Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Freedom

Dragon Ball Z- Battle for Freedom.

Dragon Ball Z is an upcoming movie set for July 7th 2017 that will premiere in movie theaters in North America, Europe and Japan and will last for July 7th-10th before coming to Blu-Ray DVD. The film is a crossover between Dragon Ball Z, Ben 10 Omniverse, Samurai Jack, Sonic Boom, Teen Titans Go, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, My little pony: Friendship is magic, One Piece, Scooby-Doo: Where are you?, Monster High. Steven Universe, Phineas and Ferb and Ultimate Spider man: The series. It is the eighteenth film that follows the Dragon Ball series and the fourteenth to follow the Dragon Ball Z series. Battle for Freedom is the first film in the series to crossover with other popular television series, a video game franchise and a series from Mattel. In 2014, Mattel, Sega, Disney. Hasbro, Production I.G. and Cartoon network came into production with Toei animation to produce the film in its beginning development. The film follows Goku and Vegeta as they travel around the planet to find new allies to join the Z fighters and find the dragon balls before Bill Cipher and a revived Broly finds them and wishes for rule over all of existence. In America the film is called Dragon Ball Z: Battle for freedom, and in Japan it is Doragonbōru Z: Jiyū no tame no tatakai.


The movies starts directly several months after the events of Battle of Gods, a triangular creature with one eye named Bill Cipher (Alex Hirsch) is floating above the several dragon balls he collected after his latest encounter with the Pines Twins, summoning Shenron, he asks Bill what he wishes for. Bill tells him to cut things short and wishes for someone who is indestructible, Shenron grants the wish and disappears a second later, thinking he's been fooled, Bill sighs in frustration and begins to float away when he suddenly hears the sound of the earth opening, he looks to see a Saiyan named Broly (Vic Mignongna) and Bill eagerly rubs his hands. Broly walks towards Bill and bows before him and calls him master, Bill offers Broly "the chance of a lifetime!" to recollect the dragon balls since he already made his wish so they can wish to rule over all of existence and destroy their enemies, Broly grows fond of the deal since he wishes to destroy "Kakarot" and agrees and joins Bill, the two are seen laughing as the screen fades out.

The screen reappears with a title slide that says one year has passed since the wish, Goku (Sean Schemmel) is seen battling Vegeta (Christopher Sabat) in the sky while on the ground, Chi-Chi (Cynthia Cranz), Goten (Kara Edwards) and Bulma (Monica Rial) is celebrating Trunks (Laura Bailey) birthday while Krillin (Sonny Strait) brings out a birthday cake, Chi-Chi asks where 18 and Marron is and Krillin said that the two are having an all girls day out, a slight scene shows the two at the movie theater before going back to the party where in the air, Vegeta delivers a punch to Goku that sends him flying backwards into a cliff. Bulma sighs and says things will never change between the two, Trunks understands his mother and quietly wishes for his father to show some concern towards those close to him, Piccolo (Christopher Sabat), Gohan (Kyle Hebert) and Videl (Kara Edwards) arrives with Baby Pan in Videl's arms. Goku sees his son, step-daughter and granddaughter and eagerly flies down to greet his son and engages in a small conversation with Gohan, Bulma asks Piccolo why he's at the party since she always thinks of him as a "party pooper" Piccolo says he came due to Videl dragged him along and Bulma laughs. Vegeta floats down to the ground and walks away from the party to get time to himself while Trunks sadly sighs to himself, thinking his father cares for only himself while Goten tries to cheer him up by giving him a large slice of cake and tells him "someone special" came to see him, Trunks becomes confused until Mai (Colleen Clinkenbeard) appears behind him and surprises him with a jump scare, Trunks screams but sees Mai and nervously rubs the back of his neck. Goku is still talking to Gohan about what he's done so far since he and Videl had Pan, Gohan tells his father that he's gotten a job as a professor at a local college and Goku nods while eating cake.

In the forest, Vegeta is walking alone and trying to find anything to interest himself until the party is over, he suddenly sees a blinding light coming straight towards him and he prepares to fight whatever is coming at him, he charges up his Galick gun to destroy the incoming object or being until the world suddenly flashes around him and everything turns to gray, confused and frustrated, Vegeta calls out for whoever has done this and Bill suddenly appears, Bill greets Vegeta by tipping his hat, sending the world falling backwards with Vegeta before Bill puts his hat back on and everything is balanced again. Vegeta becomes annoyed and confronts the physic demon to destroy him but Bill tells Vegeta that he needs urgent help, Vegeta begins to listen as Bill tells him that someone has revived the legendary super Saiyan Broly and now he's on the hunt for the Dragon Balls, Vegeta becomes nervous at the mention of Broly but Bill tells him that if he and Goku want to stop him, they should find some help to get the Dragon Balls. Vegeta agrees and Bill secretly thinks to himself that his plan is too easy, Bill then thanks Vegeta and gives him the map of locations on where the balls are and a screaming head that disappears a second later when everything regains its natural order, Vegeta then looks at the map and rushes off back to the party.

Back at the party, Goku is playing hide-N-seek with Goten, Trunks and Mai and sees the three trying to hide a bush, he pretends to not see them and playfully walks over to the bush, he calls out for them while the three giggle and Goku looks behind the bush, the three laugh and get up to run while Goku chases them, Chi-Chi and Bulma watches the playful chase and laugh at Goku's childish behavior when playing games with the kids, Piccolo watches from a distance and smirks at Goku and tells himself that Goku never changes as Goku catches Goten and begins to tickle him, Goten roars with laughter while Trunks and Mai hide behind a tree and climb up it until suddenly a blast is heard in the distance, everyone looks to the direction of the blast to see more coming towards them until finally it hits the tree Trunks and Mai are in, the two jump out of it in time before it destroys them and they rush to Bulma. Goku looks up to see the attacked is Broly, shocked that his enemy is still alive, Broly sees Goku and grows enraged before transforming into his legendary Super Saiyan form and the two charge at each other to attack, going into his his first SSJ form and then into his SSJ2 and his SSJ3 form, Goku attacks Broly and hits him in the gut but Broly is unfazed by the attack and grabs Goku by the throat and tosses him into the ground before firing a gigantic cluster at Goku. Thinking he is dead, Broly laughs at the supposed defeat until Goku flys right at him and punches him in the jaw and kicks him in the chest but Broly ignores the pain and grabs Goku by the throat again and throws him into the air and throws an energy blast that knocks out Goku and he falls to the ground, Broly realizes that Goku has gotten stronger since he last saw him and flies off into the air. Vegeta arrives to see the area in ruins and everyone shocked at the attack, he crosses his arms and moans.

