Ezio Auditore da Firenze is one of the Main Characters from the Assassin's Creed franchise of Historical Science Fantasy Stealth Action-Adventure Video Games. Making his second playable Fighting Game appearance after the infamous Soul Calibur V back in 2012, he would be a playable DLC Fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Great Fray Smash Bros. Special in Japan) alongside the Heroes of their franchise of origin in a similar way on how the Koopalings and the Dragon Quest heroes are playable in the game.


P.S.: Parts of the moves are taken from this, this and the like (albeit with some changes).

Basic Moves

Neutral Special - Throws 1 Knife (Same range as needles of Sheik, Can be Charged and Stacked up to 15 Hitbox Active Frame 12, Total Frames 38) (3.0% Base Damage)

Up Special- Grapple Hook (Active Frame 7 (No Hitbox) Total Frames 30)

Standing Side Special - Sword Slash (Hitbox Active Frames 10/15/21, Slash 3 times on activation, Total Frames 50) (3.0%/5.0%/7.0% Base Damage)

Dashing Side Special - Tackle (Command Grab Hitbox Active Frames 12-18, Total Frames 38) (10% Base Damage)

Down Special - Counter (Active Frames 3-7 as a grab, High End Lag ‘Total Frames 50’, 35% - 60% 'dependent on countered move knockback' damage that forces opponent to go prone, Executes at 150%+) (Counter ‘Attack’ Hitbox Active Frames 3-5 ‘Total Frames 60’)

Jab 1 - Hitbox Active Frame 2-3 (2.5% Base Damage) Jab 2 - Hitbox Active Frame 4-5 (2.5% Base Damage) Jab 3 - Hitbox Active Frame 4-6, Total Frames 23 (5.0% Base Damage)

Forward Tilt - Hitbox Active Frame 8-10, Total Frames 34 (5.0% Base Damage)

Up Tilt - Hitbox Active Frame 9-12, Total Frames 26 (3.5% Base Damage)

Down Tilt - Hitbox Active Frame 7, Total Frames 28 (4.0% Base Damage)

Dash Attack - Hitbox Active Frame 18-27, Total Frames 52, 58 On Hit (10% Base Damage)

Forward Smash - Hitbox Active Frame 16-19, Total Frames 40 (14.0% ‘22.0%’ Base Damage)

Up Smash - Hitbox Active Frame 11/16, Total Frames 50 (15.0%/10% Base Damage)

Down Smash - Hitbox Active Frame 11, Total Frames 47 (15.0% Base Damage)

Neutral Air - Hitbox Active Frame 3, 7 Frames of Landing Lag, 50 Total Frames (Autocancels on Frames 1-2 and 32 onward) (6.0%/4.0% Base Damage) (Early/Late)

Forward Air - Hitbox Active Frame 5, 5 Frames of Landing Lag, 35 Total Frames (Autocancels on Frames 1-4 and 11 onward) (3.5%/4.0% Base Damage) (Early/Late)

Back Air - Hitbox Active Frame 7, 10 Frames of Landing Lag, 32 Total Frames (Autocancels on Frames 1-3 and 31 onward) (7.0%/6.5% Base Damage) (Early/Late)

Up Air - Hitbox Active Frame 9-10/12-13, 15 Frames of Landing Lag, 35 Total Frames (Autocancels on Frames 1-8 and 27 onward) (3.0%/6.0%)

Down Air - Hitbox Active Frame 14-16, 20 Frames of Landing Lag, 55 Total Frames (Autocancels on Frames 1-2 and 48 onward) (10% Base Damage)

Grab - Hitbox Active Frame 8, Total Frames 34

Dash Grab - Hitbox Active Frame 11, Total Frames 42

Pivot Grab - Hitbox Active Frame 9, Total Frames 37

Pummel - Hitbox Active Frame 1, Total Frames 27 (1.3% Base Damage)

Forward Throw - Hitbox Active Frame 20/22, Total Frames 39 (4.5%/2.0% Base Damage)

Backward Throw - Hitbox Active Frame 15/17, Total Frames 35 (4.5%/2.0% Base Damage)

Up Throw - Hitbox Active Frame 19/21, Total Frames 49 (3.0%/3.0% Base Damage)

Down Throw - Hitbox Active Frame 17/18, Total Frames 40 (3.0%/3.0% Base Damage)

