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Eric Animations (also known as Eric Animations: The Movie) is a canceled International Co-Production animated science fantasy action-adventure comedy-drama film based on the Go!Animate/Vyond character Eric, as well as properties and characters from The Go!Animate Company and Vyond Creations created by various users. It was planned to be a direct follow-up to Bongo Final Movie and Go!Animate: Bigger Longer, Full, And Uncut, both released in 2018. It was also planned to be set in an alternate universe from Go!Animate/Vyond's other properties, but introduces a shared multiverse. It was going to feature the somewhat similar charm and humor as most Go!Animate/Vyond videos, while also incorporating a darker, mature, serious, and more emotional tone, and being more action-oriented. Although the film's official release date was never announced, the film was initially in production since 2017, but as of January 2018, it's now canceled and being replaced by a different, unrelated film based on MrLegoFan404's Eric.


Taking place after the events of Bongo's Final Movie (2018) and Go!Animate: Bigger Longer, Full And Uncut (2018), the story centers on the adventures of Edward Richard "Eric" Henderson (Zachary Gordon), a typical 19 year old teenage/young adult man who lives with his parents (Lauren Graham and Alec Baldwin) and his seven siblings. However, he encounters his rival and arch-nemesis Bongo Morrison (Troy Gentile), a very well-known and most hated troublemaker from Go!Animate/Vyond, along with his team of other troublemakers, villains, evil clones of good people, and evil users who intend to get their revenge on their haters and enemies by causing an apocalypse on the Internet Multiverse and destroy all media universes. With the entire Go!Animate/Vyond universe, as well as other universes across the Omniverse are put in danger, Eric will have to team up with his friends by going on an incredibly epic quest to the Internet data space and the Galaxies to stop Bongo and the troublemakers and save the entire Omniverse before it's too late. Along the way, Eric and his friends encounter new customs, worlds and characters.


Main cast

  • Zachary Gordon as Edward Richard "Eric" Henderson, the title character and primary protagonist of the film. He is a kind, curious, sometimes sarcastic, affectionate, intelligent 19-year old young man with a great sense of humor.
  • Peyton List as Mandy, a beautiful, kind, and trustworthy girl who is Eric's best friend and later love interest. She is the first main deuteragonist of this movie.
  • TBA as Erika Dawson, Eric's first friend. She is the daughter of Diesel and Kimberly Dawson, Zara, Zack, and Annabelle's sister, and the second main deuteragonist of this movie.
  • Isaac Hempstead Wright as Victor, Eric Animations' second friend, and the third main deuteragonist of this movie.
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Alban Lester (Master Holographic Crystal Ball (MHCB)), Eric's third friend. He is the fourth main main deuteragonist of this movie.
  • Hailee Steinfield as Cameron the Camera Girl, a professional filmmaker, video camera operator, and Alban's crush and later girlfriend. She is the of this movie.
  • TBA as Phil the Video Camera, an anthropomorphic video camera who is Cameron's pet, best friend, and sidekick.
  • TBA as Kate, Eric's third friend and cheerleader for the GoAnipaulis High School football team like Erika.
  • David Tennant as Dr. Goani Matestein, Julie's father and a scientist who believes in Go!Animate Logic.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as PC Guy, a friendly and busy natural-born Microsoft fan and a comic relief.
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Eric Smith, Eric Henderson's cousin.
  • Dove Cameron as Kayla, Eric Smith's girlfriend.
  • Fred Tatasciore

Minor characters

  • Lauren Graham as Kimberly Henderson, Eric's mom.
  • Alec Baldwin as Diesel Henderson, Eric's dad.
  • Ed Oxenbould as Garrick Henderson, Eric's twin brother.
  • Levi Miller as Brian Henderson, Eric's younger brother.
  • TBA as Cynthia Henderson, Eric's sister.
  • Noah Jupe as Alexander Henderson, Eric's younger adoptive brother.
  • Oakes Fegley as William Henderson, Eric's younger brother.
  • TBA as Olivia Henderson, Eric's younger sister.
  • TBA as Penelope Henderson, Eric's younger sister.

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  • Troy Gentile as Bongo Morrison, a evil, yet powerful troublemaker and villain in Go!Animate, the main leader of a powerful yet sinister team of troublemakers, villains, and Go!Brats, CharlieBrownAndCaillouYesBongoNo's original character, and Eric Animations' rival and arch-nemesis. He is the first main antagonist of the movie.
  • TBA as Adelina. She is the second main antagonist of the movie.
  • TBA as Violet "Violy" Margaret Anderson, a troublemaker.
  • Fred Tatasciore as TBD.
  • Troy Baker as TBD.
  • TBA as Issac.
  • Grey Griffin as Your Angelica.
  • TBA as Ju7641.
  • TBA as Althea Andrea.
  • TBA as Justin Harrison.
  • Loren Lester as Dave.
  • TBA as Larry.
  • Jacob Tremblay as Alejandro Robertson III, the main Go!Brat.
  • TBA as TTTEAndSpongebobYesFurFagsNo (ThomasTheTankEngineAndSpongebobYesFurFagsNo).