Later that night, Vegeta tells everyone about Bill's offer and tells Goku that the two need to find the Dragon Balls, Goku agrees to, saying that it's been sometime since he wanted to have an adventure and says he's ready to go, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin agree to come too but Goku tells them that Broly is his problem to stop and his alone and that he doesn't want anyone to get hurt, though irritated, the three agree to stay behind to watch Chi-Chi, Bulma, Goten, Trunks, Videl, Pan and Mai while he and Vegeta are gone, Vegeta hands Goku the map to show him where the Dragon Balls are and Goku becomes confused at the names of the places and the two fly off into the night with the others wishing them good luck.

In an endless void, Bill and Broly watch from a crystal ball at the two Saiyans flying through the sky, Broly begins to become furious at the sight of his enemy but Bill reassures him that he can kill Goku once he and Vegeta have the Dragon Balls, Broly nods in agreement and watches Goku from the ball before turning around and flying off. Bill asks him where he's going and Broly tells him that he has important business to do and flies out of the void.

The next day, Goku and Vegeta lands in a small town called Bellwood and the two begin to look for the first Dragon Ball, Goku suddenly sees a small restaurant called Mr. Smoothies and feels his stomach grumble, making a joke about forgetting to eat, Goku tells Vegeta that they should get something to eat but Vegeta tells him that eating can wait. Goku begins to whine about wanting to eat and Vegeta finally agrees to get something to eat. Meanwhile, Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowhenthal) is walking to Mr. Smoothies to get a smoothie when his Omnitrix begins to sense the energy of two aliens at the said restaurant and he runs there to see Goku and Vegeta at a table with a large amount of food. Thinking the Omnitrix is acting up, he shakes off the oddness and goes to get a smoothie, as Ben passes by, Vegeta senses a massive wave of energy from the Omnitrix and looks at the teen boy while Goku tells him that he's beginning to sense Broly's energy and the two fly up into the air to find him, Ben suddenly sees this and realizes the Omnitrix was right, he transforms into Stinkfly and follows the two and begins to shoot goo at them, the two look to see the teen boy in the Lepidopterran form and think that it's there to attack them. Goku turns around and transform into his SSJ1 form and attacks Ben and starts to hit him, Ben/Stinkfly starts to shoot more goo at him which blinds Goku and Ben hits him in the face, Vegeta knows he has to help Goku and transform into his SSJ2 form and attacks and kicks Ben in the gut, Ben goes flying backwards and Vegeta prepares to fire a Galick Gun fire at him until Broly suddenly flies at him and punches him in the face. Sending him flying down to the ground, Goku wipes the goo from his eyes to see Broly charging at him and hits Goku in the gut, Ben flies at Broly to attack but Broly merely grabs Ben by the waist and tosses him into a nearby building before firing multiple gigantic clusters at him until Ben jumps at Broly as Humungousaur and hits him in the jaw but to his surprise, Broly laughs at the Vaxasaurian at "how funny that it tickles" and hits him to the ground, as Ben falls onto the ground, Broly lands above him and grabs him by the neck and begins to choke him when Ben suddenly grows into an enormous size and grabs Broly and then whacks him into a building with his tail. Goku and Vegeta land next to Ben and thank him and apologize for attacking him, Ben is still unsure about the two but accepts the apology and transforms back into his human self, the two are surprised to see this and asks him how he was able to shape shift, Ben tells and shows them the Omnitrix and how it gives it the ability to transform into different alien species, Vegeta suddenly laughs and says that he thought Ben was an actual alien species. Goku then introduces himself and Vegeta when suddenly, the Omnitrix scans Goku and copies his DNA, Ben tells Goku that the Omnitrix copied his DNA for some reason when suddenly, Broly emerges from the building and charges at the three to destroy them while Goku and Vegeta charge at him and Ben transforms into Bloxx to join the fight but Broly transforms into his SSJ2 form for the first time and easily overpowers the three and suddenly senses the energy of the Dragon Ball and flies off to find it in the city. Goku tells Vegeta and Ben that they need to find the Dragon Ball before Broly does and three follow the Saiyan.

Later that night, Broly arrives at an abandoned warehouse and blasts open the door, a group of criminals see the Saiyan walk in and he instantly kills them, he suddenly sees the Dragon Ball on the top of a stack of crates and fires a gigantic cluster at them that destroys the crates and sends the Dragon Ball flying into his grasp, seeing that he has the first ball, Broly flies out of the warehouse and flies off. Goku, Vegeta and Ben see him flying off and Goku and Vegeta fly after him, Ben transforms into his new Saiyan form that resembles Goku and the three go after Broly. Broly sees them and transforms into his SSJ2 form and attacks, Goku and Vegeta both charged at him and begin to hit and kick him but Broly crosses his arms and call the attack worthless and hits them both, Ben then attacks with a Galick Gun fire of his own at Broly that hits his chest and sends him flying back but Broly regains his balance and flies at Ben and hits him in his face and then kicks him in the gut while Goku flies at him and hits him in his back but Broly turns around and hits Goku in the face and laughs at him. Broly states that Dragon Balls are his and flies off. Vegeta grows enraged at Goku and Ben and yells at him for letting him get away but Goku tells him that Broly only has one Dragon Ball and if that they get the rest, they can prevent Broly from getting his wish, Ben agrees and Vegeta only shrugs. Goku then pinpoints the next location and three head off to their destination.

Meanwhile in Beach City, a boy named Steven Universe (Zach Callison) is getting his house ready for what he calls special guest, his three friends known as Pearl (Deedee Mango Hall), Amethyst (Michaela Dietz) and Garnet (Estelle) and also known as the crystal gems come in and Pearl tells Steven that the house is wonderful, Amethyst then pulls out a bag of cheesy puffs and begins to eat and drops on the ground, Steven rushes over to get it and says that it's the five second rule and eats it, he then tells the gems that his preschool buddies are coming over for a weekend visit when the doorbell suddenly rings, Steven instantly thinks its them and rushes to the door to open it to see it's his friends from preschool Phineas Flynn (Vincent Martella) and Ferb Fletcher (Thomas Sangster) and three greet each other after a long time of being away from each other, Pearl introduces herself and the other crystal gems and Phineas and Ferb say hello to them. The boys mother calls out to them and says that she and her father are going into town for towel shopping and that their sister Candace Flynn (Ashley Tisdale) is coming up with Perry (Dee Bradley Baker), Phineas tells his mother okay and Candace appears with Perry on a leash, Steven invites Phineas and his siblings in the house and the boys talk about old times while Candace begins talking on her phone to her friend, Amethyst walks over to her and tries to talk to her but to no avail.

Meanwhile downtown, Goku, Vegeta and Ben arrive in the city and begin to look for the next Dragon Ball, Goku suddenly sees the Big Doughnut shop and walks inside and orders a few dozen doughnuts and walks back outside and overs a doughnut to Vegeta and Ben, Ben accepts one while Vegeta takes one and walks off, Ben tells Vegeta that they should stick together but Vegeta tells him that he would rather work alone and flies off while Goku and Ben stay behind and search for the Dragon Ball on their own, Goku tells Ben that Vegeta that is just a little stubborn and he'll grow to like this adventure and the people he'll meet but Ben remains unsure.

