The list of all the Dragon Story Episodes.

Season 1 (2012-present)

The list of the Season 1 episodes.

Welcome to Dragon Island/Meet Forest Dragon

Welcome to Dragon Island: We show you the first time viewing of Dragon Island and the birth of Fire Dragon and other Dragons.

Meet Forest Dragon: Fire Dragon meets Forest Dragon for the first time.

A Crush on Fire Dragon/The Seabreeze Dragon

A Crush on Fire Dragon: Fire Dragon falls in love with a girl dragon named Charm Dragon.

The Seabreeze Dragon: Air Dragon meets her brother at the hospital.

The Golden Dragon/Lost!

The Golden Dragon: A New Dragon hatches.

Lost!: Fire and Forest Dragon get lost.

Food Party/Water Dragon's Waterball

Food Party: The Dragons have a food party.

Water Dragon's Waterball: Water Dragon invents a new game called Waterball.

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