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Alternate Versions


Secondary voice cast

  • Robin Atkin Downes as the School Bus driver.
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Eric's teacher in Go!Anipaulis High School.
  • Fred Tatasciore as the narrator for a documentary video of the American History.
  • TBA as the ticket agent for Go!Cinema.
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as the usher for Go!Cinema.
  • TBA as the announcer for Go!Cinema.
  • Leopold Slikk as himself in the archived footage as the Angry German Kid.
  • Ellen McLain as the intercom voice as the front enterance to Gozeburo's lair.
  • Roger Craig Smith as the masked chef.
  • Nolan North as an injured Go!Fag guard.
  • Colin Lloyd Pendergast as the news reporter for the Go!Animate News Network (GNN). 
  • Ginnifer Goodwyn as the weather reporter for the Go!Animate Weather Channel.
  • Todd Haberkorn as the receptionist for the Go!Animate Community Center.


Main article: Possible Voice Cast For Eric Animations: The First Ultimate Epic Movie


Additional voices




On November 2016, Henry Norton, a director, producer, and composer who is best known for his involvement in the Taylor's Crystal Universe: All Stars (formally the Taylor's Series Saga) franchise had announced that he is working on feature film adaptations of some of Go!Animate/Vyond's properties. His company Henry Norton Films (formally known as Cheryl Norton Films for some odd reason) would be involved. One of his projects is a feature-length film based on the Go!Animate/Vyond series The Eric Show, and its predecessor Eric Gets Grounded. Norton stated that he wanted to make this film in order to reboot the series after it went on hiatus in 2015. He also mentioned that he would serve as one of the directors and writers of the film, and his best friend Senna will be involved in the movie. However, due to some controversies with Henry that were going on during that time, production of the film was put on hold until January 24, 2017. The crew of the Taylor's Crystal Universe: All Stars franchise will be involved in the film as well. During that time, the film was originally titled promotionally as The Eric Show: The Movie. Although this will be the first actual theatrical Go!Animate film, this is not the first Go!Animate feature film. Many fan-made Go!Animate feature films have been produced by many Go!Animate users and released on YouTube since 2011, but became popular as of 2013, starting with the release of the 2013 film Go!Animate: The Movie.

Norton asked the developers of the series Prince Boadu (PFilms207 Power, formally known as PFilms207 Forever VGCP), Julien Badit (ThatGreenSwagGuy), and The FunEditor4 if they can give him permission to make a feature-length film based on the series. Due to the show's hiatus, they gave Norton permission to adapt the series into a feature-length film. Prince Boadu and Julien Badit, two of the developers of the series will be involved in the film as producers, with the exceptions of the series' developers awildmewRBLX, who had retired from Go!Animate in July 2016 and is no longer the series' developer, Robert Coates, who retired from Go!Animate, and the original creators Jerry Mcimers, who is now inactive. However, The FunEditor4 might be involved in the film if they want to.

On December 25, 2016, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures announced that they have picked up rights for the film, and would team up with The Go!Animate Company (via Vyond Creations) to produce and distribute the film, with Warner Animation Group and Paramount Animation co-producing and animating the film, along with RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Nickelodeon Movies, Discovery Family, and Cartoon Network co-producing the film.

On January 24, 2017, Henry Norton released a prototype version of the movie on his YouTube channel. The prototype version of the film consisted of the original opening to the movie, as well as parts 1 to 3 of the original version of the film.[1][2][3] The original opening to the film is similar to the opening of the poorly received 2003 film The Cat in the Hat, which was based off the 1957 Dr. Seuss book of the same name. Later in February of 2017, Stephan Swaby expressed interest in development of the film, and was confirmed 3 days later and became one of the producers and writers of the film. He also created an Idea Wiki article to promote the film the same month. This would allow Swaby to work on a film after his failed attempts to work on previous films, such as an unofficial live-action remake of the 2009 film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, an unofficial sequel to the 2006 film Over the Hedge, an upcoming sequel to the 2013 film Go!Animate: The Movie, and a planned HoverAnimation film titled The End of GoAnimate World that was set to be released in 2016 or 2017 (see trivia for more information).

On March 27, 2017, James Sharp, also known by his nickname Sharpness Knight had expressed interest in working on the film, involving his company Sharpness Knight Animation Studios to co-produce the film. 9 days later, John Harry Lau has expressed interest in working on the production of the film after he watched the original series. He later became one of the executive producers of the film. In May 11, 2017, Eric Medina, Colin Lloyd Pendergast, D.A. Nichols, and Abbey Thickson had also agreed to help develop the film, and Adult Mall Movies (now Crystal Mall), Colin Entertainment, Ltd., NicThic Productions and its division NicThic Cinemation Studios were hired to co-produce the film. Colin serves as the producer, executive producer and writer of the film, while D.A. and Abbey serve as directors of the film. Founder of Slimeworks Studios and actor Nolan Massey, (KnottyOrchid12) was interested in working on the film, and wanted his company Slimeworks to be one of the production companies for the film. However, Stephan stated that he already has a lot of film companies helping with the film, and Slimeworks won't be involved in the film. However, Nolan can still help with the film and co-write the script of the film.

