Fabian Fox is a Chilean animated theatrical shorts series produced by Zumbastico Studios and released in 2019, they serve as promotional content for Fabian Fox Havoc!

List of shorts

  1. Drone Challenge (January 13, 2019) - Fabian and Rafael challenges a Leopard criminal to a drone challenge for retrieve the money to the bank.
  2. A Fancy Night (March 15, 2019) - Fabian to a gala with Cindy, but it turns out that he had accidentally swallowed a whole giggling avocado that makes him dance.
  3. Andean Antics (April 10, 2019) - Fabian, Rafael and Benjamin are going to the Andes Mountain to find the minerals, while outsmarts a yeti named Tempanos.
  4. Inside the Phone (May 2, 2019) - Fabian he had accidentally sucked himself into a game mobile app, while trying to break a world record.
  5. The Armed Forces' Rookies (July 7, 2019) - In a modern take of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Fabian and Hector are training for the Chilean Armed Forces to face the US army.
  6. Foward to the Past (September 16, 2019) - Fabian, Rafael and Pablo are going the history of Chile from September 18 1810 to today.
  7. Do Not Bullying, Speak Loud! (October 19, 2019) - Tired of too many bullyings, Fabian and Benjamin decides to make an anti-bullying campaign to all the schools of the five continents,

Voice Cast


  • TBD as Fabian Fox
  • TBD as Cindy
  • TBD as Rafael Raccoon
  • TBD as Pablo Opossum
  • TBD as Hector Hawk
  • TBD as Benjamin Bear

English dub


Title Cards


Official Artwork

Concept Art



  • The Fabian Fox shorts are inspired by Warner Bros' Looney Tunes, Disney's Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit, Walter Lantz' Woody Woodpecker, Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, DreamWorks Classics' Felix the Cat, Lionsgate's Luke Lion, Sony's The Acres Kids, Hanna-Barbera's Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound, Fleischer's Betty Boop and MGM's The Pink Panther.
  • It marks the first animated appearences of Fabian Fox, Rafael Raccoon, Pablo Opossum, Hector Hawk, Benjamin Bear and Cindy.
  • The shorts serves as a promotional content for Fabian Fox Havoc!
  • Reruns of the shorts are aired on Kawaii Box as part of Kawaii Toon Factory
  • Like classic Disney and Felix the Cat cartoons, the title cards featuring the face of Fabian Fox.
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