Emily and Friends is a 2016 series that is rated TV-Y


2D Series

Season 1

The seeds on the tree of life in Emtopia are blown to Earth by an unexpected accident. Emtopia will wither if the seeds are not there. Emily and the group must go to Earth and collect the seeds.

Season 2

After collecting the seeds, the friends live in peace but bad guys Evil Bunny Robert and his henchmen come to try to take the Magical Spring from The Fountain of Youth. The gang must stop them from stealing the water..

Season 3 and 4

A villain is out there! The group must fight the villain and save their city

3D Series

All Seasons

There's an animal on Earth that needs help! The gang must go to Earth and solve the problem. They also use gadgets. When the character's favorite belonging is in contact with a drop shaped object that's the character's theme color, the object turns into the gadget!


  • Doraemon was originally a Robot cat only in the book series and films but in the show, he became a penguin named Rudolph who was the same character but in a different form. He is a character that was added in late 2015.
  • A new main character named Jacqueline came out in 2018.
  • Lowly was the only male member of the group until Doraemon was added.
  • The original 4 main characters were Emily, Claire Fiona and Jacqueline
  • Fiona's original crush was Lowly but now her crush is Doraemon.
  • Fiona is actually Noramyako in her flamingo form.
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