During production of the film, Columbia Pictures released A GoAnimate YouTuber Movie on December 8, 2017. The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics, audiences, and GoAnimators. Back in July 2017, Cianan Irvine, the director and producer of the film had expressed interest in being involved with the production of the Eric Animations movie. In A GoAnimate YouTuber Movie movie, EricAnimate, (Eric Animations) made a cameo appearance in the film in his former look, and he was the same character from The Eric Show, the Eric Gets Grounded series, and the film based on the two series. On August 2017, Cianan Irvine was confirmed to be the producer, executive producer, and composer of the film.

On November 21, 2017, it was announced that Zane Christopher Morgan, and his company ChrisAndZane Pictures would be co-producing the film. On December 1, 2017, Anthony and Jose Russo were hired to co-direct the film. and they will be directing the film.

On December 14, 2017, Mason Moore announced that he is no longer directing the film, and he will no longer be involved in the project due to loss of interest. Moore was later replaced by Kevin Pham as co-director of the film.

On January 2018, it was announced and revealed that the Eric Animations movie would also become a feature-length spin-off to A GoAnimate YouTuber Movie (which Eric made a cameo appearance in) involving Sony Pictures Entertainment to share rights with Warner Bros. and Paramount to co-produce and co-distribute the film. Sony Pictures Releasing will co-distribute the film internationally under the Columbia Pictures label with Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures. This will also involve Sony Pictures Animation to co-produce the film, despite the critical failure of the 2017 film The Emoji Movie.

In February 2018, Nolan Massey was promoted as co-producer of the film, and his company SlimeWorks Studios would be officially involved in the film. In March 2018 Clearwater Animation, the newly formed Felipebross Studios Network Jetix, Atomic Network, YSR Network, Teen Mall, and SammyWorks Films were also added to co-produce the film.

On June 20, 2018, it was announced that Colin Pendergast would be no longer involved in the film as producer, executive producer, and writer due to him losing interest working on the film during production of the film, and his company Colin Entertainment was removed from co-producing the film. He will be replaced by a new producer, and executive producer, as well as some new writers for the film, and his role as the news reporter for GNN will be re-casted by an unknown actor. Following Pendergast quitting from production of the film, James Sharp was promoted to simply producer, instead of director.


Writing for the film started on April 3, 2017, with Stephan Swaby, Nolan Massey, James Sharp, John Landis, Gabriel Garcia, and Taylor JoliCoeur writing the script of the film. Heliter Liskon gave ideas for the trailer to the film were both hired as producers and writers of the film the next day. The film is being written by Stephan Swaby, James Sharp, Colin Lloyd Pendergast, Emman Cortez, Henry Norton, Nolan Massey, Terry Ward, and Heliter Liskon. The script of the film is inspired by some films in the Taylor's Series Saga and Taylor's Crystal Universe: All Stars film franchises, as well as some fanmade films from GoAnimate, and fanfictions of some TV shows and movies. Most of the fanfictions that the film's transcript is inspired of are from FanFiction.Net, a fanfiction archive website that allows people and fans to use their imaginations and write down fanfictions of their favorite shows or movies. FanFiction.Net is very useful and helpful for the transcript of the film. Although the film has some inspirations from other films and fanfictions, the film will have a more original story and transcript to avoid making it look unoriginal. As of April 2018, the script is currently in development.

Film title

The film was originally titled as The Eric Show: The Movie. However, the title was very unusual and wasn't a very good title for the film. In March 15, 2017, the film's title was changed to Eric Animate: The Movie. The words "Eric Animate" in the title is very similar to the word Go!Animate. To avoid having the movie look like a Go!Animate rip-off, the title was changed for the 2nd time to Eric Animations: The Movie 5 days later. On May 2017, the title was changed for the 3rd time to Eric Animations: The Ultimate Epic Movie, although the film is sometimes known in some promotional material as simply Eric Animations: The Movie. In July 21, 2017, the title was changed for the 4th time by adding the word "First" in the title, changing the title to Eric Animations: The First Ultimate Epic Movie. However, the title of the film was too long and it looked similar to the title of the 2017 film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which is one of the reasons why the film was criticized by some people in the Idea Wiki. On February 26, 2018, the title was changed for the fifth and final time, shorting the title to simply Eric Animations. However, the film is still currently known in some promotional material as Eric Animations: The Movie.


