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Edward Jinzaburo is one of Emman's OCs for the entire Goof Troop universe, making his Debut in Max's Extremely Goofy College Life as a Secondary Character/Hero before being a part of the Main Cast in Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game and it's Expansion Packs that serve as the Afternath of the events for that game.


He has Brown Hair, a Brown Nose with Black Nostrils, Brown Eyes and even, Fair Skin.


He wears a Gray Scarf that lasts until the nearby end of the Torso's entire Tunic itself, a Black Ninja Tunic with a Black Square Top part along with a Blue Small Square and a Gray Strap with Gray V and Ankle parts on it as well, a pair of White Gloves, a Blue Belt with a White Circle Buckle that has a Red Circle on the Center (representing the Japanese flag, as both Circles had the colors of it), a pair of Black Pants and a pair of Red, White, Gray and Black 1986 Airwalk Prototype 600 Sneakers with Red Laces and Circles on them.


He Wields a Variety of Weapons that he can use just in case so he can get ready for one of the next battles he can fight against his opponents and enemies (ex.: Swords are one of the examples of weapons for him to do so) such as different kinds of Katanas (for one of his Main Weapons of Choice such as Katanas, he wields Black ones as he wields one of a Picture that the Creator made on what does he look like) just like a majority of Ninjas typically do as one of their main Weapons (in particular aside with Shurikens, Nunchucks, Smoke Bombs and even, Spears in which, they're secondary ones as all of them are Projectile-based Weapons as they're used to attack their opponents while throwing them in order to do so, main Swords such as Katanas) in which, they are the ones that they typically use in their fictional appearances such as the real Snake Eyes and Ryu Hayabusa themselves did in order to attack their opponents such as Villainous Henchmen and Hitmen in which, they also use Katanas as their typical main choice of Sword to use in Combat.


His Main and Secondary/Backup Vehicles

Similar to Michael Knight from the entire Knight Rider metaseries itself as a whole (specifically with it's 1982-86 TV series in which, this specific 1980s television series and Michael himself are one of the following parts for his inspirations to Edward himself) with his very own specialized, upgraded, revamped, reworked and customized Muscle Car to be used for all of his Journeys and Missions he has faced across the entire World he lives: the very first Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT; based on a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am), he would drive a Muscle Car (a 1960s-70s American one as in this case, a 1969-70 Ford Mustang Boss 429/1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback called the Tsurudian; the name is derived from the following two words, Tsurugi and Guardian in which, they're combined into one name for his very own Muscle Car to drive) for almost all of his Journeys and Missions he is going on across many parts of the entire World as a whole (in particular with the Road such as various Streets within many kinds of Cities he goes across the entire World on the Road), although he would also have a Backup/Secondary Car to accompany it as well if he is required to do it if the Tsurudian itself is unavailable with a justified reason or more like the Car being destroyed or being used by other People aside with him as examples for him to drive across the various roads around the World. In fact, including a Secondary/Backup Vehicle would be used and driven by Edward in order to differentiate from the real Michael Knight (one of his inspirations) himself in which, as opposed to Michael having one Car (KITT) to drive when he is in his missions, Edward would have two Cars in order for him to do so for many of his very own assigned journeys, cases and missions just in case of there's an emergency if his Main Car isn't here to be driven by him.

Edward's very own Backup/Secondary Car is TBD, in which, this is the Car where he drives it if Tsurudian isn't available for him when he goes Undercover on the Roads just in case.

Role in the events of Emman's very own Goof Troop Works



Role in the events of Max's Extremely Goofy College Life and Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game

Making his debut in one of the episodes for Max's Extremely Goofy College Life titled Maxdown in San Diego, he meets Max in person (and by extension, him for the very first time as well) where they team up together to go Undercover in an assigned Mission set within the entire City of San Diego, California to encounter an extraordinarily hardworking, speedy, plan-making, unstoppable, money-making, intelligent, strategic, tough, undefeatable and competent Henchman who is mainly a Man of Action named Commander Cole Cohen in which he is a Leader of his very own Main Group of Competent Henchmen who are also mainly based off Agent Smith (and while Commander Cole himself is mainly an Expy of the real Agent Smith himself, he also has some of his very own set of unique distinctions from the real Agent Smith himself like having him wear clothes that have colors in which, wouldn't look and feel very out of place in Miami Vice (in particular, it's 1984-90 television series that aired on NBC back then in the mid to late 1980s; though the Lost Episodes are aired up to the beginning of the 1990s as well on the USA Network as they all of them are post-Series Finale episodes) in addition to him having bits of one of the many Terminators themselves from The Terminator series in terms of appearances and as well as their looks in particular, at least) from The Matrix series of Cyberpunk Action Thriller films that are released in the late 1990s up to the early 2000s (though the series' storylines are still continuing in other forms and as well as parts of the series making cameo appearances and references in other kinds of media following with the sequels' releases along with the installments that are set (both in and outside, likewise with the latter on titles such as 2017's The LEGO Batman Movie and 2021's Space Jam: A New Legacy in which, feature the real Agent Smith along with his Clones making Cameo Appearances in Person) at it's very own mainline Universe as well).