Back at the crystal temple, Steven, Phineas and Ferb are playing a game of cards while Perry walks by and nips at Pearl's shoe, Pearl asks Phineas why he has a pet platypus and Phineas replies with saying that Perry is special and family, Pearl understands and pets Perry when Garnet suddenly senses a strong energy in Beach City and Steven becomes eager, he tells Phineas and Ferb that an exciting adventure is coming up and leads the boys out the door while the gems follow but Candace stays behind with Perry, but as the three enter the beach, they are confronted by a wandering Vegeta, Garnet suddenly remembers Vegeta when they were in galactic training together and they use to date, the Saiyan prince starts to snap at the small group to go away to bother someone else until the sound of a gigantic blast grabs everyone's attention, Candace runs outside and tells Phineas and Ferb to knock off whatever their doing when another blast sends everyone crashing to the ground.

In the city, Goku and Ben both crash to the ground while Broly hovers above them in his SSJ2 form and fires a mega blast at them and the two go flying into the air while Broly flies up at them and hits them in their jaws and kicks them, Broly then grabs the two and throws them into a nearby building, Broly then sees a small group of terrified citizens and turns back to Goku and asks him how much is he willing to sacrifice to save a few people, Goku charges at him and hits him in his jaw and Broly goes flying backwards, Ben transforms into Four Arms and lunges at Broly and begins to hit him powerfully in the gut before kicking him in the face, Broly falls on his back and gets back up to attack when Garnet suddenly punches him in his jaw, Broly staggers backwards while Pearl and Amethyst attack from behind him and hit him in his back. Steven rides up to him on his lion with Phineas and Ferb riding with him. Goku tells the boy to distract Broly while he charges up for a Kamehameha, Steven doesn't understand him but agrees to do so, the three boys and the lion begin to distract the lion while Goku prepares his Kamehameha wave, Lion continues to run as Steven, Phineas and Ferb continue to distract Broly by throwing snacks Steven packed in his pockets at the Saiyan. Goku finally charges up the attack and fires at Broly, engulfing him in the wave but as it dies down, Broly is unfazed and attack Goku but Goku transforms into his SSJ3 form again and hits and kicks Broly in the jaw before firing a energy blast at his chest, sending Broly flying back and Goku flies at him and hits him again. Broly becomes enraged and gives a Saiyan battle cry and transforms into his new SSJ3 form and attacks Goku, Ben, Steven, Phineas, Ferb, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst and hits them in their jaws, knocking them all unconscious. Vegeta is the last one standing as he charges at Broly but Broly only slaps Vegeta and that is more than powerful enough to knock him out, Broly suddenly senses the next Dragon Ball's energy and sends a powerful blast to the ground that destroys it and sends the next Dragon Ball flying into his grasp and Broly flies off, Goku and the group wake up and Goku becomes Frustrated that Broly got away again, Vegeta then blames Steven and his friends for intruding on the mission and calls Steven, Phineas and Ferb brats. The three boys become angry at Vegeta and the gems come to their defense, saying that they weren't responsible and he should show some concern for them since Broly attacked them but Vegeta fires a blast at them but they dodge the attacks, Goku and Ben then tell him that Broly has gotten more powerful and they're going to need more help to stop him, Goku then invites Steven, the gems, Phineas and Ferb to come along to stop Broly and the five agree when Candace suddenly runs up to Phineas and Ferb and tells them that they're in so much trouble for fighting an alien menace. Vegeta tells Goku that they should be bring her along for the mission, thinking she could be helpful in distractions, Goku agrees and overs to fly Steven, Phineas and Ferb across the sky while Vegeta grabs Candace by the arms and the group flies off, the gems begin to fly after them and Ben transforms in Jet ray and follows his group to find the Dragon Balls.

The group then arrives in Jump City to see Broly destroying buildings and killing people, Goku becomes enraged at the sight of people getting killed and transforms into his SSJ3 form and charges at Broly, Broly sees him and transforms into his SSJ3 form and the two begin to battle each other but Broly overpowers Goku and prepares to kill him until Ben transforms into CannonBolt and hits Broly in the back, making him release Goku and turns his attention to Ben and now Pearl, Garnet and Vegeta who prepare to attack Broly when a group of heroes known as the Teen Titans, which consists of Robin (Scott Menville), Raven (Tara Strong), Starfire (Hynden Walch), Cybrog (Khary Payton) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), the group of teenagers attack the Saiyan with Robin whacking with his staff, Cybrog blasting with a cannon, Beast Boy hitting as a Gorilla, Raven firing dark energy at him and Starfire shooting green orbs at him but all attacks are proved futile as Broly is undamaged by the attack and he attacks each of the titans by hitting them, sending them flying back but Vegeta thanks the teens for the distraction and he, Ben, Pearl and Garnet attack Broly, Ben/Cannonbolt does a bolt dash at him and hits him in his chest and the attack sends him backwards while Goku and Vegeta transform into their SSJ2 forms and hit him in the back but Broly is merely fazed and hits the three and flies off across the city. Robin becomes frustrated that the Saiyan got away but Goku thanks him for him and his team for helping them in which Robin agrees and offers to let him and his friends stay at the tower and heal, seeing the multiple injuries on their bodies.

Later that night, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Steven and Amethyst are playing video games on the titan TV while Goku talks to Vegeta about the Dragon Balls, Vegeta tells Goku that Broly is still after the next Dragon Ball but Goku tells him that Broly is no where close to the Dragon Ball, Steven then asks Goku what a Dragon Ball is and Goku tells everyone the history of the Dragon Balls and how they can summon Shenron to grant the person who summons him one wish for anything he/she wants and everyone gets excited but Vegeta becomes irritated that Goku is telling strangers about the Dragon Balls and walks off to bed.

While everyone is asleep, someone sneaks into the titan tower and activates the security systems, turning on the alarm and waking everyone up and they all rush into the living room to see the security system alarm has been tampered with, Cyborg fixes it and tells everyone that everything is fine and to go back to sleep but Goku tells him that someone should stay up in case the intruder comes back and he volunteers himself, Ben, Vegeta and Robin and everyone else heads off to sleep, during the night, Goku begins to make jokes about his friend Krillin and the other three laugh, Goku then goes to the kitchen to get a snack but when he opens the fridge, Silkie is eating everything in the fridge. Goku closes the fridge and goes to the cabinets and grabs a box of crackers before walking back to the living room.