The film was originally going to cast text-to-speech voices (most likely the IVONA, Voiceforge, Cepstral, Neospeech, and Oddcast text-to-speech voices) as the characters in the film, with some to reprise their roles for some of the characters from the original series and other GoAnimate videos. However on February 2017, it was announced that the film will use real life voice actors and actresses to play the characters for the film, while respectively recasting the text-to-speech voices from reprising their roles. Jack Griffo was considered of voicing as Eric Animations, the title character and primary protagonist in the film. On March 2017, Zachary Gordon was chosen and later confirmed to voice as the character in the film. Shortly after Gordon was confirmed for the role of Eric, it was announced that Lauren Graham would be joining the cast as Eric's mother, a minor character in the film. Nolan Massey, the writer of the film was interested in lending his voice for the film. In August 2017, Massey announced that he wanted to voice as Master Holographic Crystal Ball (MHCB), a major character and deuteragonist of the film who helps Eric and his friends on their journey. Massey even wrote a scene of the film. On September 15, 2017, Massey was confirmed to voice as MHCB in the film. In February 17, 2018, it was also confirmed that Massey would also voice as Alban Lester, the human form of MHCB. The rest of the cast was announced as of August 2017, and some more cast members are yet to be announced.

Beginning in October 2017, numerous sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations were made against Kevin Spacey, who had been cast as Diesel Henderson, Eric's father. This resulted in Spacey being removed from production of the film. The producers of the film began looking for another actor to voice as Diesel, because they believed that a film aimed for teens, families and audiences should not be associated with the Spacey scandal. In November 25, 2017, George Clooney, and George Newbern were considered for the voice of Diesel Walker in the film, as well as replacing Spacey from voicing that role. Max Charles was considered of voicing as Alejandro Robertson III, a.k.a. the main Go!Brat. However in January 20, 2018, the role of the main Go!Brat in the film was later given to Jacob Tremblay. Melissa Fahn was considered of voicing as Mandy, Eric's love interest in the film in December 2017, but that role was already given to Peyton List.

On March 2018, it was announced that Troy Gentile would be joining the cast as Bongo, the main villain in the film who replaced Gozeburo Kaiba from being the villain in the film. Sean Giambrone and Robert Capron were also confirmed to join the cast. On May 2018, Alec Baldwin was confirmed to voice as Diesel Henderson in the film. On June 2018, Max Charles was cast to voice as Caillou from the TV show of the same name, in which he will portray a teenage version of the character. On July 4, 2018, it was announced that Massey would not be voicing as Alban Lester, and he would be voicing as a different character in the film. Sean Ryan Fox was later given the role of Alban, replacing Massey. 5 days later on July 8, 2018, Hailee Steinfield was given the role of Cameron The Camera Girl. The following day, Ed Oxenbould and Levi Miller were given the roles of Eric's brothers Garrick and Liam respectively.


Unlike most Vyond videos, as well as the original series the film is based on, the film will have much better looking animation, designs, and techniques, as the animation in most Vyond videos are cheesy, bland, sometimes have limited actions, and mostly not very professional, although some Vyond videos have better looking animation and more actions. Originally, the film was simply going to use Vyond for the animation, but on March 2017, the producers of the film announced that they were going for actual animation in the film. However due to the Go!Animate/Vyond "rip-off" situation, it was not fully confirmed to be animated in actual animation until May 8, 2018, after a YouTube user named Kevin Fan-animations made a video about Go!Animate rip-offs.[4] The film will a mix of Vyond/GoAnimate quality animation, traditional 2D animation, 2D flash animation, and 3D computer generated (CG) animation. The animation services for the film are The Go!Animate Company and Vyond Corporation (for the inspiration and animation techniques), along with Yowza! Animation, Toon City Animation, Rough Draft Studios, Film Roman, Jam Filled Entertainment, Bardel Entertainment, Titmouse, Inc., Slap Happy Cartoons, Big Jump Entertainment, Snipple Animation Studios, and Hornet, Inc for the traditional 2D animation, while the CG animation is handled by Blur Studio, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Base FX, and Reel FX Animation Studios.

The film will use Toon Boom Harmony, Scratch, and TVPaint Animation as the 2D animation software, ZBrush for the CGI modeling and sculpting, Blender as the CGI layout, animation, and lighting software, and Autodesk Maya as the CGI animation, CGI layout, and CGI rigging software.

For the new Republic Pictures logo, Animal Logic will do the CGI animation for the bald eagle to make the eagle look very realistic. The rest of the logo, including the newly-formed Republic Pictures mountain will be animated in realistic CGI animation by DevaStudios, Inc, the same animation studio that animated the 2011 Paramount logo.


Storyboarding for the film will be handled by Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, TVPaint Animation (which also handles the 2D animation software), Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Scratch, and Paint Tool SAI, as the storyboarding software.


MediBang Paint Pro, Microsoft Paint, TVPaint Animation, Scratch, Corel Painter, and Paint Tool SAI will serve as the matte painting, visual development, character design, and 2D layout of the film. Autodesk Mudbox, The Foundary Modo and ZBrush will serve as the modeling softwares.

There are other software that will be used to make this film, including the discontinued Autodesk Softimage as the CGI animation, compositing, rendering, and lighting software, The Foundry Nuke as the animation camera and compositing software, Houdini Effects and NDCUnivercity's Rendermotion as the visual effects software, Adobe After Effects as the visual effects and compositing software, The Foundry Mari as the texture painting software, and Pixar's Renderman as the rendering and lighting software. Medibang Paint Pro, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Paint, Corel Painter, Krita, Moho, and Paint Tool SAI will also serve as the matte painting, visual development, design, 2D layout, and 2D animation software.

