Meerkats United American 3D computer-animated, adventure, fantasy and comedy film. It is about an adventurous meerkat who befriends an orphaned human girl who needs help unite his colony, animals and human in peace and harmony and to find a family. It was directed by Chris Miller and written by Brian Lynch and Tom Wheeler. The film stars Steve Carell, Hayden Panettiere, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, David Spade, Chris Pine, Jodie Foster, Gerald Butler, Ariel Winter, Jenna Ortega, Alec Baldwin, George Lopez and Beyonce Knowles. It is distributed Dreamworks and Universal Pictures and it is being released on Oct 10, 2018.


Oscar, the meerkat, who is desperate to make animals to live in the Savannah of Africa to live in peace and harmony. Along the way, he meets an 16 year-old orphaned explorer girl named Periwinkle "Peri" Carter and her sisters, Cleo and Susan. But to make things worse, the amulet is stolen from the Meerkat Queen named Lara. So Oscar and Peri team up to go on a journey to find the amulet and to return it to Lara and to stop an evil rhino named Reggie from destroying Africa, Along the way, they meet a warthog named Jack, a lion named Tulio, a horn-bill named Tom, a hippo named Dan and a cheetah named Tia.


Steve Carell as Oscar (voice)

Hayden Panettiere as Periwinkle "Peri" Carter (voice)

Jim Carrey as Jack (voice)

George Lopez as Tulio (voice)

David Spade as Tom (voice)

Chris Rock as Dan (voice)

Beyonce Knowles as Tia (voice)

Alec Baldwin as Reggie (voice)

Jodie Foster as Queen Lara (voice)

Jennifer Aniston as Whilemia "Willie" (voice)

Bruce Willis as Junior (voice)

Ariel Winter as Cleo Carter (voice)

Jenna Ortega as Susan Carter (voice)



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