the legendary witch, Power Rider Arcane, whose theme color is blue.

Power Rider Arcane



Sapphire Style

Sapphire Style is Arcane's default sapphire-based water-elemental form.

Ruby Style

Ruby Style is Arcane's ruby-based fire-elemental form.

Citrine Style

Citrine Style is Arcane's citrine-based electric-elemental form.

Emerald Style

Emerald Style is Arcane's emerald-based nature-elemental form.

Amethyst Style

Amethyst Style is Arcane's amethyst-based air-elemental form.


The Unicorn Styles are evolved versions of Arcane's standard Styles that are each augmented with some of Arcanicorn's power.

Sapphire Unicorn Style

Sapphire Unicorn Style is the evolved form of Sapphire Style.

Ruby Unicorn Style

Ruby Unicorn Style is the evolved form of Ruby Style.

Citrine Unicorn Style

Citrine Unicorn Style is the evolved form of Citrine Style.

Emerald Unicorn Style

Emerald Unicorn Style is the evolved form of Emerald Style.

Amethyst Unicorn Style

Amethyst Unicorn Style is the evolved form of Amethyst Style.


Diamond Style

Diamond Style is Arcane's diamond-based light-elemental ultimate form.

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