The next morning, everyone wakes up and heads into the city to find the next Dragon Ball but are soon confronted by the H.I.V.E. and reveal that they have the next Dragon Ball, Goku and Vegeta transform into their SSJ1 one forms and attack the H.I.V.E., after five minutes the H.I.V.E. are laying defeated after the attack by Goku and Vegeta in which the two recover the Dragon Ball until Broly reappears and attacks the two, during the brief battle of the three, Ben transforms into his newly acquired Saiyan form and goes SSJ1 and attacks Broly from behind but his attempt is proved futile as Broly attacks Ben and knocks him unconscious, Goku throws Phineas and Ferb the Dragon Ball and tells them to run but Broly chases after them, Candace steps up to protect her brothers and confronts the Saiyan and tells him to go away. Broly ignores her and shoots a gigantic cluster at her, only for her to be pushed out of the way by Garnet and the gem punches Broly, Steven activates his shield and throws it at Broly, hitting him in the jaw and he grows more enraged until Bill suddenly speaks to him through his mind and tells him to retreat and to meet him in a town called Gravity Falls, Broly is angered but leaves without the Dragon Ball. Phineas and Ferb are relieved that Broly didn't kill them but then see that the H.I.V.E had stole the Dragon Ball until Broly sees them with it and fires a gigantic cluster at them and leaves, the cluster kills the them instantly and the Dragon Ball falls into a terrified Beast Boy's hands, Robin shouts at the Saiyan for defeating their enemies for them and is punched by Vegeta, Garnet's picks up the unconscious Ben and the group leave Jump City with the Titans following them.

In the air, Broly is flying and looking down at cities below, a smug grin is seen on his face as he fires energy blasts at them and destroys them along with their residents, Bill calls through him in his mind once again and Broly speeds along the skies.

In the mystery Shack, located in the town of Gravity Falls, a boy named Dipper Pines (Jason Ritter) looks through the journal he found marked Journal No. 3 and is quickly interrupted by his twin sister named Mabel Pines (Kristen Schaal) with her pig Waddles and starts to ask him if he's ever going to get his head out of the journal and start having fun, Dipper replies with a shrug and continues to read, Mabel then tries to convince him to come downtown with her and their friend Soos (Alex Hirsch) to see the grand re-opening of the Gravity Falls zoo, a rusty old zoo with poor health code laws and actually diseased animals, Dipper tells her that he doesn't feel like going and Mabel tells him that Wendy (Linda Cardellini) is going and Dipper agrees to come. The two race downstairs where their great uncle A.K.A. Grunkle Stan Pines (Alex Hirsch) is by the counter counting money and tells the two to take out the trash before going anywhere, the two moan but reluctantly agree to do so, while taking out the trash, Dipper sees the fourth Dragon Ball and looks around to see if anyone is watching before taking it while Mabel asks him what he's got, Dipper shows her the Dragon Ball and the two leave when Soos calls for them, Broly lands right in the backyard of the Shack as the golf cart leaves, Chompers the goat starts to nip Broly's tunic and he obliterates the goat with a single blast before walking away to the follow the pines twins.

The cart arrives in the zoo and the four begin to look at the animals while Soos somehow manages gets mistaken for an escaped walrus and is put in an enclosure where he tries to get out, suddenly, Broly appears and walks towards the Pines Twins when Robbie V (TJ Miller) calls him ugly and laughs, only to be grabbed by the neck by Broly and throws Robbie into the Lion enclosure where he's chased by the lions, the terrified Pines Twins and Wendy are confronted by Broly as he demands the Dragon Ball, unaware of what he means, the three run away from him while Broly chases after them until Goku in his SSJ3 form attacks Broly and the two engage in battle. Ben, now conscious, and Steven tell everyone to get out of the zoo before the battle gets destructive but everyone remains, Steven then says there's free kittens downtown and everyone eagerly leaves to get a kitten while Pearl and Candace lead Dipper, Mabel, Wendy and now Soos away from the battle while Broly suddenly gives off a Saiyan battle cry that transforms him into his SSJ3 form and hits Goku into an enclosure filled with platypus's, Perry appears from behind Phineas's back and goes to the enclosure to talk them into fighting Broly, the other Platypus's agree and a swarm is formed around Broly while Perry heads back to Phineas and Ferb while the animals around Broly bite him and scratch him until he forms a mega blast around himself that kills the swarm and charges at Phineas and Ferb until Vegeta attacks him. Dipper begins to freak out at what is happening and Pearl tells to calm down when Broly suddenly throws Vegeta against her and targets the twins until Ben, now transformed as XLR8, does a speed attack on Broly and tries to kick him but Broly grabs his leg and throws him into a tree and grabs Dipper by the shirt and demands the Dragon Ball, Dipper nods and grabs it from his jacket and hands it to Broly. Broly then tells Dipper he was going to kill him anyway and prepares to snap his neck until Amethyst and Garnet both transform into Sugilite (Nicki Minaj) and slams her fist onto Broly, making him release Dipper and possibly knocking him out. Sugilite then transforms back into Garnet and Amethyst and Broly is unconscious, Dipper and Mabel thank Goku and his friends for saving their lives and Soos calls them awesome, Goku accepts the thanks and asks if he can see the Dragon Ball, Dipper agrees to and reaches into his jacket to get it but to his surprise it is gone and everyone is shocked, a brick is suddenly thrown at Vegeta's face and he becomes enraged, on the brick is a video tape and everyone heads back to the shack.

Back at the shack, Dipper inserts the video in the VCR and it plays to show Lil' Gideon (Thurop Van Orman) is shown with the Dragon Ball at the prison, he demands the Pines twins to face him and bring him the journal if they want the Dragon Ball and the video ends, Robin then smashes the TV and says to the group to get the Dragon Ball back.

Back at the zoo, Broly wakes up and looks around to find the group gone and he becomes furious, Bill then appears and tells him that he's let the group get away this time, Broly grabs Bill by the waist and threatens him to get him a partner to find Goku and destroy him or he'll "make triangle bites" from Bill, the dream demon agrees and snaps his fingers, a black cloud of smoke appears and a very dark chuckle is heard as Frieza (Christopher Ayres) walks towards the two.