For the episode (the Creator of the series is planning to do so in which, is being under considered until further notice as he has to get all of the required things ready for the episode in which, are the ones would be used on making an episode that is set in Real Life Cities or Cities based on their Real Life Counterparts such as San Diego, California, Tampa, Florida, Cleveland, Ohio and even, Seattle, Washington) that succeeds the one where he makes his debut in which is set within the entirety of the Emerald City itself, Seattle, Washington (the setting of the Video Game Sequel's Wedding; particularly with the entire Seahawks Stadium itself as this Stadium would be the Main Gig for the event as the Creator has to do the extensive research on Seattle itself to get everything ready), he is planned to appear once again as well in which, the subplot of the episode would involve Max and Edward, once again teaming together for an another Undercover Mission (albeit with this time, having Max and Edward teaming up with some new friends of theirs to accompany them) to defeat their next target after Commander Cole himself (although the Creator is considering himself to include Cole in the episode where he would pit against Max and Edward once again). The Main Plot of the Episode would involve Max, his friends and family travelling in the City itself where he and Company stop by TBD (aside with some Hotels for all of them to Stay during their visit) while at the same time, one of his friends would protect them when Max is gone to become a Vigilante/Crimefighter once again to save the Day from harm in order to get him ready for an another team-up with Edward (albeit with more company in this case), once again. According to the Creator for this one, TBD.

In the Video Game sequel and it's succeeding Expansion Packs/DLC Updates that took place after the events of the Base Game's Story, he would get an even bigger role.


  • He's mainly based off the following two fictional Ninjas who wear Black Clothes as their main form of Clothing for their Attires they are wearing throughout their appearances across their journeys along with their roles and statuses having tons of development, updates and changes as the time passes by along with them wielding Katanas as one of their Main Weapons to be used for Swordfighting: Snake Eyes and Ryu Hayabusa from the G.I. Joe and Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden series by Koei-Tecmo and Hasbro (albeit with his face being almost entirely unmasked for many of his Journeys and such across the World in order to uniquely and distinctively differentiate with both of them for almost all of Edward's appearances and such when he is seen; coincidentally, Disney (via Marvel Entertainment in particular) has previously collaborated them like numerous times back in the past and as well as in the present (for the latter's case aside with them producing a lot of Action Figures and the like, there are some crossover collaborations with Transformers like a bunch of times, especially in the Comic Books back then), with the former along with Nintendo doing the development, marketing, distribution and publishing for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order).
    • In fact, just like with the real Ryu Hayabusa himself in the second prequel Ninja Gaiden game of the entire series as a whole, he is voiced by Josh Keaton in the English releases of his appearances.

See Also

  • Mona Vinh Hampton (A Reimagined, Revamped, Reworked, Remade, Revised, Updated, Redone, Refined and Redesigned version of Mona from Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (for that said 2004 3D Computer Animated Christmas film, she appeared in the infamously and very divisive Christmas Maximus segment along with Goofy and Max where it became the latter's final animated appearance (and by extension, physical appearance in history) in any kind of media involving Goofy aside with the occasional cameos and references to him until 16 years later in the DuckTales '17 episode Quack Pack!) as a Vietnamese-American Kunoichi in addition to her being an Expy of Hitomi Kisugi from Cat's Eye in which, she is also a pretty strong and competent Fighter and Treasure Hunter (as opposed to Hitomi and her Sisters being Crooks (albeit with them being slightly more sympathetic and heroic ones in this case as they work altogether to find their missing father until his revelations to what he has did back in the past are revealed), though she and her Sisters joined forces with Ryo Saeba from City Hunter to stop their threats at times and coincidentally, not only they share the same universe in addition to them hailing from the same Company along with them debuting in the 1980s but also, Hitomi, along with her sisters and even, Ryo appeared in 2019's City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes) in which, she mainly fights with a pair of Arnis Sticks).