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Exiles: Endless is an ongoing comic book series published under the Marvel;Re banner. This series is written by Jacky 50A and the only title in the line to not be a full-on reboot. Endless is a continuation of the older Exiles: New World series, which was part of the Marvel NEW initiative. The series abolishes the Reborn story arc that ran from Exiles: New World #15 and the D-Day Special, continuing the team's story with brand new story arcs. Due to Marvel;Re's reboot, Endless takes place in the new Multiverse, though it doesn't make much of a difference since the events of New World's past issues are also retconned to have taken place in the new Multiverse.


The Multiverse is a large place. That, may as well be an understatement. There are virtually an infinite amount of universes, timelines, and realities in existence, each of them home to different sagas. These universes don't tend to be in touch with one another, but when they do, there's no guarantee that good will come from these incursions. Not to mention if there are certain despots who wish to conquer other universes and throw off the Multiverse's balance. On the other hand, some inhabitants of a universe won't accept the destiny that has been set for them. That's when the Exiles come in.

The number of Exiles roaming around the Multiverse is virtually infinite. Aliens, mutants, robots, all put together in a reluctant assembly where they have to put aside all their differences and save universes from collapsing due to the acts of some who rebel against creation's balance. These merry bands are led by the enigmatic Timebroker, a powerful being who acts as their mission control. Well, at least until he was revealed to be nothing but an illusion created by bug-men. Strange, indeed.

Once, there was just a single Exiles. Well, not exactly one concrete team, but one that contained a rotating roster and kept on working for the Multiverse's greater good. Recently, a rather unauthorized incarnation, commissioned by someone named 'Nick Fury', saved reality from the threat of the Time-Eater. This pissed off the Watchers, but regardless, the Living Tribunal saw this as a justification for him to sanction the creation of 'official' Exiles to police the Multiverse. The first of these 'new' Exiles? Yeah, not quite the best one.

As an experiment and test bed for other Exiles to come, this new team has two Timebrokers and a more fixed roster. Their Timebrokers, a diminutive Watcher and a Kang who was once the Invisible Woman, have quite a particular party to attend to. A Captain America from the 16th Century, a Hulk who is literally a troll, a stern Captain Britain from an anti-Mutant Earth, a young Ghost Rider full of potential, an intergalactic peacekeeper from the 4th Millennium, and a Sorcerer Supreme who hasn't dabbled in the magical world as much as his extra-universal peers. They also had two godly beings on their side, but they died. Valiantly.

Now with new threats on the horizon, the Exiles must continue their quest in both saving the universe and proving themselves to be the most adequate form of defense the Multiverse has. They have their limitations, but for these brave men and women, the company they have within each other is enough, and nothing will stop them from setting things right.

Featured Characters

The Exiles

The Exiles are not a single team of reality jumpers who travel from one world to another to correct the path of universes. In the previous Multiverse, there were an infinite amount of Exiles to handle the countless problems reality had at the time. In the current Multiverse, there's no telling if there are still legions of Exiles out there. For sure, only their founder, the Living Tribunal, knows how many Exiles there are operating as the Guardians of the Multiverse.

All Exiles teams (save for one) operate in the Panoptichron, which is also known by the name of the Crystal Palace. This crystalline structure of infinite size exists outside of time and space and built within the Multiversal network of the M'Kraan Crystal, which exists in every reality there is, was, and will be without exceptions. Ever since the first Exiles have been created, the Crystal Palace has been used as the headquarters of numerous Exiles with its numerous facilities which are constantly upgraded, renewed, and restored by the Living Tribunal himself when the Multiverse was restored from the dreadful Secret Wars.

Each Exiles team is designated by their serial numbers, which do not represent the order of their founding. The first Exiles, which have been retired from active duty, are designated in the Panoptichron as Exiles-Zero, owing to their origin. The new team which succeeds Exiles-Zero is Exiles-One, which is the primary protagonists of this series. Exiles-One, Two, and Eight are classified as the Prime Exiles due to their versatility and share the same mission pools, commissioned by the Tribunal.

Other Exiles outside of the aforementioned triumvirate are more specialized in other tasks. For example, Exiles-Four (Kyln's Guard) are assigned to guard the Multiversal prison known as the Kyln, which in turn is named after the universal prison for many intergalactic despots in many universes. Exiles-Five (Task Force Fury), on the other hand, are suited for morally-ambiguous missions and as such have no qualms killing 'innocents' for the safety of the Multiverse. There are many undiscovered Exiles out there and their missions don't tend to intersect. This means that meetings between Exiles are very rare unless they have to work together by the Tribunal's will.

Leaders of the Exiles are given a device called the Tallus which connects them with the teams' guides, best known as the Timebrokers. Each Tallus contains a fragment of the M'Kraan Crystal and allows telepathic communication between the leaders and the Timebrokers. The Tallus are also gateways to other universes and thanks to the upgrades done to it as of the new Exiles' founding, they can be used under the permission of the Timebrokers to travel to realities of known designations/names via teleportation. When this bracelet-like device is used, all the members of the Exiles that are recorded by the Paniptichron will be teleported near-instantaneously so they are not separated upon transportation.

The Exiles' line of duty is a lethal one and death is not an impossibility among their ranks. Deceased Exiles are unable to be resurrected, but this is more of a case of unwillingness and incapability. If a Timebroker recruits a past version of a certain deceased Exile, not only will the Exile die anyway due to their ultimate fate saying so, but the universe the Exile was plucked from will also begin to destabilize. Deceased Exiles are given a resting place in Lady Death's Realm but their corpses will be stored in the Stasis Gallery. Resurrections are possible, but recently, Lady Death has been rather unwilling to release the souls of dead Exiles recently, claiming their spirits as hers.