Visual effects

The visual effects and composting will be handled by Sony Pictures Imageworks, Base FX,Blender and Reel FX Animation Studios, since all 4 of them are indeed visual effects companies. The lighting, texturing, hair and fur grooming, simulations, and rendering will be handled by visual effects artists, composers, lighting artists, rendering artists, animators, and digital ink and paint artists using Houdini, Adobe After Effects, Blender, and Nuke.


The animation styles and techniques will be similar to that from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros. Animation (Warner Animation Group), Nelvana, Film Roman, Zagtoon, Toei Animation, and especially Vyond and Go!Animate Rewritten. During the film's development, Dallas Toons joined the film's production crew when he mentioned that the film will use Toon Boom Harmony as the main 2D animation software with Vyond and Go!Animate Rewritten being the secondary 2D animation software. Later on, James Sharp, one of the executive producers of the film replied and added to Dallas' comment that the film will have an exaggerated heavy use of "squash and stretch" to resemble the Looney Tunes shorts, and most of Isaac Anderson Animations' YouTube videos.

Moreover, as the production of the film continues, Emman Cortez, one of the producers, and writers said that he'll draw more characters for the film, with his own art style, which has been influenced by Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh's works such as Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law, Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls, Daron Nefcy's Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe, anime and manga such as Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto franchise and Hiroho Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, as both of them serve as his influences for his coloring style and others, including Marvel and DC, his biggest Superhero influences of all time (namely when doing his ideas for it in the Superhero and Science fantasy genres).

The designs and techniques will also be inspired by some DeviantArt users such as VerdeLeon, mazjojo, MikkouKun, zamius, KuroSilver, Alexendre86, Dopler00, , , kuroshinki, Suyohara, and GrexlB, as well as a non-DeviantArt user named 8yml. However, most of these DeviantArt users who use those designs and techniques made some pictures that contains inappropriate content that is too mature, and may not suitable for younger audiences. The producers of the film will have to make sure they don't make any content for the movie that is too inappropriate for family viewers and as well as too overwhelming for everyone.

Editing and composting



Coming Soon!

Cultural references

Much like the 2018 film Ready Player One, Eric Animations has various pop-culture references from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. There are some references to films, television shows, music, toys, video games, anime, comics, and even various internet memes, and Go!Animate videos (not only with grounded videos, but also with a variety of videos being made).

More Coming Soon!

Sound Effects

Coming Soon!


The music for the film will be composed by Brian Tyler, who is well known for composing films, television and video games. Other composers such as Cianan Irvine, Daniel Ingram, Junkie XL, Danny Elfman and Mark Mothersbaugh will also be composing for the film.

Differences between the original series and the movie

Contrast to the original show, which was more like a grounded series due to some episodes involving Eric Animations getting grounded, this movie will not be a "grounded" movie or film due to the fact that "grounded" videos have ruined Go!Animate, as the website was not made for those videos, or other bad videos on the site. In addition, this film is more of an Avengers Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame-esque Ultimate team-up that leads into an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny movie, as much like Crisis on Infinite Earths, it features dozens of team-ups of heroic characters saving their worlds from a dangerous event that will destroy everyone and all of the entire population across the Omniverse.

In addition, due to some of the characters originally being created from starter characters from Go!Animate, the characters looks have been changed to make them look more original due to the fact that these starter characters have been overused in so many GoAnimate videos back in 2012-2016. The creators of the film don't want people to get confused on who the characters are if people see the characters looking very identical. Also, in the original show, Eric's parents Diesel and Kimberly had only 2 children, which are Eric and Brian, but in the film, Diesel and Kimberly have 7 children, which are Eric and Brian, along with their brother Matthew, their sister Cynthia, their younger brothers Alexander and William, and their younger sister Olivia. Eric Animation's family's original last name in the show was "Animate" or "Animations". Due to their last name being very unrealistic, their last name was changed to Walker in December 2017. Eric still keeps his last name "Animations", but only as a nickname and the title of the film.

Due to the differences (both in terms of style and creativeness) between the original show and the film, this film will be somewhat like a Cartoon Network reboot, although Cartoon Network reboots have been criticized due to not being very faithful to the original shows they were based on. However, the film will be like a Cartoon Network reboot and an Adult Swim revival (in terms of tone, in particular) at the same time. The crew of the film will make sure the film have some faithfulness to the original show.

Company revivals

In 2015, Republic Pictures was revived and acquired by Viacom, CBS Corporation, SammyWorks, and RandomWorks, even though Viacom and CBS split in 2005, and Viacom folded Republic into Paramount Pictures in 2015, and created a new holding company called "Melange Pictures, LLC" as the holder of the Republic film library. Republic later became a film production label and in-name-only unit of Paramount Pictures and CBS Films. It is scheduled to co-produce this film, as well as other films with Paramount. The possible re-merger of Viacom and CBS Corporation is mostly why Republic is co-producing the film.

