Disclaimer: This is not a joke. 4Kids can do some actual good stuff, so yeah.

Dragon Ball Z is an English dub of the titular show by 4Kids Entertainment, airing on Cartoon Network in the United States and on YTV in Canada.

Voice cast


  • 4Kids composed an original theme song.
  • Like most 4Kids shows, things are Americanized.

Critical reception

The dub has received generally mixed-to-positive reactions from critics and audiences alike, being praised for its voice cast and remaining faithful to the original scripts, but criticized as well for bowdlerizing and editing some elements to be suitable for American audiences, especially since rules for television animation in Japan are more relaxed than the United States.

Most Dragon Ball fans consider this dub to be in pair with the Funimation dub.


  • Considering that Sean Schemmel also did voice acting for 4Kids, he's the only Funimation voice actor to be kept in this version.
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