Later that night, the group (Pines twins, Wendy and Soos included) arrive at the prison where hundreds of prisoners are guarding Gideon, who has the Dragon Ball and is polishing it. Goku asks Dipper what the plan is and Dipper tells him that he'll have to fight the guards alongside Vegeta, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst and Ben while he, Mabel, Phineas, Ferb, Steven and Candace chase Gideon and get the Dragon Ball, Goku agrees and he and Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Ben and Vegeta attack the guards and start to fight them while Dipper and the others go after Gideon, after a brief chase through the jail yard and inside the jail, Broly and Frieza appears as they blast at the ground, everyone looks up to see them coming straight towards the jail and attack Goku. Vegeta asks Dipper where the Teen Titans are and Dipper replies by saying that they were suppose to be back up and are waiting by the jail gates, Vegeta flies off to get them and arrives back with them in his grasp and demands them to help fight, the Titans agree and go after Broly but are attacked by a teleported Frieza and are quickly defeated, he then goes after Gideon and the boy tries to run but bumps into Broly with a struggling Goku in his grasp, Broly grabs Gideon by the neck and snaps his neck in half and grabs the Dragon Ball. Broly releases Goku by throwing him into the trashcans and flies off while Frieza stays behind and flies above the jail and throws a devastating energy orb towards the prison but before it can hit them, Goku and Vegeta grabs their friends and teleports out of the prison before it is destroyed and Frieza flies off. The group lands in the forest where they all stop to rest for the night, Vegeta, now enraged, yells at Goku for bringing all the others and stating they're all just slowing him and Goku down but Goku backs up the others and tells Vegeta that Broly only has three and that they have one that will keep him from getting his wish, Vegeta calms down and the group goes to sleep.

In the void, Bill observes the Dragon Balls and congratulates Broly and Frieza for getting them and the two thank the evil demon but Bill suddenly notices that they missed one and tells them to go after Goku and his friends to get the last four or their wish won't be complete, Broly and Frieza tell Bill to stop whining and they locate the next Dragon Ball and go after it.

Back at Goku's house, Chi-Chi grows worried as Goku hasn't returned for days and she wonders if he's alright, Gohan tells his mother to calm down and states that Goku is fine, Goten then comes into the living room and says he got off the phone with Goku, saying that everything is fine and that Chi-Chi shouldn't worry. Chi-Chi sighs with relief while Gohan becomes skeptical, remembering that his father didn't bring a phone with him and believes the caller to be someone else while outside, a figure watches the family and runs off.

In New Salem, Frankie Stein (Kate Higgins) and her friends, Clawdeen Wolf (Salli Safioti), Draculaura (Debi Derryberry), Cleo De Nile (Sali Safioti) and Abbey Bominable (Erin Fritzgerald) are walking down the school hallways of Monster High as they talk about the "odd ball" Frankie found last night, Frankie grabs the ball from her pocket, revealing it to be the fifth ball, and looks at it more closely when Nieghthan Rot (Josey Montana Mccoy) greets the five and tell them about the strange lights that appeared in the sky last night, Frankie remembers seeing two lights exploding in the sky before dying down and hopes that it wasn't serious and the five with Neighthan walk down the hallway and continue to talk until the school shakes and everyone is running and screaming from whatever is attacking the school, only for Broly and Frieza to be seen choking Lagoona Blue (Laura Bailey), Ghoulia Yelps (Audu Paden) and Deuce Gorgon (Evan Smith) when Broly sees the Dragon Ball in Frankie's hand and tosses Lagoona and Ghoulia aside while Frieza throws Deuce into a locker and the two tower over the teens as they demand the Dragon Ball. Unaware of what they mean, Broly threatens to kill them if they do not comply, Clawdeen stands the ground as she punches Broly but to her surprise, he is unfazed and he simply flicks his finger at her forehead, sending her flying backwards and he proceeds to hit Frankie until Monkey. D Luffy (Collen Clinkbeard) uses his stretching power to punch Broly in the gut and then Frieza in the face before grabbing Frankie and her friends hands and leading them away from the two and hides them in a closet while he fights the two villains until Broly tells Luffy to give him the Dragon Ball or he'll kill the hostages, Luffy asks what does he means and Broly looks at Frieza. The tyrant sighs and looks around for hostages until he sees two monsters named Howleen Wolf (America Young) and Twyla (Joni Goode) and throws them to Broly, who catches them in his hands and begins to choke them until Goku and Robin punch him the face, making him release the two and they run to Luffy and hide behind his back. Broly becomes completely enraged and yells once again while Bill watches and says that he has to do everything himself before snapping his fingers, a black cloud of smoke engulfs Broly and a bright light appears before dying down to reveal Broly in his new SSJ4 form, Goku and Robin becomes terrified and tells the students of the school to run and everyone runs outside while the two battle the legendary super Saiyan but to no avail.

Outside in New Salem, Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard) and Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker) are eating large subs and are relieved to not be on a mystery right now when suddenly, Goku, Robin and Luffy are thrown down onto the table they are sitting at and the two look up to see SSJ4 Broly and Frieza hovering over them and the two scream while Ben transformed into Humungousaur, Garnet, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Pearl and Amethyst charge at him until Frieza and Broly easily overpower them and send them flying to the ground, the two are suddenly hit in the back by trash and they turn to see Frankie, Cleo, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Abbey, Neighthan, Howleen and Twyla angry at them and tell them to stop hurting everyone but Broly shoots a gigantic cluster at them to kill them until Steven appears with his shield and blocks the attack and sends the cluster back up at the two, hitting them instantly. Broly and Frieza are sent flying backwards in the air while Goku and Luffy jump up, gaining consciousness, and hit the two in the chests and the two teleport themselves behind the two slam their fists in the back of their heads and then they fly at Frankie as she clutches the Dragon Ball, Broly knocks her over and grabs the Dragon Ball and the two fly off. Vegeta appears in front of Frankie and yells at her for letting them get the Dragon Ball but is recieved by a smack in the face by Abbey for yelling at Frankie, everyone in the group begins to argue while Shaggy and Scooby help up Robin who breaks up the fight and tells everyone to forget about it. Though Vegeta walks away in disgust and anger, everyone else apologizes and forgives each other and Goku introduces himself to the monsters and then he introduces his group, each of the heroes are greeted warmly and Shaggy and Scooby orders lunch for everyone.

During Lunch, Cleo asks Goku what was the deal with "the crazy Normie and the lizard", Goku explains the situation to the monsters and then he tells them about the Dragon Balls, Shaggy becomes fearful and thinks that Broly could wish for scary monsters, unaware that the monsters before him heard him, Dipper suddenly questions how Broly and Frieza know about the Dragon Balls and why they are alive since Goku explained they were dead, Goku doesn't know and shrugs before saying that someone must've wished the two back to life. Phineas then pulls out the the Dragon Ball the group has kept from Broly and hope to recover the other two from him and now Frieza, Frankie offers to help Goku and his friends but he tells her that she and her friends could get hurt during the hunt and that they should stay here from harm, Clawdeen then remembers their friends Ghoulia, Lagoona and Deuce and instantly runs back to the school with Cleo to help them.

Later that day, Shaggy and Scooby take Beast Boy and Cyborg to a video game store to get a new video game when they suddenly notice Vegeta in an alley way, talking to himself, the four begin to think of him as becoming insane until they notice Bill in front of him and talking to him, the four become scared and run away while Vegeta looks back to see no one and goes back to talking to Bill. Bill tells Vegeta that Broly and Frieza are near the sixth Dragon Ball and that he should hurry before they get it, Vegeta nods and flies off while Bill rubs his hands together evilly and laughs.

