Opening Credits

Walt Disney Pictures


With the voices of

Duck Duck Goose

Closing Credits

Directed by

  • Stephen J. Anderson
  • Chris Williams

Produced by

  • Christopher Jenkins, p.g.a.
  • Osnat Shurer, p.g.a.
  • Mark Swift, p.g.a.

Executive Producers

  • Jennifer Lee
  • Bryon Howard

Screenplay by

  • Peter Ackerman

Story by

  • Stephen J. Anderson
  • Jared Bush
  • Chris Williams
  • Pamela Ribon
  • Aaron and Jordan Kandell

Original Score Composed by

Edited by

  • Jeff Draheim, ACE

Art Director

  • Ian Gooding

Production Designer

  • David Goetz

Associate Producers

  • Clark Spencer
  • Nicole P. Hearon


  • Peter Del Vecho

Directing Animators

  • Abraham Aguilar
  • Milt Kahl
  • Kevin MacLean
  • Woolie S. Reitherman
  • Michael Woodside
  • Jeff Williams
  • Les Lance Clark

Animation Supervisors

  • Jonathan Lounsbery
  • Eric T. Larson
  • Zach Parrish
  • Ark Babbitt
  • Jorge Ruiz
  • Brian D. Scott
  • Geoff Wheeler

Head of Story

  • Jeremy Spears

Story Supervisor

  • Jim Reardon

Music Supervisors

  • Tom MacDougall
  • Jojo Villanueva

Executive Music Producer

  • Tom MacDougall

Casting by

  • Jamie Sparer Roberts, CSA
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