Season 1 (2011)

1: Puretone - Stuck In A Groove and Cutlass Ciera Commercial (May 2 2011) (featuring Mercedes Rose)

2: 1985 Plymouth Duster Commercial and Yo soy la Juani 1 (May 9 2011) (featuring Heidi Price)

3: Dior Car Commercial and Italienerin am Steuter (May 16 2011) (featuring Selena Strickland)

4: Fahschule and Garage.mpeg (June 3 2011) (featuring Heidi Price)

5: Line Of Fire Airbag Crash and The Flying Car Song (June 10 2011)

6: Rally's Commercials and Chamas Da Vida Capitulo Final (June 17 2011) (featuring Tanya Vivian, Heidi Price, and Susan Antsey)

7: Scene from 'Summertime Killer" and Drag Me To Hell Clip (June 24 2011) (featuring Maureen Wrice and Moreen Dominie)

8: Floricienta cap.154 Pedal Scences and Drive Standard with John Macdonaldsson (July 8 2011) (featuring Kelly Rideout and Sandra Warren)

9: BK Airbag Crash and Women can drive backwards (July 15 2011) (featuring Florence Strang, Sandra Samson, and Trina Paddle)

10: 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Commercial and dukes of hazard cartoon pedal pumping (July 22 2011) (featuring Sherry Curtis-Par)

11: Candles For Katie Pedal Scene and Inheritance (July 29 2011) (featuring Dana Farrell, Maureen Wrice, Heidi Price and Sherri Hidgon)

12: SPENCER and Sonali Bendre driving recklessly (August 4 2011) (featuring Jacinta Jackman)

13: Largo Winch - Cheap Thrills and Volkswagen Torque (August 7 2011) (featuring Margaret Cleal and Michelle Dober)

14: UFO - The Responsibility Seat and BPC's Big Teaser Trailer (August 14 2011) (featuring Margaret Brenton)

15: The Broken Airbag Crash and Blindfold Acts Pedal Shots (August 17 2011) (featuring Jocelyn Hodder)

16: Indiana Jones Pedal Scenes and Doomsday Car Chase (August 19 2011) (featuring Jacinta Jackman, Selena Strickland, Jacqueline Roff and Dana Farrell)

17: Alexis Jordan - Happiness and BEDUK - This Fire (August 26 2011) (featuring Susan Antsey)

18: Dirty War Pedal Scene and The Marseille Contract Chase (September 2 2011) (featuring Tanya Vivian, Cora-Lea Keating and Heidi Price)

19: A Girl A Cellphone and a Muscle Car and Papia Reklami (September 6 2011)

20: 1950s Ford Video Clip and OLTL 5/26/06 Pedal Scene (September 15 2011) (featuring Kim Keating)

Season 2 (2012)

21: Never Too Young To Die Clip and Vale Tudo.avi (March 12 2012) (featuring Roseanne Hackett and Sherri Higdon)

22: Quatro por Quatro.avi and Shag The Movie Clip (March 23 2012) (featuring Charlene Farrell, Amanda Broomfield, Melissa White, and Amanda Hollet)


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