Back at Monster High, Goku's group is walking Frankie and her friends back to their school and they tell them to forget about the events to keep safety around the house, they agree to and Luffy joins the team to find the Dragon Balls so he can wish for the one piece and become king of the pirates but Shaggy, Scooby, Beast Boy and Cyborg arrive and tell the others about Vegeta and a "strange one eyed triangle". Dipper and Mabel instantly recognize it as Bill and begin to warn the others along with the other four but all are called paranoid and Vegeta arrives, telling the group that he's found the next Dragon Ball, Goku nods and the group leaves, leaving Frankie and her friends, Shaggy and Scooby behind. Shaggy begins to panic that Broly could find them and kill them and Frankie tells her friends that they should follow them, despite Goku's warning, the small group of friends chase after Goku and his group in Draculaura's hearse with Shaggy and Scooby joining them and Howleen and Twyla sneaking into the trunk to come along.

On a small island with a village, anthropomorphic animals are celebrating a party as everyone is enjoying peace and life, among them is Sonic the Hedgehog (Roger Craig Smith) as he sits at a table and eats a chili dog, he looks up at the sky and notices that the night is clear and no sign of Dr. Eggman (Mike Pollock) is in sight, he takes a bite out of his chili dog as he enjoys the relaxation, suddenly his best friend Miles "Tails" Prower (Colleen O' Shaughnessey) runs up to him with his latest invention called a Egg-Cracker 400-XJ and he demonstrates it by placing an egg under its mallet and it crushes it but gets egg all over the faces of the two, Tails then says there's still some bugs to work out but Sonic tells him to not sweat it.

On the far side of the island, the group arrives and decides to split up to cover more ground to find the Dragon Ball before Broly and Frieza does, Goku takes Steven, Phineas, Luffy, Pearl, Ben, Candace, Robin,Wendy, Raven and Cyborg with him while Vegeta takes Ferb, Garnet, Amethysts, Starfire, Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Beast Boy with him and the groups separates from each other. Goku's group goes to the village to see the celebrating animals and suddenly smells food and becomes hungry and goes to eat it while the others chase after him, Vegeta's group comes across the jungle to find out Broly and Frieza have arrived and are now looking for the Dragon Ball.

Back at the beach where the group arrive, the hearse drives up from out of the water and onto the sand with Frankie and her friends wearing snorkels to breath and they take them off, Shaggy and Scooby jump onto the sand and begin to kiss the ground when they suddenly hear thumping from the trunk and everyone quickly opens to see Howleen and Twyla in an awkward position together as they struggle to get out of the trunk, Clawdeen becomes mad at her sister and friend as they decided to come along something that could actually kill them, the group is knocked out unconscious by an unseen force and dragged away by a robot named Metal Sonic (Dee Bradley Baker) towards Eggman's flying fortress.

Back in the village, Goku is eating large amouts of food while Luffy joins him, the other members of the group are looking for the Dragon Ball around the village while Sonic and Tails watch the scene, Sonic attempts to talk to Goku and introduces himself, Goku greets the hedgehog warmly and treats him to some chili dogs, Tails then attempts to talk to the group and ask them what they're looking for and Steven replies by saying "A Dragon Ball", Tails is confused but agrees to help the group find it.

Back in the forest, Vegeta's group watches as Broly and Frieza destroy a mile long of trees and become more frustrated at the absence of the Dragon Ball, Garnet prepares to take action until a black and re hegdehog called Shadow (Kirk Thornton) attacks the two with a wave of chaos spears, penetrating Broly's chest and Frieza's head, killing Frieza but injuring Broly. Broly then attacks Shadow by shooting a counter attack but Broly blocks it and grabs Shadow before tossing him into a tree, knocking him out while Vegeta, Garnet, Amethyst, Starfire and Beast Boy attacks Broly while Soos guards Dipper and Mabel but despite the efforts of the fighters. Broly is unfazed and he defeats the heroes as he transforms into his SSJ1 form and he flies off towards the Village, Vegeta then tells the group that they need to stop Broly.

In outer Space, a bubble is seen floating down to Earth as it's pilots Wander (Jack McBrayer) and Sylvia (April Winchell) are coming down to the planet to enjoy a vacation from fighting crime, Wander pulls out his banjo and begins to play his vacation song while Sylvia steers the bubble to the small island they chose to relax at.

Back in the village, Goku, Luffy and Sonic begin to laugh at jokes they make about people they know while Ben suddenly sees an incoming figure, revealing itself to be a flying robotic wasp carrying a TV that shows Dr. Eggman's face, everyone gathers around as Eggman announces to Sonic and Tails that he has hostages and that if he wants them to remain alive, Sonic will have to give himself up and his friends to save the hostages, the camera in the lair pans over to see that it's Frankie and her friends and Shaggy and Scooby. Goku suddenly becomes enraged at Eggman and demands for his friends back until the transmission ends and Goku goes SSJ1, Sonic and Tails agree to take him and his group to rescue Frankie and her friends and the two first go get Knuckles the echidna (Travis Willingham), Amy Rose (Cindy Robinson) and Sticks the badger (Nika Futterman).

The group and Sonic and his friends arrive on Eggman's island fortress and enter the fortress and begin searching through the fortress to find Frankie and her friends until a swarm of Eggman's robots attack and Sonic and his friends destroys them while Goku and his group find Frankie and her friends in electronic energy chains, Ben transforms into Spider Monkey and squirts the chains with webs while Luffy destroys them with his stretch punch. Frankie and her friends are freed and they thank Goku and his friends, Sonic's group then arrives in the room and Knuckles suddenly goes goofy towards Clawdeen, forming a crush on her. Eggman suddenly attacks with an upgraded obliteration-bot and orders it to attack the group of heroes, Sonic goes after Eggman while the others fight the robot and Shaggy and Scooby protect Howleen and Twyla. After many attempts at bringing down the robot, the heroes succeed when Goku uses a Kamehameha wave at it and destroys it completely and Eggman retreats. Everyone cheers over the victory and leaves the island to head to the village.

Back at village, everyone is shocked to see it completely destroyed and the villagers dead while a defeated Shadow the hedgehog and Vegeta's group unconscious, Sonic rushes over to Shadow and asks him what happened and Shadow replies by saying that Broly has destroyed everything, Sonic grows enraged and swears vengeance against Broly. Vegeta's group wakes up and is relieved to see the others are still alive but Vegeta is finally fed up and leaves the group to find the Dragon Ball himself. everyone pleads and asks him to stay but he ignores them and he leaves, Neighthan suddenly sees something out of the corner of his eye and finds the sixth Dragon Ball and everyone is relieved they got it first before Broly did, Goku then says that there is one Dragon Ball left and that the less Broly has, they can prevent him from getting his wish. Just as everyone prepares to leave, the bubble with Wander and Sylvia piloting it, falls onto Steven, Wander and Sylvia come out of the bubble and looks around to see the burning village, the two introduce themselves to the group and they tell the group that someone named the King Kai to help a guy named "Gogurt" or something, Goku introduces himself and the two join the team.