Designated as Exiles-One, this heroic team is the first step taken by the Living Tribunal in the protection of the Multiverse. They are meant as a replacement for the previous Exiles who have saved the Multiverse countless times from the likes of Proteus, King Hyperion, and the Time-Eater. Taking cues from their predecessor, the Tribunal intends to create a well-forged group of heroes from a variety of different timelines who utilize their unparalleled unity to overcome all odds. It's too early to say that these men and women are family, but it's exactly what he wishes these Exiles to have to triumph over all.

Kang (Exiles)

Ultimate Kang
First Appearance: Ultimate Comics Wolverine #4
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Timebroker
Universe: Earth-13074 (alternate Earth-1610)
Status: Alive

There is no such thing as a good Kang. Knowing that, it comes as a surprise for the Living Tribunal to appoint the Kang of Earth-13074 (or 1610, depending on your point of view) to be the Timebroker of the new Exiles team. This Susan Storm shared the same history with her Ultimate universe counterpart up until her husband sent her to the past to prevent the catastrophe that destroyed their universe. When she arrived, she decided to assemble the Infinity Gems to stave off the coming destruction. As fate dictated however, she could do nothing to avert the coming disaster and continued her time travel. Her next travel took her to the Living Tribunal's council, however, where the supreme being recruited her as the Exiles' mission control. She hasn't taken off her villainous tendencies, seeing how she was basically indentured to this job, but she has re-learnt much about companionship as one of the Exiles.

As the current 'headmaster' of the Panoptichron, Kang has access to the Crystal Palace's facilities and weapons. Sue herself is no slouch in combat due to her past experience as a hero and the Invisible Woman. Aside from turning invisible, she is also capable of shapeshifting, teleportation, and molecular rearrangement.

Mangaverse Uatu (Exiles)

Mangaverse Uatu
First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse #1
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Timebroker
Universe: Earth-2301
Status: Alive

This cute little Uatu the Watcher acts as some sort of supervisor for the team's Timebroker, Kang and a back-up Timebroker should she be away for some other matters. Not much is known about the Mangaverse's Uatu, but ever since the Living Tribunal chose him as a Timebroker (even if it's a secondary one), Uatu has learned a lot about the Multiverse, from its past iterations to some of the details pertaining different incarnations of specific individuals and their history. While Kang directs the team, Uatu digs up the information required to win the day. He's not fond of graphic violence, but the power he holds allows him to go toe-to-toe against enemies that may look far more powerful than he is. He upholds the Watcher's non-interference oath by simply doing his job. Unless he's backed to a corner, if he personally intervenes to save a universe, dire consequences will follow.

Rojhaz exiles

First Appearance: Marvel 1602 #1
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Field Leader
Universe: Earth-311 (originally Earth-460)
Status: Alive

Rojhaz is the fabled leader of the Exiles and his consideration as the ideal captain is not without reasoning. He is a Captain America, after all. He's brave, creative, and handsome. Those traits encouraged Kang to pick him as the Exiles' team leader despite his lack of shirt and shield. He inspires valor, wisdom, and courage to his teammates, all while his sensibility bonds together the team to create an effective hero force.

Rojhaz was a native of Earth-460, where the nefarious Purple Man dominated the world and defeated its heroes down to the last one. Captain America, on the other hand, refused to surrender, prompting the villain to send him to the 16th Century. Consequentially, he indirectly led to the formation of a new universe designated Earth-311. His presence would unfortunately destabilize the universe due to his paradoxical nature, threatening its destruction. In the grand design of things, he was to be killed by Nick Fury for the universe to be saved. Kang, on the other hand, saw a better way to make himself even more useful to the greater Multiverse by plucking him out of Earth-311, also saving the upstart dimension herself.

Admittedly, Rojhaz is not the stablest of the Captains America scattered throughout the Multiverse. Despite this, he's still fit to lead the team due to how competent he is compared to his teammates in terms of leadership. He cares for the team's well-being and is willing to sacrifice even himself to ensure their safety. This trait of selflessness would eventually become the bedrock of the Exiles, cementing their position not as a mere team, but a quasi-family who works together for the betterment of reality.

Greenskyn Smashtroll (Exiles)

Greenskyn Smashtroll
First Appearance: Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #1
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Melee Bruiser
Universe: Eurth (no reality designation)
Status: Alive

There are many unusual Hulks in the Multiverse, and it's safe to say that Greenskyn Smashtroll is one of them. Unlike typical Hulks, Greenskyn is not a superhuman mutated by Gamma Radiation. Instead, he is a mythical troll chieftain with sufficient power to become the 'strongest one there is', allowing him to go toe-to-toe against other brutes who may underestimate his lack of connection to Gamma Energy.

Greenskyn is a family troll, having a wife and son in his home reality. When he was plucked out of reality during his tenure with the Champions of the Realm (his dimension's Avengers), Greenskyn left with the knowledge that they're alive. Little does he know that they are living on borrowed time as Kang knew that they were never meant to live. Kang made it so that his family is alive as long as he remains within the team without rebelling. Should he refuse the call of duty, not only will he be returned to his home reality with disappointment, but also with the discovery that his family is dead.

Kang was wrong to assume so. Greenskyn's love for battle and hearth made him a source of contentment for his team as his presence usually means that whoever's opposing them will be beaten to pulp in seconds. His strength does not grow in rage, yet in this weakness does he possess a greater amount of patience than other savage Hulks. He is a peerless fighter with mighty muscles and a large appetite to boot, as well as a temperament that is capable of forgiveness and camaraderie. Don't hurt children in front of him, hit him with magic, or suggest slavery to him if you don't want to get smacked down by his three-digit hands.

JBull (Exiles)

Justicer Bull
First Appearance: Excalibur #23
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Flying Brick
Universe: Earth-23238
Status: Alive

As the Exiles is a team dedicated to the Multiverse's security, there is no denying that a corpsman from the Captain Britain Corps is a suitable pick for the team. In this case, corpswoman Justicer Bull voluntarily joined the team when the Tribunal announced of its formation. The Captain Britain is tasked to be a representative of the Corps and she's expected to perform at her highest level of standard for maximum effectiveness. Though she was quite an ice queen at first, she warmed up to her team once she accepts them as they are.

