This person, Elisha Lake-Quinn, is NOT a real person; they are just a pure piece of fiction that is portrayed as a real person!

Elisha Graham Aurelie Lake-Quinn (b. August 12th, 1979 in Burbank, California) is an American writer, director, video game producer, screenwriter and voice actress who is best known for the Ferryman series and the The Legacy of Abigail series, as well as the Animals in the Strange Land television series for Cartoon Network, the Poppin' Face Paints webseries for Mondo Media and the upcoming The Myth of Isiah Creek for Disney Channel. She, along with her wife Diana Uhlman, founded Harmony Light Productions, which served as Diana's previous Rhythmic Uhlman Productions company.


Early Life


Animals in the Strange Land

Poppin' Face Paints

The Legacy of Abigail




  • Ferryman series (1997-present) - creator, writer, storyboard artist, producer and voice actor (voiced: TBD)
  • The Legacy of Abigail series (2016-present) - creator, writer, producer and storyboard artist.


  • Poppin' Face Paints (Mondo, 2016-2021) - creator, writer and storyboard artist. She voiced TBD.

Personal Life

Elisha is a lesbian, being part of the LGBTQ+ community, being married to the The Face Paint World Life creator, Diana Uhlman since August 2nd, 2020. 

Elisha stated that she is not very politic, neither in the politic parties due to the toxicity of those between parties.


  • Elisha Lake-Quinn stated she is not fond of raunchy adult animated shows, but she did state she prefers bloody action adult cartoons, adult animated shows when done right, and light-hearted adult animated shows similar to The Simpsons.
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