El Gato and His Mystery Crew is an American animated mystery-comedy television series, being created by TBD. It is produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and Warner Bros. Animation and it airs on Cartoon Network since December 2nd, 2016.


A group of four teenagers and their pet cat go in adventures, solving mysteries and fighting monsters.



  • El Gato (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - a sneaky and resourceful cat who often gets into some trouble with the monsters.
  • Leslie Nicholson (voiced by Mae Whitman) - El Gato's tomboyish owner who is the leader of the group and shows some care of her teammates.
  • Brad Morn (voiced by Seth Green) - a genius teenage boy who often gives advice and technological expertise.
  • Norman Core (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - a ditzy teenager who often TBD.
  • Selena Dusk (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - a beautiful teenage girl who often gets captured by the TBD.



  • Austin Christoph/Razorjaw (voiced by Jim Ward) - a billionaire who disguises as a werewolf to steal money for his own needs.
  • Jane McDonald/The Ghost of Red Hat (voiced by Kate Higgins) - a disgraced fashion designer who disguises herself as a pirate to get revenge on the ones who wronged her.
  • Steve Dusker/Mythical Skeleton (voiced by TBD) - a police officer who disguises as a skeleton to hunt his officers due to believing the law system is corrupt.
  • [female]



  • This is Hanna-Barbera's first original project after its acquisition by Warner Bros. and its founders' death.
  • Similarly to Hanna-Barbera's flagship franchise Scooby-Doo and other Hanna-Barbera mystery shows, it involves a villain of the week, has a talking animal, a damsel in distress and monsters.
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