Dozer Dryden
Dozer Dryden is an 11 year old

he doesn't wan't this

sloth gets thirsty

he wants to drink water

sloth plays game


he wants to check up you give my medicine and drink cold juice.


This Sloth to snuggle to pet he's playing with Peg D'Urso and Cami Kitson.

Sleepy Moments

Dozer Dryden wants to sleep before wake up in the morning you eat breakfast and dress up before summer from 1 hour ago to play in the sea dive into the water sharks no biting with him he swims he plays in the ocean of sea he's hot of for summer.


  • He's the only sloth in the series.
  • It's unknown if he still uses his blanket or not.
  • slothy from Dozer Dryden.

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