Facebook is a social network popular among college students.

Height Description

On any profile page, there can be a line for a persons heigth.

Facebook Party Algorithm

By having a small script run "on top" of facebook, it can tell if a particular friend, or someone in there network, is very social. The algorithm can take into account the following:

  • Amount of Friends (40%)
  • Amount of Wall posts (20%)
  • Amount of Photos Tagged by others (20%)
  • Amount of Photos (5%)
  • Amount of Events invited to and attanded (10%)
  • Amount of Messages sent and recieved (5%)

These can be ranked into how important they should each be considered in the Algorithm. The above is an attempt to show the order of importance ranked by guess percentages.

Friends of Mutual friends

If there are #n friends of yours that have a friend in common,but is not your friend, then facebook would show this person on the Friends in there network window. This person would have top priority in the Top 6 window. the Number n can be something like 3 or so, so new people entering a group of friends can connect with the whole group easily and not one person at a time. This seams to exist:

Picture after Event

After an event is over and you login for the first time after the event, facebook can ask you if you have any photos to upload to the event so it can be come a group share of pictures for the event. This creates a greater Bondage over the event that took place.

"If you are friends with this person you may also like" Feature

Just like Amazon's: "If you liked this book/movie etc. You may also like..." feature, Facebook can take matching characteristics of a person to match them with other possible friends from there Network.

Face Recognition

Using a built in algorithm, facebook can scan photos and find pictures of You. Using photos that have already been tagged, facebook can develop a recognition point to scan other photos for a face.

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