Stern, militant, and responsible, Justicer Bull came from a reality where mutants and superhumans were illegal. Until the coming of the superhero team, Excalibur, she and the rest of her comrades, the Justicers, were practically hypocrites due to their own super powers. Nevertheless, Bull has come a long way since that time and has become quite an inclusive person. Officially, she is Rojhaz's second in-command, which means that if he's unavailable, then Bull will be the leader for the time being. Needless to say, everyone likes Rojhaz better than her and Bull doesn't question the logic behind such.

Cassandra brings insight and critical thinking to the team as she encourages her comrades to not trust what their senses say. Many things can be deceiving, though thankfully, they haven't run into the problem of deception thus far. She is quite hot-headed, though, and she tends to smash things that even look remotely evil. Luckily, her fists find themselves in the faces of truly unrighteous beings for most of the time.

Punisher MAX (Exiles)

Punisher MAX
First Appearance: Born #1
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Ranged Specialist
Universe: Earth-200111
Status: Alive

If one thinks that Kang is the most unexpected member of a Multiversal peacekeeper team, then be prepared to be surprised by the inclusion of the Punisher of Earth-200111. Without the appropriate arsenal and powers, the Punisher would be useless to the team if it's not for his toughness and grit. He hails from a reality where superpowers are quite certainly nonexistent*, but criminal organizations as many as there are ants exist. Grim and brutal, this Punisher is undoubtedly the most savage one there is in the Multiverse. With better weapons and equipment, Kang sees him as a worthy inclusion.

Frank's story mirrors the multitude of counterparts he has in the Multiverse. His family died due to a gang shoot-out and he embarked on a one-man quest to destroy crime itself. Utilizing methods that may not be even considered ethical by other Punishers, he has wiped out so many criminals that he is considered the world's most dangerous man. He has survived many encounters with Death herself, and he was lucky Kang saved him from a certain death by the hands of his nemesis, Barracuda.

The Punisher wasn't welcome on the team. He tried to kill his future friends the moment he hit the sands of the Desert Beyond Space and Time and held contempt for his 'capture' despite his close brush with death. This veteran doesn't even remotely like his teammates, but the unfolding of events have made him view the wider Multiverse with more acceptance and he respects his newfound 'friends', as long as they don't get in his way. Especially Ghost Rider. Or Captain Universe / Spider-Man.

Obviously, he is familiar with the concept of death as he constantly dishes it out to his enemies. Yet in this 'team' he's essentially indentured to work with, the feeling of death is very off to him and he's not quite keen on seeing the death of his teammates. Nevertheless, Frank Castle is the Punisher. Dealing death is his business, and whatever 'bond' he's made with his new team will not be a hindrance to his war on crime. In fact, Castle intends to loot the Panoptichron of its weapons should he be relieved of duty so he can kill all those scumbags and wiseguys on the street more easily. The Punisher, indeed.

(*) Kang hasn't told him that a certain clawed individual shares a universe with him.

Young GR (Exiles)

Armor Wars Ghost Rider
First Appearance: What if? Age of Ultron #2
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Role: Heart of the Team
Universe: Earth-62412
Status: Alive

Don't let his naivety deceive you. This young Ghost Rider from Earth-62412 is full of untapped potential and power. Like almost every other Ghost Rider in the Multiverse, this boy received his powers from the Spirit of Vengeance, Zarathos, after the deaths of his family by Iron Man armors manipulated by his world's Obadiah Stane. Indeed, he came from a world where the dreaded Armor Wars happened longer than it should be. Instead of meager months, the technological war went on for over thirty years. In the previous Multiverse, this event was a byproduct of a time travel disaster. In the current Multiverse, the War still exists, albeit in a stabler state due to the reality's firmer establishment.

Despite his young age, his utilization of the Spirit of Vengeance's power makes him stand out as he uses it in non-conventional ways, such as healing wounds and burning out evil personalities of possessed/unstable individuals. He's not quite the innocent kid casual observers see, but he is certainly the heart and soul of the team which allows everyone to easily bond with one another and keep their heads cool when the going gets tough. Aside from holy weapons, the Ghost Rider doesn't have much weakness. The kid that he is, however, he has to grow up one way or another if he wants to survive being an Exile, and that means that he must learn how to make the hard choices by beginning to kill 'targets' more frequently.

Likes to eat hot dogs and question morally ambiguous actions. Dislikes heavy metal and death. He doesn't seem to mind the biker bedroom Kang gave him, though. As long as he's well fed and cared for like everyone else, he'll bring down hellfire upon the Exiles' many targets... which may include superheroes.

Rael Rider (Exiles)

Guardians 3000 Nova
First Appearance: Guardians 3000 #3
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 7
Role: Air Support
Universe: Earth-691
Status: Alive

One of the team's two new recruits, the Nova of Earth-691 is a descendant of the famed Richard Rider, whose incarnations are all Novas. Rael Rider came from a reality renowned for its space wars and fate of humanity. In the future, humanity is practically non-existent as well as nearly all of Earth's superheroes. However, this reality is also home to the famed Guardians of the Galaxy (not the Peter Quill kind), who has successfully protected the universe multiple times against insurmountable odds. As Nova, Rael simply does what needs to be done in defending the universe.

With the Worldmind in her head (not helmet), Rael is the team's source of information when Kang and Uatu aren't far too keen on the when and how of their missions, as the Worldmind contains information about virtually every alien race and superhuman in Earth-691, who mostly exist in other universes. Even if it doesn't have the information required, it is capable of scanning the weaknesses and strengths of target individuals and help decide the best course of action. She tends to ignore some of the Worldmind's more irrelevant remarks, however, which mostly includes emotionless, logic-based decisions that may hurt her soul more than they do to her missions.

