You know what, Lorcan, That's it. You're not gonna get out of this wedding, We are going to get married whatever you like it or not!
~ Ellie threatening Lorcan



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Ellie Darcy
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Lorcan Darcy's Adventures
Lilly Darcy's Destiny
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Purple Woman
The Secret Darcy
Personality Cheeky, Friendly, Kind, Funny, Smart, Clumsy
Birthday September 25th 1998
Goal Seek revenge on Lorcan for murder her father (failed)
Aid the Darcy Triplets on their adventures and help save the world (all Succeeded
Relatives Mayor Wilson (Father; deceased)
Queen Emily Darcy (Biological Mother; deceased)
Agent 43 (Ex-Adopted Mother)
Cillian Darcy (Half Brother)
Lorcan Darcy (Half Brother/Ex-Boyfriend)
Lilly Darcy (Half-Sister)
Ed Edd n Eddy (Half-Brothers)
Likes Chocolate, Cartoons, Fighting, Having Fun, Playing Guitar, her brother Lorcan.
Dislikes School, Blackmail, Bullying, Betrayal
Powers and abilities Color Manipulation
Music Manipulation
Enhanced Speed
Weapons Guitar
Fate Died in The Darcy Kids: Doomsday later revived

Ellie Darcy, or The Secret Darcy or Lady Darcy,  is the mysterious girl who was created by Mayor Willson. She reveals to be Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly Darcy, Ed Edd and Eddy's half-sister. In the finale of My Name is Ellie Darcy,  She injects Lorcan with the chemical and reveals that she is the Secret Darcy, Mayor Willson and Queen Emily Darcy's daughter, revealing her relationship with Lorcan as an plot to seek revenge for murder her father.

After waking up, Lorcan vow to rescue her from Milton Grimm.  She first appeared in The Medieval Journey, she shows a flirtatious attitude towards Lorcanin their early encounters. The first time they meet, Ellie compliments how she was "excited to see him battling." She also hugs him, winks at him, and blows him kisses and calls him things like "sweetie-pie" throughout. 

She appears in The Medieval Journey as the true main antagonist but later reforms and makes her the supporting protagonist in The Darcy Triplets Story. She gains her warrior form to join a duel with her half-siblings against Phineus Phibes in their final batle.

She has a huge crush on the two dimensional counterparts of Lorcan due to their affair in The Injury and got married in The Wedding of Lorcan Darcy.

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