The name unit Lorimar was revived in 2017 and acquired by WarnerMedia (formally Time Warner), after Lorimar's theatrical film unit was shut down since 1990. Lorimar serves as an in-name only unit of Warner Bros. Entertainment, and is scheduled to co-produce this film, as well as other films with Warner Bros.




An unofficial teaser trailer for the film was released on YouTube on Stephan Swaby's YouTube channel on April 3, 2017. The teaser trailer had the original logo as well as Eric Animations' original look. As of December 2017, the unofficial teaser trailer gained over 2,000 views.

A new teaser trailer for the movie is in development, and is planned to be released sometime in April of 2018.

Video Game




The announcement for a film based on a Go!Animate/Vyond property saw a early mixed response from the media, with some of whom appreciate the return to the Eric franchise for the big screen, while others (specifically people who dislike Go!Animate/Vyond) criticized the announcement of a feature-length film based on Go!Animate properties and characters, as well as its recycled character from Go!Animate/Vyond videos as the protagonist of the film, mostly because of the infamous grounded videos and other bad videos on Go!Animate/Vyond, as well as the site's mediocre and unprofessional animation, its generic text-to-speech voices, the site's mediocre fandom, and the site's downfall and bad reputation it has since 2015.

However, reception of the film became more positive by critics, Go!Animate/Vyond users, and people who dislike the site when the crew of the film officially announced in May 2018 that the film was going for a mixture of Go!Animate/Vyond style and actual 2D and CGI animation, along with better voice acting by using actual voice actors/actress to replace the original cast (specifically text-to-speech voices) from Go!Animate/Vyond videos respectfully, and other things included in the film, even making fun of the site and its problems in general.

More Coming Soon!

Users response

BoggleTheFrog: An exciting, fun and innovative journey! --8/10

SpyroandLPSfan: Although it does have good animation and good characters, it would've been better if it didn't have TOO MUCH companies and story would've been more epic. - 5/10

StreetFighterFan9000: Meh, The movie's not good, but also not bad. --5/10

Anyone can post a review!


The Eric movie sparked some controversies on social media and Idea Wiki. On June 25, 2017, James Sharp, one of the producers of the film had deleted the original article to the Eric movie, along with the original transcript, credits, trailer transcripts, and soundtrack. This caused Stephan Swaby, one of the producers and writers of the film to rage in all caps at James Sharp with an angry message saying this:

~ Stephan Swaby

Because of Stephan's rude behavior, he got banned from Idea Wiki, which caused him to be even more angry at James Sharp and blame him for ruining Eric Animations' movie. However, James Sharp explained why he deleted Eric Animations' movie saying this:

It's just that the movie has way too many production companies producing it. If the production of the movie would be restarted, there should be less than 5 companies producing the movie. Also, there would be less characters in that movie.
~ James Sharp

Because of this, on June 29, 2017, Stephan apologized to James Sharp for his rude behavior and for raging at him and promised not to do it ever again. He did that in a apology video, which can be found here. James Sharp accepted his apology and unblocked him from Idea Wiki. The development of the movie was restarted on the same day. The crew of the movie thought that everything was back to normal, that is until July 20th 2017. On that day, James Sharp cancelled the movie again. Stephan asked him nicely why he cancelled the movie again, and here was James' response:

Here are the reasons why I canceled the movie again: First of all, people won't be helping you with the movie because you are starting to become immature and you are slowly turning into a GoF*g. Second of all, Henry Norton wanted every single company all around the world to create the movie, but I disagree. I only wanted one production company producing the film. Third of all, that Eric Animations movie idea is a bad idea. I've had it with you, and Henry Norton, and your stupid Eric Animations movie idea, and other lousy stuff you did! I quit! From now on, I will make movies on my own, without you! Our friendship... and our movie partnership... is NO more! Good day!
~ James Sharp

After that, James blocked Stephan from Idea Wiki again and called him a Go!F*g. But Stephan was innocent and he did nothing wrong on the wiki this time. On July 20th 2017, Stephan reported James Sharp to a former user who is also a short-lived admin of Idea Wiki named Loudmouth1 and told him that James blocked him for no reason and was being mean to him. Loudmouth1 unblocked Stephan and blocked James Sharp. However, MovieLover9000 blocked both Stephan and Loudmouth1 for infinite and claimed that Stephan deserves to be blocked, not him. However, because James blocked 2 innocent users, he was blocked again, this time by RetroGameFan9000 for infinite. RetroGameFan9000 later unblocked Stephan and Loudmouth1. Development of the Eric movie was restarted again, this time without James Sharp on the same day. The next day, Stephan made a video to send a message to James Sharp, which is found here: [1]. Stephan apologized to James Sharp for causing him to bully him and hate him. James Sharp accepted his apology saying:

I accept your apology. But promise me one thing. Try to remove some companies from producing the film. By the way, I'm sorry for making you upset with the drama over a movie and whatnot. Will you please accept my apology?
~ James Sharp

Stephan accepted his apology and James promised not to bully him and call him a Go!Fag ever again. James was later brought back on helping with the development of Eric Animations' movie.