She may not look like it, but she's somewhat of a fangirl. She's seen a lot of things already, but the many wonders (and terrors) the Multiverse tend to have her gawking at the amazement and paradoxes she witnesses. Besides, she likes exploring and cataloging if she's not fighting or sleeping. Pragmatically, if something of note from the Multiverse comes her way, she usually has the Worldmind implement the new knowledge within its database, which is located in her head. She has a reckless attitude similar to her ancestor in his younger years, and this somehow makes her go along with Justicer Bull rather goodly.

Strange (Exiles)

Marvel Knights Doctor Strange
First Appearance: Strange #1
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 7
Role: Resident Mystic
Universe: Earth-41101
Status: Alive

The Doctor Strange of Earth-41101 is a Sorcerer Supreme newly acquainted to the world of mystic arts. Before being trained by the Ancient One like nearly every Doctors Strange there are in the Multiverse, he led an opulent life as a plastic surgeon. Instead of a car accident claiming his hands, Strange lost them in a skiing accident when he slipped from a cliff. He didn't just wreck his hands, though. In fact, he had a broken leg and fractured hip, too. After failing to restore himself through scientific means, Strange didn't opt to go to Tibet to learn under the tutelage of the Ancient One. Instead, he was saved from a demon attack by one of his pupils, Clea, and brought to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York, just two blocks away from his apartment. Though he initially rejected the Ancient One's proposition of becoming a sorcerer, he soon made up his mind to become the Sorcerer Supreme he is today after some dimensional disasters and trials by fire.

A nexus of mystical powers, Strange is just as powerful as any other Sorcerers Supreme. Before he was a magician, however, he had already possessed the power to subtly manipulate reality, even if he knew nothing of it. With the passing of the Ancient One and his ascendancy, Strange became the mightiest sorcerer in the universe, only lacking in the experience that many other Doctors Strange have. His universe has no superheroes aside from himself, so to speak, meaning that he doesn't know what a 'Captain America' or 'Spider-Man' is. As an Exile, he grows familiarity over these 'heroes' and 'villains' while practicing his surgeon skills well to help those in need.

Humble, friendly, yet lethal, Strange holds nothing back in attacking reality's greatest enemies. Considering the Exiles' whole deal is to fight those, the Sorcerer Supreme is not hesitant in unleashing devastating life-ending spells against powerful enemies. Like most of his teammates, however, Strange is not someone that can easily kill a heroic figure even if it's for the sake of the universe. Despite this, his wisdom is often sought for field-counsels if he's not uttering eldritch spells that can eat universes.

Cpt Uni (Exiles)

Captain Universe Spider-Man
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 11
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Death: Exiles: New World Vol 1 7
Role: Cosmic Combatant
Universe: Earth-13
Status: Deceased

The Spider-Man / Captain Universe of Earth-13 was no stranger to inter-universal events. He was one of the many Spider-Men recruited into the Spider-Army to combat the threat of the Inheritors, who were on the hunt for Multiversal entities known as the Spider-Totems, attempting to gain access to their locations by killing numerous Spider-Men throughout different dimensions. His godlike powers would have been a boon to the Army if the Uni-Power had not been restricted in power to a single universe. When the Inheritors came to his universe, their patriarch, Solus, killed him by absorbing the Uni-Power itself.

That was in the previous Multiverse. In the current Multiverse, Peter was still alive after the Inheritor ordeal and recruited into the Exiles due to his immense power. The Uni-Power he bore was amplified to the point that he could operate more effectively outside of its own universe, but its weakness was still there. Such enhancement wasn't truly potent and Parker found himself being the first casualty of the team after containing an antimatter bomb alongside James Rhodes (Thor) due to his waning power. His death would serve as a reminder to the Exiles in the lethality of their missions and the fact that none of them could survive the hands of Death, regardless of power.

Despite having godly powers, Peter's mentality wasn't one that's suited for dealing with death. Although he survived Solus' mauling this time around, he still had the fear of losing his life to things that he could never expect. When the Exiles had their first mission in letting a 'generic' Kang nuke an alternate Avengers, the team was caught in the blast radius though the Timebrokers teleported them in time. Despite this, Peter was freaked out by the sheering explosion and got himself a stern lecturing from Frank Castle. Their relationship turned into one that's much more cordial, but one that could not proceed due to his death. Rest in peace, Parker.

War Machine Thor (Exiles)

Thor Corps War Machine
First Appearance: Armor Wars #1/2
Series Debut: Exiles: New World Vol 1 1
Death: Exiles: New World Vol 1 7
Role: Shock Assault
Universe: Earth-12311
Status: Deceased

James Rhodes, also known as Thor, was a staunch member of the Thor Corps when the Battlerealm was ruled by God-Emperor Doom of Earth-616. Although most of the Thor Corps remained as they were on Battleworld, some Thors were officially relieved of their ranks and returned to their home realities. In James' case, his reality of Earth-12311, which used to be the domain of Technopolis, became a universe of its own where the former War Machine was found worthy of wielding the Mjolnir in a far future heavily influenced by Tony Stark's technology. He had no memories of his tenure as a Thor Corpsman, but the rest of his history remained until his recruitment into the Exiles.

Having both the power of Thor and the War Machine armor, Rhodey was a force to be reckoned with thanks to his weather manipulation and immense super strength that combined both the strengths of the God of Thunder and Iron Avenger. His professionalism and experience meant that he was able to take point when required and make the first strike. His selflessness and the fact that he's War Machine meant that he's more than willing to sacrifice himself to save the lives of others at the cost of his. Knowing this, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise when the valiant soldier sacrificed himself with Captain Universe / Spider-Man to save both their teammates and the Earth they're sent to protect. The charismatic and responsible man's death left quite a mark on the team, but both him and Peter's deaths only motivated them to fight harder and harder. Rest in peace, Rhodes.

