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Dreamers, also known as Disney's Dreamers and 夢想家:ディズニーが命を吹き込む!(Musō-ka: Dizunī ga inochi o fukikomu!, which translates into English to Dreamers: Disney Comes to Life!) in Japan, is a 2020 American/Canadian/Australian/Japanese live-action fantasy/action/adventure film by Walt Disney Pictures, Walden Media, Lucasfilm Ltd., Marvel Studios and Toei Animation, and is the first film in the Dreamers live-action film franchise. Based on the anime series Disney's Dreamers, the film is directed by Joss Whedon, produced by John Walker, and executive produced by John Lasseter. The film received positive reviews and made over $1.3 billion dollars globally at the box office.


When the Othersiders plot to end the Magic Kingdom as a form of redemption from their previous misdoings, the Dreamers must reassemble to defeat them in order to protect the Magic Kingdom. However, a man named Kevin Prince sneaks into the Dreamers HQ and finds a way to make Disney characters come to life after a science experiment gone wrong, and the Dreamers have to join forces with the next generation of Disney.



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