Duck Hunt 2 is a sequel for Nintendo Switch that would be set for release on April 10, 2020. It is the sequel to the Duck Hunt game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, however It is mostly considered an HD remake. Also, the original game for the Nintendo Entertainment System comes to the Nintendo Switch Online NES libary when the sequel first releases.


  • As obvious, everything is now in HD and 3D.
  • The dog and the ducks would have the same models from the Super Smash Bros. franchise.
  • There would also be an online mode where one person would be shooter and the other would control the ducks, like the original where the 2nd player would control the ducks.
  • To shoot the ducks, you would need to use a single joy con facing the screen and pressing ZR/LR will trigger the shot.


  • This is the first time an NES game has got a sequel for over 30 years (not including Kid Icarus, because the franchise got a 2nd game for the Gameboy, and got a 3rd game for the 3DS).
    • However this is the 2nd time a retro game got a 3D remake (first being Kid Icarus)
      • Though this is the first retro game that has an HD remake...
  • This is the first sequel that its original game comes to the NES libary for Nintendo Switch Online on the same day.
  • TBD
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