Designated as Exiles-Two, Weapon X is meant to be the primary Exiles' back-up team and a successor to the Multiversal team of the same name. Unlike its predecessor, these reality fixers are not the brutal murderers they were but something more akin to Exiles 2.0. Weapon X does not utilize a Timebroker as they are guided by a member of the insectoid Timebreakers. This Weapon X incarnation first appeared in the Marvel NEW title, Weapon X: Damnation.

Age of Apocalypse Blink

Age of Apocalypse Blink
First Appearance: X-Men Alpha #1
Series Debut: Weapon X: Damnation #1
Death: ???
Role: Teleporter Leader
Universe: Earth-295
Status: Alive

Yu Komori

Manga Spider-Man
First Appearance: Spider-Man: The Manga #1
Series Debut: Weapon X: Damnation #1
Death: ???
Role: Fast Attack
Universe: Earth-70019
Status: Alive

Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #558
Series Debut: Weapon X: Damnation #1
Death: ???
Role: Grizzled Veteran Hack-and-Slasher
Universe: Earth-807128
Status: Alive

Mojoverse Scott Summers

Mojoverse Cike
First Appearance: X-Babies: Murderama #1
Series Debut: Weapon X: Damnation #1
Death: ???
Role: Blaster Kid
Universe: Mojoverse
Status: Alive

Mangaverse THor

Mangaverse Thor
First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight #1
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Faith-Fuelled Thunderer
Universe: Earth-2301
Status: Alive

M-Day Ben Grimm

House of M the It
First Appearance: Fantastic Four: House of M #1
Series Debut: Weapon X: Damnation #1
Death: Weapon X: Damnation #2
Role: Stone Wall
Universe: Earth-58163
Status: Deceased

Designated as Exiles-Three, Thunderbolts X was an obscure, short-lived Exiles team identified in the Panoptichron's database. Its membership includes Iron Man, Agent of Hydra; Loki Laufeyson, the Captain America; Ultron Wasp; Captain Marvel, Agent of Thanos; and Gwen Stacy, the Green Goblin. Their Timebroker - Timebrokers, actually - were an alternate version of the superhero team known as the Power Pack. The last time they were seen was when they were assigned to clean up the mess that was Earth-9200. Although they didn't meet eye-to-eye, this team can be considered the first of the 'other' Exiles that the primary Exiles interact, albeit indirectly.

Editorially, the Thunderbolts X team was one of the Exiles spin-offs created in the Marvel NEW era. Although it officially only appeared in one issue, they are still considered canonical in the Marvel;Re Multiverse despite their disbandment.

Designated as Exiles-Four, the Kyln's Guard holds the record for being the most numerous Exiles in existence, being more akin to an army than a special team. Like its name implies, these Exiles are responsible for guarding the Multiverse's prison for inter-universal criminals, the Kyln. Because of their line of duty, they are not assigned to repair realities in disorder, making them distinct from every other Exiles founded by the Living Tribunal. While they have access to the Panoptichron, the Guard's duty confines them to the Kyln. When required, however, they can be ordered to reinforce the numbers of other Exiles or fill in the jobs of missing Exiles.

Not only does it consist of both heroes and villains from a myriad of universes, but the Kyln's Guard also has the remaining members of Battleworld's Thor Corps and some of the Captain Britain Corps within their ranks, as well as a number of champions from an alternate Battlerealm where the Contest of Champions is currently being held. Supplementing its security are Mark X Sentinels, Predator X packs, and perfected models of Earth-97517's Human Torches, as well as many other hidden surprises the prisoners may not even know.

Because of the large numbers of the Kyln's Guard, only the notable members of the group will be listed.

Terrax the Truly Enlightened

X-treme x-men hercules

Governor-General Howlett

Civil Warior




Scarlet Warlock Marvel

Noir Luke Cage

Next Avengers Iron Man

Serena Patel Doc Ock

Mark X Sentinels


Designated as Exiles-Five, Task Force Fury is called upon to handle the most morally ambiguous situations with high stakes and constant pressure. This is the closest equivalent of a black-ops team the Living Tribunal has and a representation of how evil can be used against evil for the betterment of all. Many of its members are outright villains with a few exceptions, but the amount of heroes in this alliance will always be outnumbered by the villains. Surprisingly, discipline is tightly maintained in this group and the team is highly coordinated, resulting in it being the Exiles team with the least amount of casualties.

Nanite Nick Fury MUA2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Nick Fury
First Appearance: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Timebroker
Universe: Earth-6109
Status: Alive

The Nick Fury of Earth-6109 was instrumental in the defense of his home reality. He was the man responsible for the activation of the heroic Ultimate Alliance that repelled Doctor Doom's attempt to rewrite reality using Odin's power. When Civil War ravaged the planet, he investigated the Pro-Registration forces' usage of Nanite-controlled villains, eventually discovering the emergence of the sentient entity known as the Fold, who intends to achieve global peace by infecting everyone into its hive mind. Fury himself was a victim of the Fold as he was abducted and heavily enhanced using nanites, granting him the power of everyone who has been a part of the Fold's network.

The grand design had Fury supposedly cured of his nanites and granting Tony Stark the leadership of SHIELD afterwards. While that happened, Fury was re-infected with the Fold's nanites when he was made a Timebroker by the Living Tribunal, though his mind wasn't affected negatively, depending on one's perspective. Nick may not have appreciated this, but found himself able to turn his appearance back to his normal should he wants to. Either way, he still possesses the powers of many superhumans thanks to the nanites inside him.

Even though he can be considered a hero in his home reality, the Tribunal's instruction and the Fold infection heavily encouraged him to repress most of the morality he has in his heart to pave way for logic and effectiveness. Fury disdains his job but can't argue against the fact that his personal ultimate alliance has the greatest percentage of success among all the Exiles divisions due to the team's lesser concern over virtues. The next time Fury recruits another being for his task force, he'll make sure that he/she/it is someone who at least values lives.

