"Congratulations, Dyspear. You struck fool's gold and admired it so much that you don't know what real gold actually is."
―Ethan announcing his identity
Ethan Braveheart
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rider Rey
Colors: Gold
Motif(s): King
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Face Claim:
Power Rider Nightfall
Power Rider Aureon

Ethan Braveheart is Power Rider Aureon.


Short Biography

Ethan is the 15-year-old ex-prince (and current king) of the Gilded Capital. One day, when he was little, he was tricked by Dyspear into thinking he will help make his dream of becoming an actual monarch come true. Soon after, he was brainwashed into Twilight and was thought to be Dyspear's son until a few years later. Thanks to the Riders, he was freed from Dyspear's influence before the dark Royal Keys he possessed consumed him. An episode later, his keys and Royal Driver were purified, allowing him to transform into Power Rider Aureon.

Power Rider Aureon


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