In New York City, Spider-Man/ Peter Parker (Drake Bell) is sitting on a buildings ledge as he watches the citizens below and smiles under his mask, knowing the citizens are safe and wall slings from one building to another until he suddenly notices sudden explosions destroying the city, people run and scream as they try to escape the destruction, Spider-Man slings himself towards the person responsible for the destruction and comes face to face with Broly in his SSJ2 form, Spider-Man then mocks the super Saiyan by telling him to lay off the steroids and Broly attacks him, Spider-Man shoots web shots at him but Broly breaks free of the attacks and throws a gigantic cluster at Spider-Man, sending him flying down to the ground. Broly suddenly senses the energy of the seventh and final Dragon Ball and goes off to find it while Spider-Man chases after him.

Downtown, Goku's group arrives and see Broly going across the city and chase after him, Spider-Man sees the group on the ground and instantly recognizes Phineas and Ferb and goes down to greet them when suddenly, Broly sees Goku and transforms into his SSJ4 form and attacks the group, the group try to defeat him but Broly easily overpowers them, even when Goku goes SSJ4 himself, Broly then grabs Goku and throws him into space where he is sent flying across the galaxy while Broly faces the group, everyone becomes scared and Broly prepares to kill them until Bill suddenly appears, Dipper and Mabel become enraged that he allowed Broly to kill their friend but Bill only tells them that it was part of his and Broly's deal, Shaggy asks him what deal it was but Bill only snaps his fingers and the group is sucked into a black hole and are presumed dead. Broly and Bill then fly above the city and Broly creates a destructive gigantic cluster and throws down to the city, destroying it and killing everyone in the city while the Dragon Ball falls into Bills grasp, Broly then remembers that the other two are with the heroes but Bill pulls them out from behind his back and shows them to the Saiyan, revealing he took them from the group when they weren't looking and the two leave the destroyed city and into the void to get their wish.

Goku suddenly wakes up on the ground to see that he's in a pasture, he gets up and begins to look for his friends but he flies over the horizon to see that they all have vanished, he finally collapses onto the ground and begins to cry, blaming himself for his friends possible deaths when he finally falls asleep while a figure walks above him, grabs him and carries him away.

Scooby and Beast Boy both wake up in a green pasture where the other members of the hero group walks along the green grassland to find help, Steven then begins to think that Broly has won and lays on the ground, Sticks asks him what he's doing and Steven tells her he's giving up since Broly has won. Phineas then tells him that Broly hasn't won and they all can still stop him and Bill but Howleen tells him to give up and she and Twyla fall to the ground to join Steven. Spider-Man suddenly sees something coming up ahead and everyone looks to see it's only a deer, everyone groans and they all fall to the ground to give up except Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Wander. The five grow frustrated at their friends and they give a speech that they all can still stop evil from destroying the universe and everyone gets up to join them and everyone starts to cheer for them, Sonic suddenly sees a boy and his dog up ahead and the group run to them.

Goku slowly wakes up in a bedroom where he sees his wounds patched up and a plate of food next to his bed, Goku grabs the plate and he grabs it and begins to eat, the door to his room opens and Goku sees Vegeta walk in, Goku becomes relieved to see Vegeta and greets him while Vegeta merely just sits down on a chair and begins to talk to Goku, he tells him that Bill has tricked him and he has now captured Chi-Chi, Goten, Gohan, Videl, Pan, Bulma, Trunks and Mai as his captives and demands for Goku to face him and Broly with his group for the safety of Goku's and Vegeta's families. Goku is shocked while Vegeta is somehow sadden that his family is captured, Goku is surprised to see Vegeta is concerned for his family but is now wanting to know he and Vegeta rescue them, Vegeta tells him that they should go after Bill and Broly while Goku suddeny remembers Broly cornering his friends and tells Vegeta they should rescue the group. Vegeta says that the others were a waste of time but Goku tells him that the group has help Goku fight against Broly bravely and they all have risked their lives to save the world, Vegeta understands and helps Goku out of bed and tells them that he found help. Vegeta and Goku walk outside of the room and the house the two are in to walk outside to see talking ponies and Vegeta leads him to a small house and an Alicorn named Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) answers it and greets the two Saiyans and invites them into the house where Vegeta asks her that he needs the help of her and her friends against Bill and Broly. But Goku disagrees with his idea and says that he doesn't want anymore innocent lives put into danger, before the agreement is made, a sudden explosion is heard outside and the tree run to the scene to see Frieza, who somehow survived his death, with a chaos spear in his forehead and destroying Ponyville, he sees Goku and Vegeta and attacks them, the two go SSJ1 and battle the tyrant while Twilight's friends, Applejack (Ashleigh Ball), Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman), Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain), Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball), and Fluttershy (Andrea Libman) rush to her and tell her that someone is destroying Ponyville, Twilight points them to see the battle between Goku, Vegeta and Frieza and the other become embarassed, Frieza suddenly gets upper hand on the two Saiyans and prepares to kill the two until Goku suddenly hits him in the face and creates a Kamehameha wave at him and kills him, the entire village cheers at Goku while Vegeta reminds him that they need to go after Bill and Broly. Goku then asks Twilight if she and her friends want to come along and the group agrees, Goku and Vegeta grabs the ponies by the hooves and teleport out of the village and to where Bill and Broly are.

In the endless void, Bill and Broly stand over the Dragon Balls as the two prepare to make their wish when Broly suddenly sense the energy of Goku and Vegeta and flies off to destroy them once and for all, Bill only shrugs off the feeling of Goku still alive and goes back to the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. Goku, Vegeta and the ponies walk down the endless void as they begin to search for Bill and Broly, Vegeta cracks his knuckles to prepare to fight Broly while Goku remembers his group and seeing them being sucked into the black hole before going deeper into space and vows to avenge them when Broly suddenly attacks the group by tossing Twilight and her friends into Goku and Vegeta and he goes legendary SSJ4, Goku and Vegeta prepare to attack him but Goku tells Vegeta to go and find their families while he fights Broly and Vegeta flies off to find them and the battle between Goku, Broly and the ponies begins.