Supergiant what if

What If? Supergiant
First Appearance: What If? Infinity - X-Men #1
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Parasitic Psychic Principal
Universe: Earth-11400
Status: Alive

KoC Juggernaut

Kingdom of Cain Juggernaut
First Appearance: What If? Vol 2 #94
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Juggernaut
Universe: Earth-9796
Status: Alive

Red King planet hulk

Planet Hulk Red King
First Appearance: Planet Hulk (2010)
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Bragging Armored Tyrant
Universe: Earth-10022
Status: Alive

Kaecillius marvel

MCU Kaecillius
First Appearance: Marvel's Doctor Strange Prelude #1
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Dark Support
Universe: Earth-199999
Status: Alive


Marvel vs. Capcom Sentinel
First Appearance: X-Men: Children of the Atom (1994)
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Techno-Artillery
Universe: Earth-30847
Status: Alive

Designated as Exiles-Six, the God Squad is unleashed when a threat becomes so powerful that divine intervention is just what everyone needs to survive. Although their missions are relatively few, their presence usually means that the situation at hand is extremely dire. They're not commonly seen throughout the Multiverse, but they are always ready to give out some heavenly (or hellish) retribution to those who would dare attack realities. Their members consist of semi-metaphysical beings, including demigods, gods, demons, and even minor cosmic entities. Because the members are chosen mostly based on their power, teamwork is not their strongest suit.

The End Venom

The End Venom
First Appearance: Venom: The End #1
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Timebroker
Universe: Earth-23203
Status: Alive

In a distant future long past where vicious AIs known as Artificial Superintelligences (ASI) wiped out all organic life form, the Venom of Earth-23203 stood resolute in restoring the population of the organic beings he had grown to love. There's no Eddie Brock in this Venom; only the Symbiote existed as the last hope of the organics. When the ASI proved themselves to be too much for the Klyntar to handle, the evolved alien sacrificed himself by tearing out his own extradimensional lattice to create a new universe where biological life can flourish, undisturbed by the horrifying ASI.

Venom's heroism in the Multiverse before did not go unnoticed, however, and the Living Tribunal restored the Symbiote to life while keeping the 'Venomverse' he created intact, still free of the ASI still running rampart in his home realm. With his new life, Venom is recruited by the Living Tribunal as the Timebroker for the God Squad not just for his friendly disposition but also power.

See, Venom still has the usual powers of any other Symbiotes, but in the harsh history of his dimension, he has bonded with virtually every single organic life there is. From Fin Fang Foom to Thanos and even more, Venom has their entire genetic codes and therefore, powers. When he sacrificed himself to create another universe, it was known that he also restored the likes of Galactus and Eternity to recover the balance that was broken due to their deaths in his original home.

With powers nearly equal to those of the Tribunal himself, the humble Symbiote is the most suitable choice as the God Squad's Timebroker as he is more than capable of keeping his gods, demons, and heralds in check with either friendliness or coercion when required. His weakness to flames and sonics are massively negated and they serve as nothing but tickles for the eternal Symbiote. He would love to give a hand to the God Squad's missions, but he's unable to do so due to the fact that his presence in other universes would immediately destabilize them thanks to his practical status as a universe of its own.

Earth-829 Hercules

Twilight of a God Hercules
First Appearance: Hercules #1
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Powerhouse Leader
Universe: Earth-829
Status: Alive

Departing Earth to live a life across the stars, the Hercules of Earth-829 settled in the territories of the Wilamean Empire in the 24th Century, marrying Empress Layana Sweetwater to begin an exotic bloodline of Olympian hybrids who all inherit the muscles of the God of Strength. Years of adventuring in the Andromeda Galaxy took a toll on him, however, and he became a much more embittered individual after a number of tragedies.

His own wife manipulated his son, Arimathes, to destroy him to no avail. One of his grandsons, Ursus, was killed by a brutal Silver Surfer from a race who worshiped Galactus, and the Olympian himself fell into deep coma after greatly straining himself in avenging Ursus' death. In despair and sadness, Hercules remained dormant in his coma until fate ordered him to fight for a cause grander than his own.

Picked by the Timebroker as the leader of the God Squad, Venom gave Hercules another chance in heroism and offered him rehabilitation from all the vices he had to struggle against and the despair that followed. Though remaining sour, Hercules reluctantly became the God Squad's leader not just out of the lack of choice, but to repay Venom recovering him out of his coma. With his experience and wisdom, he tries his best to be both a stern and sensible leader, drawing from his time as a father and the Champion of the Andromeda Galaxy. He still sneaks out to steal some booze from the Panoptichron's fridge, but his unrivaled strength remains open to smite the enemies of reality.

Magni Thorson (Earth-3515)

Magni Thorson
First Appearance: Thor Vol 2 #68
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Shock and Awe #1
Universe: Earth-3515
Status: Alive

Magni Thorson, as his name suggests, is the son of Thor and Amora the Enchantress from Earth-3515. In this reality, the Asgardians under the leadership of Lord Thor imposed their will upon Midgard after the God of Thunder moved the Realm Eternal above New York City. Magni was born twenty years after such event and grew up a hero similar to his father in his younger days. His father may no longer be the same god he was when he was a hero on Earth, but Magni shares his love for humanity and empathy.

Throughout his years, Magni spent his time averting natural disasters, defeating monsters, and interacting with the exiled former lover of his father, Lady Sif. He also argued a great many times with his uncle, Loki, over his unruly treatment over humans, as well as his father over the errors of his intervention in mankind's face. Ultimately, his confrontations with his family came to a conclusion when an ancient enemy of Asgard threatened to destroy the entire race. Picking up his father's mallet, Magni defeated Desak the Godslayer and became to Asgard and Earth what his father once was to them when he was younger.

His villainous parentage notwithstanding, Magni was recruited into the Exiles as, to quote Venom, an obligatory Thor. To his and his counterpart's surprise, Venom recruited two children of Thor and the Timebroker saw reason in this, stating that together, they'd be even stronger than a single 'regular' version of their father. A sibling rivalry was quickly developed between the two, but they have grown to see each other as blood brothers regardless of their differences. Both of them see Hercules as quite the substitute father figure, as well, much to the Olympian's chagrin.