On August 12, 2017, Colin Lloyd Jr. Pendergast made a poll on Idea Wiki on James Sharp, which is found here. He said that he should be unblocked and make an apology letter to Stephan. The same day, James sent Stephan a email with a apology letter saying

Dear Stephan Swaby, If you are reading this, I know people think that the guy who hurt your feelings is not the kind of guy on Wikia they love, but the guy from Wikia everyone loved... was me, James Sharp (aka Sharpness Knight and MovieLover9000). I know some people think that the Eric Animations movie wasn't your idea, it was my idea. However, as months past by, now I know how the people from Idea Wiki feel. My other friend Cpend37 made a poll if I were to remain being blocked in Idea Wiki or if I should be unblocked, and some of the Wikia users are helping him unblock me on Idea Wiki. I would be unblocked, but... but first, there's something that I have to say to you. You didn't overreact over a movie like the Eric Animations movie. A battle between you and me made some Wikia users stop helping you with your movie. I overreacted over the companies for the film, and with my rude and hurtful actions that made me hurt your feelings, I know I should have asked you politely to shorten the maximum limit of companies from 30 to 5. I should have never hurt your feelings like that, but I did it anyway. So, there's something I have to say to you. I'm sorry for overreacting over the Eric Animations movie, and for hurting your feelings, and for starting a huge battle between you and me. 😞 I promise I will never do anything like that again. If you accept my apology, will you please unblock me on Idea Wikia? Thank you. Sincerely, Sharpness Knight P.S. I'm making a sequel to Poptropica: The Movie based on Minecraft. It's called "Tyler and Trent in Minecraft". I'm looking for someone to help me with the movie. However, if I can't find any, I will finish the whole movie myself and that will take me forever to do all that. P.P.S. There's a script for the Poptropica movie sequel, if you want to read it. Click here to read the script: P.P.P.S. This letter is too long, so yeah. Hope you accept my apology.
~ James Sharp

Stephan accepted James apology, James was later unblocked from Idea Wiki by Coolot1, and he and Stephan are now friends once again. Shortly after Stephan accepted James' apology, production of the film was back in business. As of now, development of the Eric movie is still active and has not be cancelled ever since.


Idea Wiki


Go!Animate Rewritten and the Go!Animate Multiverse

On December 28, 2016, 2 weeks before Wild Animation Network (WAN) ceased operations and was reincorporated as Wild ROBLOX Network (WRN) on January 11, 2017 after it was acquired by Roblox Corporation on mid 2016, The Go!Animate Company (via Go!Animate Network), along with Gundam Mode Anivision, and The REBIRTH Studios (formally Powerhouse of Entertainment (POE) and Total Wonder Organization) announced that they have picked up rights to the entire WAN film and television libraries, allowing Go!Animate Network, Gundam Mode Anivision and The REBIRTH Studios to have control of the WAN library and to have full rights to produce a feature-length film based on WAN's original series The Eric Show, along with many other films and TV shows based on the films and shows from the WAN library. Colin Entertainment, Ltd., Paradox Creations, NicThic Productions, Clearwater Animation, MIT Media Lab (through Scratch Corporation), and Yuvi Holdings would later share stakes of the WAN library with The Go!Animate Company, Gundam Mode Anivision, and The REBIRTH Studios, between January 30, 2017 to March 2, 2018.

More Coming Soon!

Television series

JohnGL4 (John Harry Lau) desired to make a new season of The Eric Show, this time having Eric Smith and Eric Youth (The main character of The Eric Show). Under the show of The life of Eric Henderson. The show will start before the movie was releeased.


Main transcript

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The film was originally going to be rated PG, but Stephan Swaby, The FunEditor4, and the producers of the movie felt that the film should not just be made for children, but also made for younger teens and mid-teens while keeping the film's somewhat family-friendly charm. The producers felt that animation is freedom, bridges the age gap, has its serious and non-childish moments, has little to no-difference from live-action, and is a work of art. The film is going to be rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action sequences, some mild language, crude references, and thematic elements while keeping most of its PG charm.


