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Act 1

  • (The theme song starts to play.)
  • Announcer: Second star to the right and straight until morning, it's Disney's New House of Mouse!
  • (The theme song plays then cuts to Mike.)
  • Mike: And now, the mouse who taught a computer to wear tennis shoes... he's Mickey Mouse!
  • (Mickey comes on stage.)
  • Mickey: Hiya folks, and welcome to the House of Mouse! We got a splendid show for you today with some great cartoons and genies wish some tips. But first, here comes The Quackstreet Boys!
  • (The Quackstreet Boys start dancing, then cuts to Donald at the door.)
  • Donald: Hello!
  • (The seven dwarves walk by him.)
  • Donald: Come on in.
  • (Cruella walks by him.)
  • Donald: Hello, and welcome to my..
  • (Bambi walks by Donald but his head is down and sad with a tear in his eye.)
  • Bambi: (sniffs sadly)
  • Donald: ...Club?
  • (Bambi walks in past Daisy)
  • Daisy: Your chair right over there.
  • Bambi: (sighs sadly) Thanks.
  • (Bambi is sitting at the table with his head on the table still sad.)
  • Goofy: So Mr. Bambi, the usual I presume?
  • Bambi: (sighs) No, not today.
  • Goofy: Gawsh, are you sure?
  • Bambi: Just leave me alone.... (starts to tear up some more)
  • Goofy: Hmmm....
  • (Transitions to Mickey's dressing room.)
  • Goofy: Mickey, there's a problem with one of the customers. It appears he's down in the dumps.
  • Mickey: Gosh, nobody is ever sad here at the House of Mouse who is it?
  • Goofy: Why, it's The Great Prince Bambi.
  • Mickey: Bambi why he's never sad whats wrong with him?
  • Donald: I don't know.Poor Little Fella
  • Mickey:Well we gotta cheer the poor fawn up and figure out what's making him so depressed.

Act 2

Act 3

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