Woden Thorson (Earth-691)

Woden Thorson
First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy #42
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Shock and Awe #2
Universe: Earth-691
Status: Alive

Another son of Thor, now born from the womb of Lady Sif, Woden Thorson grew up in the 31st Century as a troubled youth. For most of his childhood, Thor was absent from Woden's life due to his wanderlust. When he returned to teach Woden, it didn't take long for him to brood of his past and spend his days in the mead hall. Woden left his home and traveled to parts unknown to cope with his abandonment, but when he returned, the Son of Thor became Asgard's savior as he came back with Mjolnir in hand and the Guardians of the Galaxy in tow.

Defeating Loki and his Inhuman army, Woden restored honor to his family and took his father's post as the defender of Asgard. During one of his ventures, Woden was abducted from his home. At least, that's what he thought. Recruited into the Exiles, Woden initially lashed out in anger until his 'abductor' explained why he was there. Heand his 'brother' was assured that Asgard would be secure even without their presence, although their parents were already looking for them when they're inducted to the Exiles.

Neither Woden nor his half-brother, Magni, are as powerful or experienced as their fathers in the Multiverse. However, the duo's strong bond and similar powers mean that potentially, they together can be stronger than their father. Both Woden and Magni are practically identical counterparts to one another, differing only in parentage and appearance. Despite the presence of stronger beings in the team, Woden wavers not and never stops in proving his worth and might as a son of Thor.

Carnage Cosmic 985

Carnage Cosmic
First Appearance: What If? Vol 2 #108
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Cosmic Terror Weapon
Universe: Earth-985
Status: Alive

The Carnage Symbiote is undoubtedly the most murderous Klyntar strain in existence. Should it bond with another being of great power, then disaster will not be far behind. The Avengers of Earth-985 learned this the hard way when it bonded with the Silver Surfer, creating the monstrosity known as the Carnage Cosmic. With both the Power Cosmic and the Symbiote, the murderous Cosmic Carnage wreaked havoc upon the world and nearly devastated the Avengers if it wasn't for Firestar's flames weakening Carnage's connection. Left without a choice due to their near-permanent bond, the Silver Surfer flew to the Sun to destroy Carnage, sacrificing himself in the process.

At least, that's what's supposed to happen. Instead of burning upon entering the Sun, the Carnage Cosmic was transported to the Panoptichron as one of the first members of the God Squad. A Silver Surfer would suffice, but the Timebroker saw that he needed someone stronger than him but one with at least a semblance of compassion. Enter the Carnage Cosmic, a combination of two powerful beings whose personalities bicker and argue with one another.

For the moment, Norrin is the dominant personality as he threatens the Symbiote to disintegration if he doesn't go along with the Squad. Considering the company he's (they're) in, however, the struggle of keeping the being's good side may not be an easy task for the Sentinel of Spaceways. All that matters is that they follow the instructions of the Timebroker and not bother their allies. Otherwise, the Slaughterer of Spaceways is eager to kill whoever stands in their way.

Phoenix Magneto

Phoenix Magneto
First Appearance: What If? AvX #1
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Master of Genocides
Universe: Earth-9294
Status: Alive

When the Avengers went head-to-head against the X-Men for the fate of humanity and mutantkind, no one could expect Magneto to come up as the victor of the conflict. When the Avengers first arrived at Utopia, Magneto annihilated many of them by blowing up their helicarrier, inflicting a number of casualties on Earth's Mightiest Heroes. When Hope Summers finally received the power of the Phoenix Force, the Master of Magnetism revealed his cruel intention as he snapped her neck and absorbed the Phoenix. His new power didn't last long, fortunately, as Logan drove his claws straight into his head right before exploding with such a force that the entire Earth was terraformed.

Death was the true fate of Earth-9294's Magneto, but this Multiverse is not the previous one. The second he exploded with the Phoenix Force, he was transported into the Crystal Palace and recruited into the God Squad. Magneto couldn't care less about his status as a 'god' due to his ultimate concern for the Mutant race. His racism even extended to his non-Mutant squadmates, caring not if they're supposed to be 'fellow' gods or supreme creatures. He may act decently towards them at the very least, but Magneto never gets along with everyone due to his utter arrogance. All that matters is that he has the Phoenix Force, and that his power is good enough to get him on-board.

Sorcerer supreme dormammu

Sorcerer Supreme Dormammu
First Appearance: X-Factor #231
Series Debut: ???
Death: ???
Role: Mystic Supreme
Universe: Earth-7196
Status: Alive

One of the rare successful few of his kind, the Dormammu of Earth-7196 attained much that his fellow incarnations have failed to. Not only has he consolidated the Dark Dimension's rule over the material plane, but he also managed to kill his reality's Doctor Strange and possessed his body. Gaining the power and epithet of Sorcerer Supreme, Dormammu has full control over all things magical in both the light and darkness. If that's not enough, he is also capable of tapping into powerful nexus of powers to increase his own powers. Because Sorcerers Supreme are nexus of powers, Dormammu is extremely good at killing other mighty magicians, giving him a spot in the God Squad.

He may have immense power and credibility among all the other incompetent Dormammus, but his lusting and hunger for power are insatiable. He is just as egoist as he is strong and he could be an even bigger problem to the team (and perhaps the Multiverse at large) than the dangers they are facing. He only works with his squadmates if he has an agenda of his own that includes them, and he highly covets the powers of his other teammates, as well as those of the Tallus. There is a reason Venom is chosen as the Timebroker, however, and time will tell if Dormammu eventually becomes too much of a liability for the group.

Designated as Exiles-Seven, the New Exiles exude an air of youth and vigor as they represent the legacies of the Multiverse's greatest heroes and villains. Contrary to their name, they are not meant to replace the Exiles whatsoever, but they're meant to be a 'reserve' team if the main Exiles are down, sharing this position with Weapon X. Their members consist of gifted individuals of younger ages compared to many other contemporary heroes and villains but that does not mean that their roster is composed of children. In fact, some members actually have children and are clearly adults.

