Evil Incarnate is an anthology horror series that features multiple horror stories that are seemingly unrelated, though some stories have sequels.


  1. A Matter of Family - A small group of criminals kidnap a woman in an attempt to make her their newest member.
  2. Them - The human race is finally topped in the food chain when a race of reptilian creatures are found underneath the planet.
  3. The Storm - A madness-inducing storm begins spreading through the land, causing the world to go into a panic.
  4. Cult - An internet-dwelling loner is hunted by a cult whose leader is attempting to have a child with him.
  5. Locust White - An actress begins mentally suffering due to the stress from her most recent film, Locust White.
  6. Kryptonite - A boy with incredible strength lands on Earth and is adopted by parents struggling with their own inner demons.


  • The issues have varying lengths, with some being 20-page short stories while others can go up to 40 or even 60 pages.
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