Dreaming Glitter Force is the English Dub of Hugtto Pretty Cure made by Hasbro Entertainment

It Airs On Nick Anime On Nicktoons and streams on Netflix


Ashleigh Ball as Hailey Nolan

Erica Mendez as Sandy Howell

Amanda C Miller as Harper Star

Transformaction Speeches and Attacks

Hailey’s Transformation And Attack

Hailey:Insert Glitter Crystal!

Hailey:Glitter Force! Future Makeover!


Glitter Cheer: Love is a true Power! The Cheerleader of the Glitter Force I am Glitter Cheer!

Glitter Cheer:Yay! Yay!

Glitter Cheer:Cheer For You!

Sandy’s Transformation And Attack

Sandy:.Insert Glitter Crystal

Sandy:Glitter Force! Future Makeover!


Glitter Wisdom:Wise Power! The Wisdom of the Glitter Force I’m Glitter Wisdom!

Glitter Wisdom:Yay! Yay!

Glitter Wisdom: Wisdom Feather!

Harper’s Transformation AndAttack

Harper:Insert Glitter Crystal!

Harper:Glitter Force! Future Makeove!


Glitter Starbright:Shining Star! The Strength of the Glitter Force Glitter Starbright!

Glitter Starbright:Yay! Yay!

Glitter Starbright:Sparkle Star!

Ramona and Emma:Insert Glitter Crystal!

Ramona and Emma:Glitter Force! Future Makeover!

Ramona and Emma:Dreaming!

Glitter Love and Glitter Passion:Lovely Touch! The Love of the Glitter Force We're Glitter Love and Glitter Passion!

Helena: Insert Glitter Crystal!

Helena: Glitter Force! Eternal Makeover!

Helena: Dreaming!

Helena: Future Power! The Protector of the Glitter Force I'm Glitter Future!

All: All together! Dreaming Glitter Force!


Hailey Nolan is a normal girl who finds a baby whom she named Helena but the evil Nega Corp tries to get rid of the world’s Dream Power and replace with Shadow Power But with the Power of the Glitter Crystals of the Future Hailey becomes Glitter Cheer the Cheerleader of the Glitter Force! Together Hailey and the Glitter Force Must stop the Nega Corp Evil Schemes

Name Changes

Hana Nono/Cure Yell -Hailey Nolan/Glitter Cheer

Saaya Yakushinj/Cure Ange-Sandy Howell/Glitter Wisdom

Homura Kagayaki/Cure Etoille-Harper Star/Glitter Starbright

Ruru Amour/Cure Amour-Ramona Love/Glitter Love

Emiru Aisaki/Cure Macherie-Emma Jones/Glitter Passion

Hugtan/Hagumi Nono/Cure Tommorow-Helena/Glitter Future

Hariham Harry-Harry the Hamster/Harry McDaniels

Mirai Crystal-Glitter Crystal of the Future/Glitter Crystal


Glitter Force Dreaming Ver (Opening)


There is a Crossover Episode with Glitter Force Star Twinkle


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