This team's name is a reference to the comic book series of the same title, which succeeds the first Exiles volume. They were initially named the Children's Crusade before the creator decided that such a name would be ridiculous considering that the members he intended to have are not children despite their parentage and pedigree.

Hope Summers Stryfe

Future Fight Sharon Rogers

Daredevil 2099 Marvel Knights

Earth-X Ahura Boltagon

Horseman of Death Daken

Battle of the Atom Molly Hayes

Gallowglass 1610

Unofficially designated Exiles-Eight, the Shadow Exiles are practically illegal in the eyes of the Living Tribunal. With Task Force Fury, they can be considered two sides of the same coin as they both serve the same purpose. Despite being recognized by the Tribunal, their information are not stored within the Panoptichron and lack logistical support due to their backroom nature. The Supreme Being allowed the group's formation for the benefit of all, however, but won't hesitate to send other Exiles after them if their Timebroker abused the tight privilege that was given to him.

Founded by a fascist Reed Richards wielding an Infinity Gauntlet that's useless due to its inability to function outside of his own universe, the Shadow Exiles are primarily info-gatherers and can be equated to Reed's personal death squad or explorer team, depending on the situation. Reed could care little for the safety of his teammates and gave underhanded reasons for his recruitment of new Shadow Exiles.

The Shadow Exiles reside in an alternate Baxter Building which has been modified to resemble more of a flying fortress with the ability to travel from one dimension to another using engines salvaged from the Worldship of a dead Galactus from a ruinous universe. On the other hand, Reed recruits new members using his own version of the Bridge, which is usually used by other Reed Richards to view the Multiverse. He may be able to pull out beings from other realms with this device, but its imperfection means that he can't always pull the right recruit he wishes to have.

The team debuted in their titular comic book series, the Shadow Exiles.

Nazi Reed2

Nazi Reed Richards
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #570
Series Debut: Shadow Exiles #1
Death: ???
Role: Timebroker
Universe: Earth-98570
Status: Alive

Ult valky

Ultimate Valkyrie
First Appearance: Ultimates 2 #6
Series Debut: Shadow Exiles #1
Death: ???
Role: Field Leader
Universe: Earth-1610
Status: Alive


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #10
Series Debut: Shadow Exiles #1
Death: ???
Role: Resident Musician
Universe: Earth-138
Status: Alive

Thor Danielle Cage

Danielle Cage Thor
First Appearance: Old Man Logan #1
Series Debut: Shadow Exiles #1
Death: ???
Role: Supreme Musclepower
Universe: Earth-21923
Status: Alive

PS4 Ock

PS4 Doctor Octopus
First Appearance: Marvel's Spider-Man (2018)
Series Debut: Shadow Exiles #1
Death: ???
Role: Resident Mad Scientist
Universe: Earth-1048
Status: Alive


First Appearance: Infinity Wars #3
Series Debut: Shadow Exiles #1
Death: ???
Role: Insane Master Combatant
Universe: Warp World
Status: Alive

Story Arcs and Issues

Web of shoadws

On Earth-20900, Spider-Man thwarted a feral Venom's attempt to destroy New York City. With the aid of some of New York's greatest heroes and a grave sacrifice from Eddie Brock himself, Spider-Man once again saved the city and returned to a normal life of fighting crime. On Earth-30900, Spider-Man was a ruthless web-slinger who made New York the stomping grounds of the aliens he was supposed to stop. Taking Black Cat as his consort, this Peter Parker sought to turn the world over to the Symbiotes he lead now. Though his former friends hadn't made it easy for him, a convenient opportunity arrived at his doorstep when a mysterious being convinced him to conquer the city that his alternate self had saved. Of course, the Symbiotes unanimously agreed with their leader's invasion and clawed their way to Earth-20900. The war between worlds situation that is, the Exiles are dispatched to send these Symbiotes back home.


Welcome to the Kyln: a prison built in the remains of the Battlerealm for the worst of the worst the Multiverse can offer. Floating through space six hundred and sixteen light years away from Battleworld, the Kyln shares only the name and concept with the other Kylns in the Multiverse. This inescapable prison is powered by thirty six Infinity Stones drawn from different universes and the Iso-Sphere, guarded by the remnants of Emperor Doom's Thor Corps and an elite host of guardians aptly named the Kyln's Guard, whose ranks are drawn from the Multiverse's finest. There has never been a successful prison break before, but a certain evil genius is about to prove how wrong such a statement is...

Recommended Reading

This section will explain in summary about a number of issues recommended to be read by viewers for further understanding or just plain entertainment.


  • Exiles: New World #1-2
    • These introductory issues set the stage for the Exiles, their missions and risks, as well as the interactivity of each member. The events of these issues are retold in an updated version in the beginning of Exiles: Endless.
  • Exiles: New World #3-7
    • The first multi-issue mission arc for the Exiles. This story arc brings back familiar readers and players to the infamous Electronic Arts Marvel game, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. The team receives their first casualties and replacements.
  • Exiles: New World #8-13
    • The team and their new recruits are sent in two separate groups to handle two different universal problems involving the Hulk. Tragedies ensue and Kang's legitimacy as a Timebroker is questioned. Features a cameo from an idea abandoned by one of the project's writers, who is still in Marvel;Re at the moment.


  • Because the Reborn, Answers, and D-Day Special stories are retconned, Rojhaz is still without a shield while Armor Wars Ghost Rider is still alive and his replacement, MCU Vision, is no longer on the team. 
  • Justicer Bull and War Machine Thor's romance is retconned into non-existency in this series. The reason for the Exiles' founding is also modified to not involve the (cancelled) event from Marvel NEW, Ultron Beyond. Instead, they are (re)founded after this Multiverse's version of the events in Exiles Volume 3.
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