Vegeta flies around the void to find his and Goku's families until he is attacked by Bill and is nearly killed by him until Krillin and Piccolo appear and start to fight the demon, Bill suddenly kills Krillin and proceeds to kill Vegeta and Piccolo until the original group appears and attacks him, starting with a boy named Finn (Jeremy Shada) slicing off Bill's left arm, rendering him helpless until he creates a new arm and an anthropomorphic dog named Jake (John Dimaggio) tries to bite him on the arm but Bill slaps him away and Jake stretches to attack him but suddenly hears a cry for help, he opens a blocked entrance to see Goku's and Vegeta's families chained up to a wall, Jake signals the group to follow him and they all free the captives. Bill suddenly grows furious and disappears to head back to the Dragon Balls and to make his wish.

Back with Goku and the ponies, Broly has beaten them to a pulp and they now lay on the ground, weakend while Broly laughs over them and prepares to kill them until the group interferes and distracts the him, Goku becomes relieved and happy to see his friends still alive and he suddenly sees his and Vegeta's families and Piccolo but is informed that Bill has killed Krillin, Goku becomes enraged and goes SSJ4 and attacks Broly and nearly kills him until Broly suddenly gains the upper hand and pummels Goku to the ground, just as he nearly passes out, when Beerus (Jason Douglas) suddenly talks to Goku through telepathic communication to use his Super Saiyan god form to defeat Broly and Bill once and for all and Goku agrees to. Goku then tells Vegeta, Goten, Trunks and Gohan to help him to gain the enegry he needs to go Super Saiyan god but Gohan tells him that they need another Saiyan too help him get the energy and all eyes point to Pan who joyfully giggles, Vegeta tells everyone that its good enough and the energy is given to Goku, now a super Saiayn god, Goku overpowers Broly and he flies off to warn Bill to that Goku is now a god but is attacked by Goku before he can warn Bill and the two begin to battle. Broly's many attempts to kill Goku are proved fatal as Goku manages to surpass Broly's immense power and Goku finally manages to weaken him and prepares to end him until Bill interferes and knocks him in the face and then hits him in the gut, Bill is proving to be more powerful when he turns red and knocks Goku unconscious and everyone watches as he and Broly prepare to kill Goku until they all try to help but are beaten by the two powerful beings, everyone begins to give up hope when suddenly, Broly's tail is cut in half and he becomes weakened and reverts to his non-super Saiayn form, Bill becomes surprised when he sees a samurai by the name of Jack (Phil LaMarr) is the one responsible and draws out his sword to strike him down, Bill laughs at the samurai and prepares to kill him with a devastating energy wave until it is suddenly blocked by a Kamehameha wave created by Goku, who is struggling to stop Bill with it but the energy is growing closer, Jack helps create a more powerful Kamehameha with Goku and the whole group of heroes jumps in to help Goku by creating a massive Kamehameha wave with their own energy.

In Hell, villains from the characters past (specifically Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Dr. Gero, The Ginyu Force, Raditz, Nappa, Lyric, The cookie dough monster, Creature 4.0, King Sombra, The wax figurines, Giffany, Metal Sonic, Revolta, The Grim Creeper, the H.I.V.E.. Lil' Gideon, and Paragaus) watch the group preforming the KameHameha eave and grown angry that their enemies are gaining the upper hand and wish them all dead but Captain Ginyu reminds them all that they don't have the Dragon Balls and everyone is left angry.

Back with the group with kamehameha wave, Vegeta watches as Broly attempts to fire clusters of energy at everyone to stop them but he flies right at Broly and punches him in the faces and grabs the weakened Saiyan and throws him into the dueling waves of energy, killing him instantly. Vegeta brushes his hands together and claims he always wanted to do that to someone, Bill's wave of energy grows stronger as the group tries to stop him when Goten, Trunks and Gohan suddenly jump in the group and help preform the massive attack in which Bill's energy is overpowered and the Kamehameha hits him and destroys Bill for good, everyone rejoices over the defeat of Bill and suddenly see the Dragon Balls glowing. Goku promises everyone to make things right after what Broly did and he summons Shenron, the eternal Dragon then asks what is everyone's wish and though Cleo attempts to wish for an endless closet of clothes and shoes, Goku tells her to really think about her decision and Goku wishes for the revival of all the people and creatures Broly killed. Shenron grants the wish and all the people and creatures that Broly killed during the movie is revived, including Krillin, Gideon and the H.I.V.E., Shenron then disappears and the Dragon Balls are scattered once again for another year, Goku then thanks his friends for all the help he was given and Vegeta merely shrugs and says "You all did good" in which everyone laughs at his witty joke, Goku and Vegeta are then reunited with their families and the group leaves the void and everyone returns home to their friends and families.

The screen then reappears with a text that says that a week has passed since the incident and everyone is shown at Vegeta's and Bulma's house as they celebrate Goten's birthday, he makes his wish and whispers it into Trunks and Mai's ears while the other two members of the Pilaf Gang, Pilaf and Shu, try to listen in when the group of heroes and all their friends appear at the party. Goku is happy to see all his friends and Ben says they all wouldn't miss Goten's birthday for the world, everyone begins to celebrates when suddenly, a villain called "Chronos" attacks the city and Goku looks at his friends and asks them if their all up for an adventure and the screen fades out as the Z fighters and the newly formed hero alliance runs off to stop him.

After the credits, Bill is seen in Hell as he is running from an enraged Broly, trying to kill while the other villains laugh at him and his misfortune, Bill states he'll get revenge one day but is grabbed by Broly and is beaten up by him, in other world, King Kai is sitting on a lawn chair and drinking a soda as he watches the Saiyan beating up Bill and tells Goku and his friends that he's proud of them.

Production of the movie

During production of the movie, the creators of each of the series wanted the movie to feature some of the most trending series and/or franchises and the movie went into production, Toei animations was responsible for the animation while the other companies are responsible for the lending of the actors voices and styles, a certain argument came over the director and the producer on whether or not to feature Broly as a main antagonist but both later agreed to feature him in the movie, much of the movie was redesigned and cut of a few scenes that wouldn't appeal to younger audiences since many of the series in the film are directed to kids 10-17, such as Vegeta attempting to kill Dipper and Mabel for interfering with the mission. The movie was finally complete by 2017 and released into theaters.


The movie gained a a reception of 92% from critics that state "The movie has something for both families and Anime fans alike, it's not everyday you see some of the world's most famous characters fighting against a monkey tailed alien and a triangle" The movie later got a 87% on Rotten tomatoes.

Box office

During the day of the movies premiere, 15.6 million dollars were grossed in from viewing audiences in Japan and later a overwhelming 17 million dollars in North America from viewing audiences who watched the movie.

Possible sequel and series

During an interview with the creators of the movie, Akira Toriyama said that he and the others are thinking of adding a sequel to the movie since they believed that "The heroes journey is far from over, since a new evil is arising" and this brought excitement to the movies fans, Akira also announced that a full length television series is in the works as well, when asked about what it's called, Akira told everyone that "Excitement is out there and the heroes are going to find it".

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