Fairly OddParents Return! is an American-animated comedy fantasy series being a sequel to the 2001-2017 series The Fairly OddParents. And being created by [TBD] and being produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio since October TBD, 2019.


Two years after the events of the previous series finale, Timmy Turner is now a 12 year old boy who still has Cosmo, Wanda and Poof to grant his wishes.



  • Timmy Turner (voiced by Tara Strong; before in the series finale; TBD) - A 12-year old boy who used to have a terrible experience with Vicky until his fairly godparents arrive. And then it happens again with sharing fairies with a rich girl until she moved away.
  • Cosmo (voiced by TBD) - A green-haired
  • Wanda (voiced by -
  • Poof





  • This is the second series being TBD
  • Chloe doesn't appear physically in the series, but she was mentioned by Mr. Crocker that she moved away somewhere in Canada.
  • Sparky is confirmed to be killed from a motorcycle accident, even though he is a fairy technically doesn't mean according to Jorgen that Fairly Godparent dogs doesn't have that much power.
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