Dynascions: The Series is an upcoming television series developed and produced by Cosmic Unimotions, this will be released on Netflix in 2029.


The development sets up in an anime-influenced show that shows a boy who has a disability of his missing arm.


In the futuristic year of the 3000s, Lady Gilaxtra is the mother of Xeropia and is the succesor of the city. Kassius Armstrong, the son of blacksmith Kurt Armstrong, is starting his journey to become the ultimate legendary knight Xeropia. Max, his smart and mechanical best friend, and Bertuska, a knight who stands to fight for justice and has a secret crush on Kassius will be on his side. Even friends like Clint McConnell (a cowboy from a Western City), William (a young pirate boy), and Diego Gatti De Santis (a Spanish-accented cat man) with a fun-loving and enthusiastic persona.


Main Cast

Major Cast



  • From the creator's explanation, the show will criticize to people missing some limbs.
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