Spot Dodge - Invulnerable on Frames 3-14, Total Frames 18/23

Forward Roll - Invulnerable on Frames 4-12, Total Frames 26

Backward Roll - Invulnerable on Frames 4-14, Total Frames 32

Neutral Air Dodge - Invulnerable on Frames 2-26, 10 Frames of Landing Lag, Total Frames 44

Air Dodge, Down - Invulnerable on Frames 2-19, 11-19 Frames of Landing Lag, Total Frames 63

Air Dodge, Diagonally Down - Invulnerable on Frames 2-19, 11-19 Frames of Landing Lag, Total Frames 67

Air Dodge, Left/Right - Invulnerable on Frames 2-19, 11-19 Frames of Landing Lag, Total Frames 74

Air Dodge, Diagonally Up - Invulnerable on Frames 2-19, 11-19 Frames of Landing Lag, Total Frames 85

Air Dodge, Up - Invulnerable on Frames 2-19, 11-19 Frames of Landing Lag, Total Frames 93

Special Moves

B – HIDDEN BLADE – Ezio will reach out, grab his opponent or item and jam his hidden blade into them dealing DMG and causing them to fall to the floor. DMG: 10%

Side B – POSION – Ezio extends his arm and a small dart is fired from it- if it connects with a player, the poison acts quickly dealing small DMG over time but also causing that player to go berserk opponents must button mash to make the poison wear off and regain control of their character. the higher their DMG% is the harder it will be to regain control. DMG: 4%

Down B - SMOKE SCREEN BOMB - Ezio tosses a Bomb at the ground as it explodes it releases a large cloud of smoke obscuring the area he was standing in . pressing 'B' while inside the smoke screen will result in Ezio firing his hidden gun in the direction he is facing Ezio can fire his hidden gun as many times as he wants while in the smoke screen but it has a slow reaction time. another thing to note is while in the Smoke Screen players are impervious to Projectiles. the smoke screen lasts for 4 seconds. DMG: 14% (Gun)

Up B - HOOK BLADE - Ezio jumps upward revealing his Hook Blade, this attack will allow Ezio to latch onto walls enabling him to use the wall as a stepping stone- alternatively Ezio can hook onto foes, climb up them and push off of them sending them flying downward. DMG: 6%

Final Smash: The Assembly of All Assassins: It functions like Mega Legends, except with Assassin's Creed Heroes and Heroines. First off, Ezio whistles to summon each and every Assassin's Creed protagonist for the most powerful attack to hit the opponents. First, Ezio uses the Apple of Eden and this, holding 'B' will cause Ezio to use the apple, holding 'B' causes the Apple to active slowing down all movement, the apple casts a wave of golden light to expand from Ezio if the wave touches a player they will become in range- releasing 'B' will make the Apple attack the players in range. Shortly following the golden wave is a white wave- any player within the white wave range when the attack ends will receive HUGE DMG and HUGE knock back- however the Apple is a powerful device and will deal Ezio 1% DMG every second the 'B' button is pressed however after when 'B' isn't being pressed the apple will heal that DMG by 3% per second. Afterwards, Altaïr, Edward and the others help Ezio attack the opponents altogether by performing different kinds of Sword based attacks. Lastly, Ezio, alongside with each and every Assassin's Creed protagonist (while at the same time, they're on one of Edward's Pirate Ships, alongside with the opponents), perform a very powerful Sword Slash against their opponents, causing the opponents to get KO'd.


Just like Emman's ideas if Jin and Chun-Li became DLC Fighters for the game, there would be multiple stages based on the Fighters' franchise of origin included instead of just one.


The fight takes place in this Syrian Mountain Municipality as it appears in the first Assassin's Creed game, with elements of it's other appearances.


The fight mostly takes place across Venice and it's many locations set there as they appear in all of Ezio's adventures.


Similar to the Venice Stage, the fight mostly takes place there as it appears in all of Ezio's adventures throughout his games.


The fight mostly takes place within Boston as it appears in Assassin's Creed III.

Kirby Hat

The Kirby Hats would be based on one of the Four Assassin's Hooded robes.

Alternate Costumes

Alternate Costumes


Mii Costumes

Mii Brawler

Mii Gunner

Mii Swordfighter

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