Planned or scrapped ideas

  • The movie distributors were going to collaborate with The Go!Animate Company/Vyond Corporation, as it start a bidding war with Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Entertainment One, and STX Entertainment. However in March 2018, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony and Entertainment One won distribution rights to the film.
  • The title of the movie was originally named as The Eric Show: The Movie, Eric Animate: The Movie, Eric Animations: The Ultimate Epic Movie, and Eric Animations: The First Ultimate Epic Movie.
  • Univercity Pictures, a parody company of Universal Pictures was originally going to have international distribution rights to the film under the Universal Pictures label with Paramount Pictures, and later Sony Pictures Releasing (under the Columbia Pictures label). However, on April 23, 2017, Univercity was removed from distribution rights to the film.
  • Kayla was originally going to be the main villain and leader of the Go!Animate Villains Squad (formally The Troublemakers Squad) in the film. However, on May 10, 2017, Stephan Swaby, one of the producers of the film, wanted to have Evil Fred Jones, a character from Samster5677's Scooby-Doo series to be the main leader of the squad and Kayla's new boyfriend. On July 2017, he was later scrapped from the film, and replaced by Gozaburo Kaiba as the main villain and leader of the squad in the film. He was not going to be Kayla's boyfriend though, but as Isabella Once-ler's boyfriend. On August 2017, Kayla was removed from being the villain of the movie due to Kayla resembling Eric Smith's girlfriend who has the same name as her. Kayla will still be in the movie, but as one of the hero's in the movie, and Eric's former rival. Kayla was later replaced by Isabella Once-ler as the second main villain of the film. On March 2018, it was announced that Gozaburo and Isabella would be removed from being the main villains of the film, and they would be later replaced by Bongo as the main villain of the film.
  • There are rejected voice actors or actresses to do the voice of the character.
  • Go!Animate/DreamWorks, a short lived merger between The Go!Animate Company, GMA/NDCUnivercity (formally Gundam Mode Anivision), DreamWorks Pictures and Animation had plans to co-produce the film as well as other Go!Animate films, but those plans were later scrapped in July 10, 2017 after the Go!Animate/DreamWorks merger ceased to exist. The company was later rebranded as Landscape Pictures in August of that year. The Protectors of The Deep, a film in the Taylor's Series Saga franchise that was released on July 28, 2017 was the last film to use the Go!Animate/DreamWorks name.
  • TjsWorld2011 Pictures, an American independent animation studio and production company founded by TjsWorld2011 and Ntpockets was added to produce the film without permission from TjsWorld2011 and Ntpockets. The founders of the company claimed that they were not interested in helping with the development of the film. As a result, TjsWorld2011 Pictures was removed from production of the film in July 2017.
  • Famous Players Entertainment was originally planned to produce the film in mid 2017. However in August 2017, the company was removed from production of the film since Famous Players was a film exhibitor and a cable television service provider, not a film studio. In addition, Famous Players was closed down in 2005, and was acquired by Cineplex Entertainment and Rogers Cable.
  • This film was originally going to be a spin-off to a planned 2018 film entitled Game Over Saga, which was planned to be produced by R1X Entertainment and Go!Animate Studios, and distributed by Columbia Pictures. However in January 4, 2018, it was announced by Ryan, the creator of the film that Game Over Saga had been cancelled. The creator of the film made a YouTube video announcing the film's cancellation. The main reason why it was cancelled is due to creative difficulties, and Ryan would rather work on a different project, which would later be known as A Random GoAnimate Adventure.
    • This film was also planned to be a spin-off to Alvin Hung And The Go!Brats: The Movie (2017), A GoAnimate YouTuber Movie (2017), A Go!Animate YouTuber Sequel (2018), and Revenge of StephanTheAnimatorFTW Benjamin SantagatiFTL (2018). However, due to controversies of these GoAnimate YouTuber Squad films, as well as the cancellation to A Go!Animate YouTuber Sequel and Revenge of StephanTheAnimatorFTW Benjamin SantagatiFTL on June 2018,

Eric Animations will have no connection to those said films and will be a stand-alone film and unrelated to those films.

  • This film was planned to be a crossover film during mid 2017. However on January 9, 2018, that plan was scrapped due to the large amount of companies producing the film. Instead, the film will just feature cameos of characters from some TV shows and franchises.
    • However, certain characters from other properties would be used as the influences for the Cast.
  • There are some scenes from the movie that were scrapped.
    • The movie was originally planned to parody the opening to The Cat in the Hat (2003), a live action film based on the book of the same name created by Dr. Seuss by having the opening logos on a burgundy red background, the same color of Eric's hoodie with the theme "Main Title - The Kids" playing over the logos. However, the 2003 Cat in the Hat film was panned by critics and fans of Dr. Suess' works and the producers of the Eric Animations movie did not want to make the film look like a rip-off to that said film, so the opening scene of the film was scrapped as it would be too similar.


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Running Gags

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  • In the feature Sing-a-long Songs with Rosie and Bennet, Rosie (not to be confused with Caillou's sister of the same name) and Bennet, who are Joyce and Jane's parents sing the theme song to the Nicktoons TV series The Fairly OddParents. This is a reference to the feature Silly Songs with Larry from the series VeggieTales, as well as the feature Sing-a-long Songs with Simon from the 2013 film Go!Animate: The Movie.
  • The city Go!Anipaulis first appeared in a mini-series called The Go!Anipaulis Purge created by a YouTuber and Go!Animator named CanadianScout.
  • Various Car chase sequences are influenced by TBD.
  • TBD.
  • The Plan scene is TBD.
  • In the Final Battle scene, it's a remiscent of various battle scenes of Various Superhero films, such as the Avengers quadrilogy.


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